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sons naturalized under certain


herein contained be taken or construed to interfere with or prevent the apprehension and removal, agreeably to law, of any alien enemy at any time previous to the actual naturalization of such alien. SEC. 8. The children of persons who have been duly Rosa, Sec. 2172.

Children naturalized under any law of the United States, or who, previons to the passing of any law on that subject, by the laws to be citiGovernment of the United States, may have become citizens of any one of the States, under the laws thereof, being under the age of twenty-one years at the time of the naturalization of their parents, shall, if dwelling in the United States, be considered as citizens thereof; and the children of persons who now are, or have been, citizens of the United States, shall, though born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, be considered as citizens thereof; but no person heretofore proscribed by any State, or who has been legally convicted of having joined the army of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War, shall be admitted to become a citizen without the consent of the legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.

Sec. 9. Every seaman, being a foreigner, who declares R. S., Sec. 2174. his intention of becoming a citizen of the United States in seamen. any competent court, and shall have served three years on board of a merchant-vessel of the United States subsequent to the date of such declaration, may, on his application to any competent court, and the production of his certificate of discharge and good conduct during that time, together with the certificate of his declaration of intention to become a citizen, be admitted a citizen of the United States; and every seaman, being a foreigner, shall, after his declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States, and after he shall have served such three years, be deemed a citizen of the United States for the purpose of manning and serving on board any merchant-vessel of the United States, anything to the contrary in any act of Congress notwithstanding; but such seaman shall, for all purposes of protection as an American citizen, be deemed such, after the filing of his declaration of intention to become such citizen.

Naturalization of



Sec. 10. No person who is not already a freeman of const, this State shall be entitled to exercise the privileges of a Alien not to befreeman unless he be a natural born citizen of this or some until naturalized'. one of the United States, or until he shall have been naturalized agreeably to the acts of Congress.

R. L., Sec. 693.
What court to

R. L., Sec. 694.

SEC. 11. No court shall naturalize an alien, except upon naturalize, and proceedings and examination and oath of the applicant in

open court, before a judge thereof, at a regular term of the court holden in the county where the applicant resides and has resided one year next previons to the date of his application.

[Changed by Sec. 13.] Sec. 12. A clerk or judge of a court who issues a certiPenalty for unnaturali- ficate of naturalization to an alien except upon


proceedings, examination and oath, and upon proof of such

residence, shall be fined one hundred dollars. 1882, No. 111. Sec. 13. Any court within this State, of competent the county of ap- jurisdiction under the laws of the United States, may take ralize, when. jurisdiction of the application for naturalization of any

alien resident within this State, whenever no such court is in actual session within the county where the applicant resides.

All acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.

lawful zation.

Court without

plicant may natu



CHAPTER I.–Officers voted for and the qualifications of

eligible candidates.

CHAPTER II.-Qualifications of voters.

CHAPTER III.- Check-list of voters.

CHAPTER IV.-Manner of warning and conducting elections.

CHAPTER V.-Canvassing votes and special elections for

Representatives to Congress.

CHAPTER VI.-Election of Electors of President and Vice


CHAPTER VII.—Contesting elections.





14. Governor,Lt.-Governor, Treas- 23. Town Representatives.
urer; how voted for.

24. Requisite residence of candi15. Votes for Governor, Lt.-Gov- date for office of Town Rep

ernor and Treasurer; how resentative.

25. Time of election of Repre-
16. Secretary of State and Auditor sentative.
of Accounts.

26. Assistant Judges.
17. Votes for Secretary of State 27. Sheriffs and High Bailiffs.

and Auditor of Accounts; | 28. State's Attorneys.
how counted.

29. Judges of Probate.
18. Requisite residence of candi- 30. Justices of the Peace; number
date for office of Governor or

in each town. Lt.-Governor.

31. Election of county and pro19. Requisite residence of candi- bate officers and Justices to

date for office of Governor, be by ballot.
Lt.-Governor, Treasurer or 32. Biennial elections.

33. Election of county and pro20. Senators; election.

bate officers and Justices. 21. Number and qualifications of 34. Offices incompatible; federal Senators.

officers ineligible. 22. Apportionment of Senators. Const., Sec. 10th. SEC. 14. The Supreme Executive Council of this State, Governor, Lieut.Governor, Treas- shall consist of a Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, and urer; how voted for.

persons, chosen in the following manner, viz:

The freemen of each town shall, on the day of election for choosing Representatives to attend the General Assembly, bring in their votes for Governor, with his name fairly written, to the constable, who shall seal them up, and write on them, Votes for the Governor, and deliver them to the Representative chosen to attend the General Assembly; and at the opening of the General Assembly, there shall be a committee appointed out of the Council and Assembly, who, after being duly sworn to the faithful discharge of their trust, shall proceed to receive, sort, and count the votes for the Governor, and declare the person who has the major part of the votes, to be Governor for the year ensuing. And if there be no choice made, then the Council and General Assembly, by their joint ballot, shall make choice of Governor. The LieutenantGovernor and Treasurer shall be chosen in the manner above directed. And each freeman shall give in twelve votes for twelve Councilors, in the same manner, and the twelve highest in nomination shall serve for the ensuing year as Councilors.

[The Council was abolished in 1836 and its powers transferred to the Governor and a Senate.]


urer; how count

and Auditor of Accounts.



SEC. 15. The votes for Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Const., Art. and Treasurer, of the State, shall be sorted and counted, Votes for Governand the result declared, by a committee appointed by the ernor and TreasSenate and House of Representatives. If, at any time, ed there shall be no election, by the freemen, of Governor, Lieutenant-Governor and Treasurer, of the State, the Senate and House of Representatives, shall, by a joint ballot, elect to fill the office, not filled by the freemen as aforesaid, one of the three candidates for such office, (if there be so many) for whom the greatest number of votes shall have been returned.

Sec. 16. The Secretary of State and Auditor of Accounts Const., Art. shall be elected by the freemen of the State upon the same Secretary of State ticket with the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor and Treas

The Legislature shall carry this article into effect by appropriate legislation.

SEC. 17. The votes for Secretary of State and Auditor 1884, No. 69, $ 7. of Accounts shall be sorted and counted, and the result tary of State and declared by the committee appointed by the Senate and Auditor of AcHouse of Representatives to canvass the votes for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Treasurer.

Sec. 18. No person shall be eligible to the office of Const., Sec. 30th. Governor, or Lieutenant-Governor, until he shall have ence of candidate resided in this State four years next preceding the day of ernor his election.

Sec. 19. Every person of good character who comes to Const., Sec. 39th. settle in this State, having first taken an oath or affirmation ence of Governor, of allegiance to the same, may purchase, or by other just Treasurer means acquire, hold and transfer land, or other real estate;

Representative. and after one year's residence shall be deemed a free denizen thereof, and entitled to all rights of a natural born subject of this State, except that he shall not be capable of being elected Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Treasurer, Councilor or Representative in Assembly, until after two years' residence.

[But see Sec. 10.] SEC. 20. The freemen of the several towns in each Const., Art. county shall annually, give their votes for the Senators, Senators; elecapportioned to such county, at the same time, and under the same regulations, as are now provided for the election of Councilors.—And the person or persons, equal in number to the number of Senators, apportioned to such county, having the greatest number of legal votes, in such county respectively, shall be the Senator or Senators, of such county.-At every election of Senators, after the votes shall have been taken, the constable or presiding officer,

for office of Gov

or Lieut.Governor.



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