The American Monitor, Volume 2

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Halaman 152 - Nor shall any prohibition be imposed on the exportation or importation of any articles, the...
Halaman 28 - In unfolding to my countrymen the principles by which I shall be governed in the fulfilment of those duties, my first resort will be to that constitution, which I shall swear, to the best of my ability, to preserve, protect, and defend. That revered instrument enumerates the powers and prescribes the duties of the executive magistrate ; and, in its first words, declares the purposes to which these, and the whole action of the government, instituted by it, should be invariably and sacredly devoted...
Halaman 392 - ... seek the light. We have seen, under the persevering and enlightened enterprise of another State, the waters of our western lakes mingle with those of the ocean. If undertakings like these have been accomplished in the compass of a few years by the authority of single members of our confederation, can we, the representative authorities of the whole Union, fall behind our fellow-servants in the exercise of the trust committed to us for the benefit of our common sovereign, by the accomplishment...
Halaman 387 - Connected with the establishment of an university, or separate from it, might be undertaken the erection of an astronomical observatory, with provision for the support of an astronomer, to be in constant attendance of observation upon the phenomena of the heavens ; and for the periodical publication of his observations.
Halaman 386 - Perouse would not burden the exchequer of the nation fitting them out, so much as the ways and means of defraying a single campaign in war. But if we take into the account the lives of those benefactors of mankind, of which their services in the cause of their species were the purchase, how shall the cost of those heroic enterprises be estimated?
Halaman 159 - ... as applying to those powers only who recognize this principle; but If either of the two contracting parties shall be at war with a third, and the other remains neutral, the flag of the neutral shall cover the property of enemies whose governments acknowledge this principle, and not of others.
Halaman 382 - A permanent naval peace establishment, therefore, adapted to our present condition, and adaptable to that gigantic growth with which the nation is advancing in its career, is among ' the subjects which have already occupied the foresight of the last congress, and which will deserve your serious deliberations.
Halaman 160 - Neither the debts due from individuals of the one nation to the individuals of the other, nor shares, nor moneys, which .they may have in public funds, nor in public or private banks. shall ever, in any event of war, or of national difference, be sequestered or confiscated.
Halaman 391 - While foreign nations less blessed with that freedom which is power than ourselves are advancing with gigantic strides in the career of public improvement, were we to slumber in indolence or fold up our arms and proclaim to the world that we are palsied by the will of our constituents, would it not be to cast away the bounties of Providence and doom ourselves to perpetual inferiority?
Halaman 380 - ... can scarcely discharge the debt of justice. The portion of the naval force of the Union, in actual service, has been chiefly employed on three stations : the Mediterranean, the coasts of South America bordering on the Pacific ocean, and the West Indies. An occasional cruiser has been sent to range along the African shores most polluted by the traffic of slaves...

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