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MAftOM 1930


A IjuUut-Geucral, Second Annual Report of [721]

Architect of .New State House, Report of [712, 761]

Auditor Public Accounts, communication from, in relation to expenses late Constitu-

tional Convention [793]

Auditor Public Accounts, communication from, in relation to assessment of taxes Illi-

nois Central Railroad [811]

City of Springfield, communication from Mayor of, to House of Representatives [S57J

Commissioners of Public Charities, Report of [I J

Commissioners of Public Charities, Supplemental Report of—Watcr supply at Jackson-
ville [18'.']

■Commissioners of Public Charities, Special Report of Secretary—deficiency in Soldiers'

Orphans'Home <" [lll">]

Commissiouers of Penitentiary, Report of [374 ]

Committee on Penitentiary, Report of—House [839]

Coasniittee on Penitentiary, Report of Minority of—House [865]

Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds, Report of, House—iu relation to the va-
rious Institutions of the State [817]

Committee on State Institutions, Report of, House—on certain Institutions [S37J

Committee on Governor's Message to Special Session, Report of House Select [905]

Committee on Investigation into affairs of the New State House, Report of [313]

Testimony of:

\V. W. Boyington [920, 988]

Chas. Rolin-Sturck [921, 972]

\V. I). Clark [925]

Henry Riblett •„> . .j [943]

Fykes YVutkins [:U7]

John M. Van Osdel...._ *iY [951]

Thos. W. Brady .if:' [y55]

Cornelius Price [96i>]

Otis L. Whcclock . o^fejj.,. [979]

M. W. Carter 7.":^: [994]

Sanf'ord Loring [1003]

Geo. 0. Garnsey [1009]

Anthony Kitner [1022]

Win. A. Steele [1030]

\Vm I). Richardson [I0f>]

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