Public and Local Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan, Bagian 1

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Halaman 519 - ... shall be appointed for one year, one for two years, one for three years, one for four years, and one for five years.
Halaman 63 - ... be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than five hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, or shall be imprisoned not less than thirty days nor more than one year...
Halaman 60 - ... conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of justice of the peace within and for the city.
Halaman 303 - AS such trustee shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by the constitution of the state.
Halaman 706 - ... town, whose duty it shall be to preside at such meeting, appoint a clerk, open and keep the polls, and exercise the same powers as justices of the peace when presiding at town meetings...
Halaman 108 - Canada thistles," who shall be required to take the same oath as town officers, and shall hold his office for one year and until his successor is appointed and qualified.
Halaman 19 - ... bearing a rate of interest not exceeding seven per cent per annum, payable semiannually, which bonds shall be substantially in the following form : No.
Halaman 61 - All meetings and sessions of the Council shall be in public. A majority of the Aldermen shall make a quorum for the transaction of business; a less number may adjourn from time to time, and may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner as shall be prescribed by ordinance.
Halaman 220 - ... to the effect that he verily believes that the services or property therein charged have been actually performed or delivered, for the city, that the sums charged therefor are reasonable and just, and that to the best of his knowledge and belief no set-off exists, nor payment has been made on account thereof, except such as are endorsed or referred to in such account or claim.
Halaman 226 - Council shall have power to require and compel any railroad company, and any street railway company to make, keep open and in repair such ditches, drains, sewers, and culverts along and under or across their railroad tracks...

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