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of his merey, in all the omnipotence of mere speculative believer and the unbehis love? The gospel is this manifesta- liever of Christianity. It is this Divine tion; and when it is fully displayed in influence, renovating the spirit and mouldits simplicity and extent, it so alarms the ing it into new forms of which it was conscience, and moves the affections, before un susceptible,and which no reasonthat multitudes exclaim, " Is not this the ing, argumentation, or persuasion would Christ?"

have effected, which constitutes the grand 5thly, We may observe of this species distinction between the true follower of of evidence, that as it necessarily includes Christ and every other description of an exhibition of the essential and distin- character. Whatever therefore in the guishing doctrines of the gospel, so it is shape of evidance is most favourable to accompanied with that measure of Divine the exercise of this discriminating and influence which the Saviour has pledged supernatural influence, must be of the himself to vouchsafe, as the attestation greatest value and importance; and such of his presence and power in the diffusion is that evidence which exhibits the gosof his religion. Reasoning alone never pel as its own witness, and derives its yet formed a true Christian.

greatest force from its distinguishing and The philosophy of Christianity, its me. peculiar doctrines. In farther strengthtaphysics, and its external evidence, ening this position, I remark, might be dwelt upon for centuries, and 6thly, Finally, That the species of eviinvestigated with intense interest by mil-dence for the superiority of which I am lions of minds; and yet not one of them contending, converts every individual all would by these means be converted believer who feels its power into a disto Christ. Only the truths which con- penser of the blessings with which it has vey the knowledge of salvation are ever at- enriched him. tended with a saving efficacy; and this effi- It is one thing to be reasoned into a cacy is not alone to be sought in the truths persuasion that Christianity is from heathemselves, but in the influence of that ven; another to imbibe its holy and Holy Spirit whose Divine agency accom- beneficent spirit, to feel its worth, and to panies them, as "a Spirit of knowledge, be zealous in making it known. The of understanding, and of might, and of first impression produced by a cordial the fear of the Lord." Christianity as a reception of the gospel as it affects our system is indeed founded on argument, own prospects and destiny is a sentiment and shrinks not from the closest examina- of devout, animated, and humble gratition of its pretensions. If in this view tude to its Divine Author and glorious it rested on any different basis, it would subject; the second, an intense desire to be ill-adapted to the human mind; and benefit others by the celestial communicould have no other than a miraculous cation. What a dreary and appalling existence in the individuals to whom it spectacle does the moral state of the might be supernaturally revealed. But world present to one who is powerfully as a religion of power, carrying forward affected by a contemplation of its alienathe great designs of the moral govern- tion from God, its ignorance, guilt, and ment of God in the redemption of man- ruin! How degraded in his view is the kind, it is indebted for its progress and lot of his fellow immortals ! How sunk success not to human reason but to Di- | in abject wretchedness is the whole family vine energy: “Thy people shall be of man! The impulse of principle is willing in the day of thy power.” They excited, the new convert becomes a are made willing not by coercion, but preacher to his family and his neighinfluence; and the truths of the gospel bourhood. Fraught with the tenderest are the medium through and the instru- compssion, he says to each and all, ment by which it operates. There is no "Come see a man which told me all essential moral difference between the things that ever I did. Is not this the Christ ?" Come, behold him in the sanc- was thus instrumentally effected by the tuary, where I have beheld his power woman of Sychar. Her single efforts and glory. Come and see the trophies roused a whole city, and multitudes lisof his grace, the wonders of his redeeming tened to her earnest persuasions, and felt power and mercy. Come, for unless you the power which bowed and sanctified see him for yourself and not another, her heart. By the same simple means you

will remain unblest by the manifest- will the gospel gain the victories of the ation of his love which passeth knowledge. millennium. The decay of this spirit is He is the Christ, the Saviour of the the decline of religion. Where it is no world: believe in him, for he is able to longer cherished, the gospel instead of adsave to the uttermost. O hear his voice vancing, retires. When ministers of the as I have heard it! Even now the sanctuary suffer themselves to be drawn enchanting sounds linger on mine ear away from its simplicity and energy, they like the melody of heaven : “Come unto may be learned, they may be orthodox, me, all ye that labour and are heavy they may even be popular, but they will laden, and I will give you rest.” o lose their reward! They will not, they listen; now is the accepted time,—this is cannot win souls to Christ. When conthe day of salvation ! Hear him-hear gregations and churches forget the claims him for yourself, rely not on my testi- of their Redeemer and Lord, and leave mony alone. Arise, he calleth thee- the task of evangelizing to those only who even now his heart yearns over your are clothed with the sacred office, the misery. Is not this the Christ? Come, great end of their conversion and of their see the man! Behold him bright with continuance upon earth is defeated; while the Father's glory: behold him touched they give too much reason to fear that with the sympathy of your own nature, they have never been penetrated by the yet undefiled—the man without sin, power of that wonderful evidence of the overflowing with love to sinners. Come, infinite value of the gospel, which if and faith will make you whole! The truly felt must render it the all-absorbing good Shepherd is ready to enfold you in consideration of their moral being; the his arms, to number you with his flock, perpetual theme of their converse; the and to lead you to green pastures beside object of their unwearied solicitude. The the still waters of comfort. Wander no demonstration of the Spirit is the only more. In him there is life, everlasting demonstration which sends its converts life; come and let experience prove his throughout the world, each exclaiming, wondrous power to save. To this spirit “Come, see a man which told me all things Christianity was mainly indebted for its that ever I did. Is not this the Christ!" early and amazing triumphs. Every It was thus the chief of sinners became an new convert became, under its influence, apostle, and the most polluted of the sons invested with the character of an evan- and daughters of men have been elevated gelist. Thousands thus took up the to the dignity of saints;-a dishonoured burtben of John the Baptist, and, ad-appellation in the world; but the only dressing their fellow-men, exclaimed, one that will survive its proud distinctions * Bebold the Lamb of God, which taketh and shed lustre upon the glories of eteraway the sin of the world.” What good


J. S.


(From the Christian Treasury.) Why not Christians, if anybody? We dance? A sinner must repent, or perish would not advise a sinner to dance. A -and shall he dance? A sinner is on sinner is an enemy to God--and shall he the road to hell, and may be there in a

hour-shall he dance? There is some- the garden, in the palace of the high thing supremely shocking in the idea of priest, in the hall of Pilate, on the way to a dancing sinner. What fearful declara- Calvary, at the nailing of the victim, and tions are those of Job !-" They send at the innocent Sufferer's cry of agony, forth their little ones like a flock, and "My God, my God, why hast thou fortheir children dance. They spend their saken me?” This cry, under Almighty days in wealth, and in a moment go wrath, crushing him to death for our down to the grave,” Job xxi. 11, 13. sins, makes the ears of Christians tingle.

But a Christian is a redeemed sinner : How can they forget it, so as to find a “He is bought with a price”—“He is time to dance between one communion washed, he is sanctified, he is justified, in season and another? the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Shall Christians dance? Then they Spirit of our God." "He is a new crea- must have leisure to dance?—“Wot ye ture; old things are passed away; be- not,” said Jesus, " that I must be about hold, all things are become new.” The my Father's business ?" He began early, Christian is the image of Christ, and is to and continued to the end, to be about his show to the world that he has been with Father's business ; so that in the end he Jesus, and has learned of him, “who could say to his father, “ I have glorified was meek and lowly in heart, and went thee upon earth; I have finished the about doing good." The Christian is work which thou gavest me to do." "crucified to the world, and the world Then he was ready to depart, and with unto him :" so that "be rolls round his his last breath cried, “It is finished." dying eyes upon a dying world.” The Duty and suffering were completed. Are Christian is, in a little while, to be in Christians, the followers of such a Saheaven, beholding and enjoying, and for viour, at leisure, so that their work is ever to enjoy, the glory of God. Let done long before their sun is set? Do him sing for joy, and dance too before they understand God's word so well, that the Lord, as David did, if such an exer- they need study it no more? Are all cise be suited to his present condition, their duties to God, in the closet, in the and adapted to promote the glory of God family, and in his house, diligently and and the salvation of men. For this is faithfully performed? Do they perforin the apostolic exhortation :-"Whether, all that is needful for the


for the therefore, ye eat or drink, or whatsoever aged, for the church, for the world, and ye do, do all to the glory of God." then find leisure to unite with gay com

Shall Christians dance? Then they panions in moving to the sound of the must have a time to dance. At what point viol, amid the mazes of pleasurable disof time between one communion sea- sipation? Is the soul duly cared for? son and another shall it be ; just before, And from the dance can they return or just after, they sit down at the table of home to commune with God, to pray for the Lord? Is it the kind of preparation all saints and the ministers of Christ, which fits them for that scene which with all prayer, and without ceasing ? Calvary beheld? Will the dance help Can they“ visit the fatherless and widows them to "examine themselves ?” Will in their affliction, and keep themselves it enable them to deny themselves as unspotted from the world ?" they should, after they have been anew Shall Christians dance? Then they to see Christ crucified? Or will they fix must be imitated by others. Allowing the time at a point equally distant from that Christians have time, leisure, and the celebration past and the celebration money, for the dance, and that it may be to come, so that they may forget, or al- proper for them to dance, still a question most forget, the command, “ This do in remains—Is it expedient? If it be lawremembrance of me?" Can they, at the ful in the sight of God, does it tend to dance, think intensely upon the scenes in edification? Is it attended with no dan

ger to others? Will the gay and the companions of yours despise you for your thoughtless be likely to derive benefit vain indulgence ? from such examples of Christians ? Did Dear Christian friend, how can you the apostle Paul say, “If meat make my have any delight in this amusement, or brother to offend, I will eat no flesh in any other pastime in which they dewhile the world standeth, lest I make my light who are strangers to holy and rebrother to offend ?” Should not we also fined enjoyments? When all the sweets look to the welfare of others? If it be of paradise are before us, need we covet not perilous to ourselves, yet if it be so to the forbidden tree? Can you recommend others, charity requires us to abstain. If Christ and him crucified to your jovial we would not advise sinners to dance, we companions? Can you converse sericertainly should not set the example. If ously on the salvation of the soul, while but one member of a church be found in on the way with them either to or from the ball-room, who will not know it? the merry meeting? Allowing that it is Will not every eye be fixed on that indi- | no worse than other vain amusements, is vidual? Will not some be ready to say this the criterion of your duty ? Dear in heart, “Did not I see thee at the friend, how came you to be in this vasciLord's table ?Will it not be reported lating state of mind? You did not feel the next day? And will not the echo as you do now when you first hoped in fly among the circles of the lovers of Christ, when you joined yourself to the pleasure? Will not the thoughtless urge Lord and his people. Did you not then this example, as a plea for the indulgence find your happiness in God, choose his which conscience forbids? And will not people for your people, his law for your many be emboldened, not only near by, rule, his heaven for your home? Are but far off, to do what no sinner should you become, or are you about to become, venture to do, as it must be at the peril one of those who draw back to perdition ! of his soul? And will not those gay !


THE CHOICE OF A SITUATION AND DUTY TO EMPLOYERS. If, in the order of Providence, it should, ordered family will object to such an be your duty to seek a home in the house arrangement as this, if they have reason of a stranger, be very cautious in your to believe that the applicant is sincere choice of a situation. Endeavour, first, in her wish to spend the sabbath in a to secure one in a family that resides proper manner. sufficiently near to the place of worship In order to accomplish these objects, you have been accustomed to attend, so you must be prepared to make some that your teachers and pastor may not sacrifices. It may be that two places entirely lose the oversight of you. If are mentioned to you, one of which is, this be not practicable, try to obtain one on many accounts, more eligible than near another place belonging to the same the other. In one you may have a felreligious denomination as that with which low-servant, and on that account the you have been connected. Again, stipu- situation may be considered more respect. late that you shall be permitted to attend able; or the washing may be put out, public worship at least once on the sab- and you may therefore conclude that it bath, stating that you shall be willing to will be easier; or the wages may be make such extra exertions on the Satur- higher, and you think it will be more day as will enable you to enjoy that pri- profitable: but in that family there is no vilege without seriously inconveniencing altar for the daily worship of God, and your employers. No Christian and well- the servants are allowed to go out only

every other sabbath. In the other you | zealous and active member of a Christian may be the only domestic kept; or you church, and who had been allowed, when may have to take the whole of the work; living with a religious family, to attend or the wages may be lower than you public worship at least once each sabbath, hoped to obtain : but in that household was so inconsistent as to take a situation God is daily worshipped, and the sabbath in a decidedly worldly family. Here is sacredly kept holy. Under such cir- she never heard the Bible read nor cumstances, which situation ought you prayer offered from week to week. At to choose? Remember the solemn ad-first this was a painful trial to her; but monition, "What shall it profit a man, if she soon became indifferent to it. She he gain the whole world and lose his own had been promised a “Sunday out,” and soul? Or what shall he give in exchange she thought it would be very pleasant to for his soul ?"

take tea with a friend, and then go to A few weeks since, I called on a pious chapel in the evening. But she found woman who had lately been left a widow that, work as hard as she could all Sunday with a large family. After conversing morning, it was very late before she could some time, I inquired about her eldest get out in the afternoon ; so that, by the daughter, and asked if she were in place time she had taken tea it was quite sernow? “Not exactly, ma'am,” was the vice-time. Still she went, though late, reply; "she is stopping with a lady for a few weeks; but as winter advanced, whose servant has gone home ill. If she she felt so tired with her work and her do not recover, Elizabeth will take her walk, that she preferred sitting and talkplace; and if she do, the lady will looking with her friend at the fireside, to out for a situation for her.” “I can tell waiting with the worshippers of God in you of a good one,” observed I, and

the appointed place. When I saw her named the neighbourhood in which my first she had not been in any place of friend lived. “A lady from that neigh- worship during several months. When I bourhood called a few days since," replied talked to her seriously on the subject, she the mother; “but when my daughter said that she felt quite indifferent about said she would like to attend her own religion now, and had no comfort or pleaplace of worship once every sabbath, the sure either in reading the Scriptures or lady only laughed at her, and said the in private prayer. By repeated conversthing was out of all reason. And so ations, she was brought not only to conElizabeth declined the offer, though the fess but to feel that she had acted a very wages were very tempting; they were wicked part, in thus forsaking and in much higher than where she is gone effect denying Him who had bought her to." I told the good woman that if her with His precious blood. We very soon daughter did not stay where she was, she found her another situation, where she must come to me for my friend's ad- had again an opportunity of observing dress; but she did not need it, and is the sabbath: but it is much to be feared now comfortably settled in a family who that she has never regained the ground like her the better for wishing to " keep she lost whilst she so entirely neglected holy the sabbath day.” This young per- all religious ordinances. In this instance, son did not forget the exhortation of our as in many others, one false step led to Saviour, in his sermon on the mount, others; and, but for the watchful care of "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and a kind Providence, there is no knowing his righteousness, and all these things how low she might have fallen. This is shall be added unto you." Let me ad-a solemn warning to those who may be vise you to follow her example.

inclined to look upon religious privileges Another incident of a contrary kind, as a secondary consideration in the choice I may mention as a warning. A young of a situation. woman who had been for some years a As far as possible, you should keep

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