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CHAPTER 1.—Town meetings.
CHAPTER II.-Officers elected in town meeting.
CHAPTER III.-- Manner of conducting elections in town





SECTION. 98. Voters in.

103. Meetings in towns of over 99. Women voters for certain

10,000 inhabitants. officers.

104. Special meetings, power and 100. Annual meeting, when held; duty of selectmen to warn.

officers may be elected at 105. When office of selectman vaspecial meeting.

cant, meetings how called. 101. Annual meeting may be ad- 106. Penalty for neglect to warn. journed.

107. Warning to be recorded. 102. Meetings how warned.

108. Annual meeting, by whom

called to order.

R. L., Sec. 2614. Who are voters in town meeting.

R. L., Sec. 524.

Sec. 98. Male citizens, twenty-one years of age, whose lists are taken in any town at the annual assessment next preceding a town meeting, or who are exempt from taxation for any cause, shall, while residing in the town, be voters in town meetings.

SEC. 99. Women shall have the same right to vote as in certain cases. men have in all school district meetings, and in the election

of school commissioners in towns and cities, and the same right to hold offices relating to school affairs.

Sec. 100. Section two of chapter fifteen of the General Statutes is amended so as to read as follows:

“A meeting of the inhabitants of each town, who are cial meeting legal voters in town meetings, shall be held in each town

on the first Tuesday of March, annually, for the election of town officers and the transaction of other proper business;

R. L., Sec. 2646. Annual meeting, when held ; if not held, officers may be elected at spe


towns of more


than 10,000

but the failure to hold an annual town meeting, as herein provided, shall not prevent the election of town officers at any subsequent town meeting legally warned and holden." SEC. 101. A meeting of such voters shall be held in R. L., Sec. 2645.

Annual meeting each town in March annually for the election of officers and may be adjourneå the transaction of other business; and it may be adjourned to another time when the business may be completed.

SEC. 102. Town meetings shall be warned by the select- F. L., Sec. 2647. men, by a notification set up in three public places in how warned. town at least twelve days before the meeting, setting forth the business to lie done and the subjects to be considered at the meeting.

Sec. 103. In towns, whose population by the last census R. L.,Sec, 2648, taken, exceeds ten thousand inhabitants, the annual March 1884, No. 67. or other town meetings shall be warned to meet at nine town meetings in o'clock in the forenoon, and the time for transaction of business other than the election of officers in such meetings shall be two o'clock in the afternoon, and the business transacted shall be confined to the articles specified in the warn ing

SEC. 104. The selectmen may call special town meet. R.L., Sec. 2649. ings when they judge it necessary, and they shall call such power and duty ineetings on the application of six voters.

SEC. 105. If the offices of any of the selectmen are R, L., Sec. 2650. vacant, those in office may call the meetings; and if selectman there are no selectmen who can call the meetings, they may how called. be called by the town clerk.

Sec. 106. If the officers whose duty it is to warn or R. L., Sec. 2651. cause to be warned, town meetings, fail to do so for ten lect to warn. days after receipt of petition addressed to them for that purpose by thirty voters of the town, stating therein the object of the meeting, each such officer shall be fined forty dollars, and forty dollars in addition for every thirty days' neglect to warn or cause to be warned such meeting, such penalties to be be recovered in an action on this statute in the name of either petitioner, one-half to go to the prosecutor and one-half to the town.

Sec. 107. Warnings for town meetings shall be recorded R. L., Sec. 2652. in the town clerk's office.

Sec. 108. Annual town meetings shall be called to B.1:. Sec. 2653. order by the town clerk, or in his absence by one of the clerk

man in opening selectmen, who shall read the warning and call upon annual meetings. the voters to choose a moderator, and shall preside until the moderator is chosen.

of selectmen to warn,









SECTION. 109. Town officers; term of office. 115. Jurors, grand and petit. 110. Women eligible to certain 116. Selectmen cannot hold ceroffices; bond of married

tain offices. woman.

117. Incompatible offices. 111. Street commissioners.

118. Treasurer cannot hold cer112. Highway Surveyors to be

tain offices. nominated by selectmen. 119. Collector ineligible for re113. Highway surveyors; how ap

election, when. pointed and removed in 120. Selectmen and other officers towns of over 6,000 inhabi

ineligible for re-election, tants.

when. 114. School directors.

R. L., Sec. 2658.

officers; term of office.

SEC. 109. At the annual meeting towns shall choose from among the inhabitants thereof the following town officers, who shall serve until the next annual meeting, and, except the moderator, until others are chosen, unless otherwise provided by law:

A moderator.
A town clerk.
Three, four, or five selectmen.
A town treasurer.
An overseer of the poor. *
A first constable, and, if necessary,
A second constable.
A coliector of taxes, if the town so orders.
Three, four, or five listers.
Three auditors.
One or more trustees of public moneys.
Three fence viewers.
One or more grand jurors.
One or more inspectors of leather.
A pound keeper for each pound.

One or more surveyors of wood and inspectors of lumber and shingles.

À surveyor of highways for each district, unless the town elects street commissioners.

An agent to prosecute and defend suits in which the town is interested.

A superintendent of schools, except in towns using the town system.

* In towns of over 10,000 inhabitants, this officer is now appointed by board of civil authority. See acts of 1884, No. 58.

nated by Selectmen.

SEC. 110. Women twenty-one years of age may be the Sec. 2659. elected or appointed to the office of town superintendent to certain offices; of schools or town clerk of a town if they have resided in married woman. such town one year next preceding such election or appointment. And any bond given by any married woman so elected or appointed shall be as valid against her and may be enforced against her separate property and against the sureties upon such bond in the same manner as though she were sole and unmarried.

SEO. 111. Each town may, at its annual meeting, elect R. L., Sec. 3082. three persons as commissioners of streets and highways, sioners. who shall hold office for one year and shall have the care of, and shall make and repair, the highways in such town and expend the moneys raised for that purpose, and shall have the powers and be subject to the liabilities of highwi.y surveyors ; and in such case no highway surveyor shall be appointed in the town.

SEC. 112. The selectmen shall present to the annual Bibh; Sec. 2660. ineeting for its approval, candidates for surveyors of high-ors to be pomiways when street commissioners are not elected ; and the surveyors elected shall hold office for one year from the fifteenth day of May succeeding their election.

SEC. 113. In towns whose population by the last census R. L., Sec. 2661. taken exceeds six thousand inhabitants, the highway sur-ors, how appoin: veyors shall be appointed by the board of civil authority in towns om over thereof, who shall meet for that purpose at ten o'clock in 6,000 inhabitants. the forenoon on the first Tuesday after the annual March meeting of said towns, instead of being elected as now provided by law; and when in the opinion of the selectinen of any such towns any highway surveyor so appointed is derelict in duty, such highway surveyor may be removed by such board of civil authority, or a majority of said board, and another appointed in his place.

Sec. 114. If a town votes to abolish the district system School directors: it shall, at the same meeting, elect a board of three or six school directors, citizens of such town, one third of whom shall be elected for one year, one-third for two years, and one-third for three years from the close of the school year. At each annual town meeting thereafter the town shall clect successors to those directors whose term of office expires that year, and the term of office of directors so chosen shall commence at the close of the school year and continue for three years. A vacancy in the board may be filled by the selectmen until the next annual town meeting when the town shall elect a director for the remainder of the unex

R. ,


pired term. All directors, whether elected or appointed,

shall hold office until their successors are elected. 1884, No. 111,

Sec, 115. Members of the board of civil anthority jurors, grand and present at an annual town meeting shall nominate to the

meeting such number of persons for grand and petit jurors,
to attend the county court for the year ensuing, as they
judge will be the proportion of the town, and they shall be
chosen by the town, at such meeting; and the town clerk
shall, within five days thereafter, return by mail to the clerk
of the county court, lis certiticate of election of the per-
sons so chosen, therein giving the full name and post office
address of each person; and the clerk of the county court
shall write the name and post office address of each person,
so returned, on a separate piece of thick paper, such pieces
of paper to be of uniform size and color, and he shall put
them into a box to be kept in his office for that purpose,
keeping the names from each town in a separate compart-
ment; and such box shall contain one large compartment
into which the names from the respective towns shall snc-
cessively be placed for the drawing of grand and petit
jurors specified in section eight hundred and eighty-
eight of the Revised Laws; and every person drawn
by the Sheriff or his deputy to as grand or
petit juror, from any town containing more than two
hundred inhabitants, shall be disqualitied from again
serving as a juror for two years from such drawing.

[For election of county commissioner, see Secs. 134-6.]



R. L., Sec. 2701. SEC. 116. A selectman shall not be first constable, col-
Selectman can -
not hold certain lector of taxes, or town treasurer.


R. L., Sec. 2702. SEC. 117. No person shall at the same time hold the
Incompatible of-

offices of selectman and lister in any town in this State.
R. L., Sec. 2722. SEC. 118. A town treasurer shall not be constable or

certain collector of taxes.

Treasurer cannot

tion, when.

R. L., Sec. 2733.

SEC. 119. The collector shall, on or before the first day
Collector ineligi-
ble for re-elec- of March in each year, pay over all moneys collected by

him, to the treasuries to which they belony, and settle his
account with the treasurers. And the town anditors shall,
on or before the first day of March, annually, examine the
accounts of the treasurer which he is required to keep with
the collector, and shall report the state of such accounts to
the annual town meeting. If a collector refuses or neg-


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