The History of the Town and Castle of Tamworth: In the Counties of Stafford & Warwick

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J. Thompson, 1845 - 520 halaman

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Halaman 93 - I am a barker*, sir, by my trade; Nowe tell me what art thou?
Halaman 94 - I thee; Thy foule cowe-hide I wolde not beare, If thou woldst give it to mee. The tanner hee tooke his good cowe-hide, That of the cow was hilt; 110 And threwe it upon the king's sadelle, That was soe fayrelye gilte.
Halaman 93 - Might beseeme a lord to weare." " I never stole them," quoth our king, " I tell you, sir, by the roode ; " " Then thou playest, as many an unthrift doth, And standest in midds of thy goode."1 " What tydinges heare you," sayd the kynge, " As you ryde farre and neare ? " " I heare no tydinges, sir, by the masse, But that cowe-hides are deare.
Halaman 96 - And soone before our king they came, And knelt downe on the grounde : Then might the tanner have beene awaye, He had lever than twentye pounde. A coller, a coller, here...
Halaman 94 - I sweare, so mote I thee: My horse is better than thy mare, And that thou well mayst see. "Yea, Sir, but Brocke is gentle and mild, And softly she will fare: Thy horse is unrulye and wild, I wiss; Aye skipping here and theare.
Halaman 424 - The Governors of the possessions, revenues and goods of the Free Grammar School of King Edward the Sixth in Sherborne in the county of Dorset.
Halaman 118 - Noble madam, Men's evil manners live in brass; their virtues We write in water.
Halaman 95 - And soone came lords, and soone came knights, Fast ryding over the hille. Nowe, out alas! the tanner he cryde, That ever I sawe this daye! Thou art a strong thiefe, yon come thy fellowes Will beare my cowe-hide away.
Halaman 93 - Fro the place where thou dost stand, The next payre of gallowes thou comest unto, Turne in upon thy right hand.
Halaman 24 - Kenelm's1 fate renown'd, I take my plaintive reed, and range the grove, And raise my lay, and bid the rocks resound The savage force of empire and of love. Fast...

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