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body through the window, and four o'clock; got the body and put down the window again; went out my back way; turned took off the whiskers and went to my left, crossed over to Diaup stairs; it was half past eight mond street, then turned again o'clock when I had her in the up Diamond as far as Sixth, and privy; she was about nine years turned up Sixth; went into of age; she had auburn hair and Dauphin and then turned again; blue eyes;" he told me three dif- saw a man on the opposite side; ferent ages at different times; got behind a cart; don't think he he said, “I had hardly got up saw me; then threw the body stairs before Mary Mohrman's down on a spare lot; crossed over mother came to look for her in to either Fifth or Sixth or Susfront of my house; my mother quehanna avenue, and a lager went down stairs to Mary Mohr- beer woman saw me; I came man's mother, and they both down her side of the street and went to find her; I also went, but saw a light in a window and some did not go far; I turned back; one standing at it; got away I went into my own house into home as soon as I could; it was the cellar to see if she was quite now after four o'clock; cleaned dead; she was dead enough; I myself up and fixed up my shop, covered her up and left her in but as soon as the body was the cellar; the cellar was never found that day I was suspected; used for anything, hardly; there knew the 'spots' were watching was only some rubbish in it; I me, and, for three weeks, no matwas pretty full of lager beer, but ter where I went, one or two of I knew enough to try and get them were watching me, and the body anywhere away from they gave it up and left." my house, if I saw half a chance; That was all he told me that went into the house and opened time; he told me next he could one of the shop windows a lit- not kill her in the privy; it was tle, and peeped through the shut- in the cellar that he murdered ters to see if the coast was clear; her; he hurt her to keep her from some one or another was going crying; he put her in through the about all night till it got too cellar window and went to get light toward morning for me to some hair oil. “She began to take her away; so I still left her cry, and I caught her by the in the cellar, and cleaned myself neck until her crying was done; up as if nothing had happened; when I was done her crying was did not go to bed, although I felt done;" he told me when he carsleepy; at breakfast time I ate ried the body out of the cellar; a little; cleaned myself and went that was all he told me then; he down town; had any one found told me at another time he got the body they would not have the body and put something in found me; went home again and front of it when he went out; he had a little dinner; was bound to said, "My back was turned to my get her away that night-Mon- left; crossed over Diamond day night; tried three or four street; then turned up Diamond times before half past two street again; all was clear until o'clock; seen the coast was not I was crossing Susquehanna avclear until between three and enue; there I met Charley Mass ;" he spelled the name for me; I see Charley Mass and the lager thought it was “Mace," and told beer woman, and try to get them him we had a prize fighter in to keep their mouths shut; he England of that name; he said, said, “I have plenty of time to “No, Mass," and spelt the name do that if I am to be brought on a slate; he said, “I had on a up;" he asked me did I think the pair of light plush slippers, for detectives would settle it for which I gave $2.50; the way I money; I told him I didn't know; was dressed and fixed up, I “How often,” he said, “can a dethought Charley would not know tective search your house?” I me; know Mass was going to the told him whenever they had a stable to feed his horse, so as to warrant, I supposed; he said, get to market to buy things, as "This Taggart is a 'fly man,' his mother keeps a grocery store; playing sharp;" I said Taggart he only lived a few doors from was marking thieves from New where I met him; if I was going York; he said, "I've a good mind out of Diamond street I turn up to send for Smith at any rate;" Sixth and going straight ahead; I said, “Please yourself and Mass was going at an angle you'll please me;" he got a shoecrosswise; at the time I met maker's hammer and knocked on Mass I had the body in my arms; the door; I told the keeper he went on to Dauphin street and wanted to see the assistant superthen to where I put down the intendent, Mr. Howard Perkins; body, near to a pond of water the next morning he told me he on the spare lot; I hardly had it saw the man in his cell, and I out of my arms until I saw a think it was the next night Mr. man coming; then I ran and got Smith saw him in his cell; he behind this barn, a little distance told me the next morning when from the place; waited a minute he came he had seen Smith; he or two; then I went down Sixth showed me a pipe Smith had street and Susquehanna avenue, brought for him; he said if he and a lager beer woman seen had taken her through the cellar me; she was opening her shut door it would have been on the ters from the inside; I held down kitchen side; that's the reason he my head and threw up my arms put her through the window; like this (crossing them over his his mother, wife or sister might face) so she could not recognize have come down into the kitchen me.”

and seen in; he said there was a I asked him who did his wash- little passage between the kitching; he told me his wife, at first; en and back cellar door, where then the washing all went out; they kept coal and some old bothe told me three different ages tles; he said his mother went out of the child; he told me Mary with Mary Mohrman's mother Mohrman was only six or seven that night; he went, too, but revears old; I told him he was a turned; he said something about liar; he said that was her age; his mother going to visit Mrs. he asked me if I was in his place Mohrman at her house; he told what I would do; he had friends me the officers watched him for and money and influence; I told two or three weeks; he did not him I would get my friends to say he spoke to them, but said

they followed him; once to his the body; he said, “A very brother-in-law's, and once to a strange man came into my shop; lager beer saloon up to the steps; I put him down for a 'spot' right he told me his wife asked him on away, because he tried to get inMonday morning where he had to conversation with me about been all night; he said “fell the murder; I turned it off to asleep below and have only just the weather; the cap," said he, woke;" on Tuesday morning she “they tried on my head was mine, asked him again, “Where have but they can't prove it; after the you been all night ?” he said, Germantown affair happened, I "Annie, I got into a muss with told my wife and mother that I two police officers,” for she saw was suspected of the murder of some blood on the bosom of his Mary Mohrman, so as to have shirt; he said, “on the day the things fixed up if I got arrested body was found I went over to for it.” Fisher's lager beer saloon, and John Schriver. About twenstayed there till twelve o'clock, ty minutes to nine I saw just to hear the conversation, a man in the alley near what would be said about it, and Hanlon's house, as described I said as they said; they told me by Hanlon to Dunn, on the they had arrested some man with night of the child's disapwhiskers on;" he said, "that pearance. made it look well for me;" he Charles Mass. Saw a man on said there was a subscription the morning the child's body was made up for Mrs. Mohrman, and found carrying something heavy he gave some two dollars; that in his arms; he was on Sixth he went the day after the body street, going towards Susquewas found to see it at Mrs. Mohr- hanna avenue; was a middleman's house. He said he had sized man, about five feet five two pairs of slippers, one light, inches high; rather slim. Did one dark, both plush; he had the not know him. It was half past light pair on the night he took three or four o'clock.

November 5. The court room was crowded to-day and the entrances were thronged with people anxious to get admittance. The prisoner looked restless and excited, but, under the circumstances, few men would have been as self-possessed as he was. His young wife and sister sat, as usual, near the counsel.

John N. Giberson. Am a yards ahead of me after I had brickmaker; the morning on crossed Diamond street; I was which the body of Mary Mohr- on the east side; the man also; man was found I was going on he was about six doors ahead of the Germantown road to my me; near Germantown road and work, between three and four Sixth street; the man seemed to o'clock; I saw a man twenty-five be carrying something heavy in

his arms across the left breast; Anna Emory. Saw the body he was walking pretty sharp; of Mary Mohrman on Tuesday was apparently barefoot; he morning, September 8, first at made no noise.

twenty minutes past five, lyCross-examined. The man

ing at the side of the pond; my went up to Susquehanna avenue business is that of dressing and on the east side of Sixth street; laying out the dead; it was covI went five or six paces above ered with a piece of carpet; next the bend on the avenue, and at saw it at the Eighteenth Ward an angle to the old foundry; at station house, on Trenton aveGermantown avenue and Sus

nue; saw the injuries upon it; quehanna avenue; as I was cross

these are the clothes the child ing I saw Charles Mass in front

had on when found (clothing of his house; about twenty paces

produced); about two o'clock on above Susquehanna avenue I Tuesday the body was removed lost sight of the man; had my

to Mrs. Mohrman's; I never left back to him; he was about five Mrs. Mohrman's from Monday feet five inches high; he was evening until after the child was slender built; did not know him; buried; on Wednesday morning, did not notice his dress; did not the morning the child was buried, see his face.

Hanlon passed into the house

with the crowd; he passed in the Emelina Welscher. In Sep

front door and out at the back, tember, 1868, I kept a lager beer saloon at the southeast corner of

as the rest of the people did; the Fifth and Susquehanna avenue;

body was lying in the front

room; the crowd passed in to remember the finding of Mary

look at the body, and Hanlon was Mohrman's body; got up in the

among them; I raised for Mrs. morning and was opering my

Mohrman, $26.72 from the shutters when I saw a man com

crowd as they passed through, ing from the brickyard to my

but I don't remember whether he pavement; when he reached my

gave any money or not. pavement he turned down Fifth;

Mrs. Mohrman (recalled). he run down a few pavements,

There was money raised by conand then I shut my windows; I

tribution for me; after I had looked out into Fifth street; he

paid my expenses it left $4.35 in ran down Fifth street on my

my hands; the neighbors side; I did not see him

and in the

others did this; could not tell face or take any particular no

whether John Hanlon or any of tice of him; he was dark dressed;

his family subscribed anything. I could not tell exactly what

Alderman Heins. I was aldertime it was, but it was toward

man of the Nineteenth Ward morning.

when the body was found; deCross-examined. He did not tectives Tryon, Taggart and run, he walked fast; I think it Levy engaged in the investigawas about four o'clock; I did tion; they worked in my neighnot hear the man before I saw borhood several weeks; after inhim. I only saw him; could not

vestigating the matter for several hear him; my little girl cried at weeks it was dropped; during that time; I could not tell. that time a number of arrests

were made; all the parties then Fifth and Susquehanna avenue; arrested were discharged except then I started on a little run; one, who was held to bail for the man was, I thought, about open lewdness; the men brought fifty yards ahead of me; it was into the office were generally men pretty dark; I did not overtake who had black whiskers; did not or pass him, or see anything know Hanlon by sight; first more of him; cannot describe came to know him about the the man's appearance. time the murder was committed; Cross-examined by Mr. Brewsa

ster. Heard of the murder the up to the time of his arrest;

same morning; was at home, at don't know what name he went

my mother's house, about ten by in December; I first learned

minutes past six o'clock; told my of what Schriver could testify

mother I saw the man and no about the time a true bill was

one else; I did some time after, found in this case; never saw

I could not say when; I did tell, Michael Dunn until I saw him in

I don't know who, did not take court; never had any conversa

notice; this thing was a subject tion with him; am familiar with

of general conversation all about this locality; in September, 1868,

the neighborhood; the nearest I there was a brickyard on the

saw this man was about fifty southwest corner of Fifth street

yards from me. and Susquehanna avenue, and a

Joseph Neal. Was an officer lager beer saloon on the south

on the police force in September; east corner. William Quester. Am a butch

remember the death of Mary er; remember the morning when

Mohrman; was detailed then, the body of Mary Mohrman was

with the others, to take charge of discovered; had been to a wa

the matter, by Lieutenant Whittermelon party the night before;

craft; saw Hanlon; no detectives left the house twenty minutes

were along with me; had a little before four o'clock the next

conversation with Hanlon at that morning; I crossed the lot at

time; he wanted to know what Susquehanna avenue about ten

kind of looking men the detecminutes to four; I crossed from

tives were, and how they were Sixth and Tyson streets to Sixth

dressed; he asked me if they had

a right to go through houses; I and Susquehanna avenue; after I had crossed Sixth street I saw

told him that depended on the a man; I stood on the edge of

nature of the case. the path, and didn't know

To a Juror. Think that was whether to go over the path or about five o'clock, just after the not; he stood on the lot, pretty child was found; it was in Hanclose to the old house; he walked

lon's barber shop; Hanlon knew around the old house and I went me; had my uniform on; never on; he went to the north of the took notice what he wore on his old house to get around; I passed feet in the barber shop; he asked on; after he walked around the . me as he was shaving me. old house I saw no more of him; Samuel Grant. Was an officer I went pretty smart when I of the force in 1868; was depassed the lot until I reached tailed in reference to this mat

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