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Notes on Stillingfleet (written Specimens of the Table Talk of

in a copy of his Origines S. T. C. Another edition. Sacræ ”], by S. T. C. [Edited London, [1874] 8vo. by R. Garnett. Reprinted Part of “Routledge's Standard from The Athenæum.] Glasgow,

Series." 1875, 8vo.

The Table Talk [reprinted from Printed for private circulation.

the second edition of H. N. Notes, theological, political, and Coleridge's Specimens”] and miscellaneous. Edited by Der.

Omniana of S. T. C. With went Coleridge. London, 1853,

additional Table Talk from All8vo.

sop's “Recollections,” and Omniana; or Horae Otiosiores.

manuscript matter not before [By R. Southey and S. T. C.]

printed. Arranged and edited

by T. Ashe. (Bohn's Standart London, 1812, 12mo.

Library.) London, 1884, 8vo. On the Constitution of the Church

and State, according to the idea The Statesman's Manual; or the of each ; with aids towards a

Bible the best guide to political right judgment on the late

skill and foresight; a lay-sermon Catholic Bill. London, 1830,

[on Psal. lxxviii. 5-7). With 8vo.

an appendix, containing comFourth edition. Edited, with

ments and essays connected with

the study of the inspired writnotes, by H. N. Coleridge. London, 1852, 8vo.

ings, London, 1816, 8vo.

The Temple; sacred poems and The Plot Discovered ; or an ad. dress to the people against

private ejaculations, by George

Herbert. [With notes by ministerial treason, Bristol,

S. T. C.] London, 1857, 8vo. 1795, 8vo. Prospectus of a course of Lectures.

The Piccolomini, or the first part

of Wallenstein ; a drama, etc., By S. T. C. [London, 1818], 4to.

by J. C. F. Von Schiller. Seven Lectures on Shakespeare Translated by S. T. C. Lon. and Milton. ... A List of all

don, 1800, 8vo. the MS. emendations in Mr. Collier's folio, 1632 ; and an

The Death of Wallenstein, a introductory preface by J. P.

tragedy in five acts. TransCollier. London, 1856, 8vo.

lated by S. T. C. London, There is a copy in the Library of

1800, 8vo. the British Museum, with numerous

The Works of F. Schiller. The newspaper cuttings and other ex- Piccolomini.-Death of Wallentracts inserted.

stein. Translated by S. T. C. Specimens of the Table Talk of ... Vol. ii. (Bohn's Standard

S. T. C. [Edited by H, N. C., Library.) London, 1846, etc., i.e., Henry Nelson Coleridge.] 8vo. 2 vols. London, 1835, 12mo. Schiller's Tragedies : The Picco

-Third edition. London, 1851, lomini; and the Death of 8vo.

Wallenstein. Translated from

Å dramatic poeni.




the German by S. T. C. (The by H. F. Cary, etc. London, Universal Library. Poetry, vol. 1819, 8vo. i.) London, 1853, etc., 8vo. Desmoulins, A.-Histoire naturelle The Tragedies of Schiller. The des races humaines, etc. Paris,

Piccolomini and Wallenstein. 1826, 8vo.
Translated by S. T. C. (Master- Dubois, J. A.--Description of the
pieces of Foreign Literature, etc.) character and customs of the
London, 1866, 8vo.

people of India, etc. London, Wallenstein.

1817, 4to. Part II. Piccolomini.--Part III. Dyer, G. -Poenis. London, 1800, The Death of Wallenstein. [Translated by S. T. C.]

-Poems, etc. London, 1801, (Schiller. Complete Works . .

8vo. by, C. J. Hempel, England, Church of.Homilics. vol. i.) Philadelphia, 1870, 8vo.

Sermons or homilies of the The Watchman published United Church of England and by the author, S. T. C. 10 Nos.

Ireland, etc. London, 1815, Bristol, 1796, 8vo.


Fichte, J. G.-Die Anweisung VII.

zum seeligen Leben, etc. Ber. BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY OF lin, 1806, 8vo. THE BRITISH MUSEUM CON. -Die Bestimmung des MenTAINING MS. NOTES BY schen. Berlin, 1800, 8vo. COLERIDGE.

-Versuch einer Kritik aller Adam, T., Rector of Wintringham.

Offenbarung, ctc. Konigsberg, - Private thoughts on religion,

1703, 8vo. etc. York, 1795, 12mo, Fitzgibbon, J., First Eurl of Clare. Age. The Age. A poein, etc.

The speech of John Lord Baron London, 1829, 8vo.

Fitzgibbon, delivered in the Beaumont, F., and Fletcher, J.- House of Peers, March 13, 1793.

Fifty Comedies and Tragedies, Dublin [1793 ?], 8vo.

etc. London, 1679, fol. Godwin, W. – Thoughts occa. Bible.- New Testament.-Revela- sioned by the perusal of Dr tion. Appendix.

De Equo

Parr's Spital sermon. London, Albo, etc. ^ [By E. Swedenborg]. 1801, 8vo. Londini, 1758, 4to.

Grew, N.-Cosmologia Sacra, etc. Blanco White, J. M. -Practical London, 1701, fol.

and internal evidence against Hegel, G. W. F.-Wissenschaft Catholicism, etc. London, der Logik. Nürnberg, 1812, 1825, 8vo.

etc., 8vo. Boyer, J. B. De.-Des Herrn Heinroth, J. C. F. A.-Lehrbuch

Marquis d'Argens. Kabbalis- der Anthropologie, etc. Leipzig, tische Briefe, etc. Danzig, 1822, 8vo. 1773, etc., 8vo.

Herder J. G. von.-Briefe das Dante Alighieri. [Divina Comme- Studium der Theologie betreff

dia.] The Vision. Translated end, etc. Frankfurt, 1790, 8ve. London, 1830, 8vo. mischte Schriften. Zweiter (-vierter) Band. Halle, 1799,

Herder, J. G. von.--Kalligone, | Mendelssohn, M.-Moses Men. etc. Leipzig, 1800, 8vo.

delssohus Morgenstunden, etc. - Von der Auferstehung, als Frankfurt, 1790, 8vo. Glauben, Geschichte und Lehre. Mesmer, F. A. Mesmerismus, Frankfurt, 1794, &vo.

etc. Berlin, 1814, etc., 8vo. Jalin, J.—The History of the Miller, John, M.A., Fellow of

Hebrew Commonwealth, etc.
Oxford, 1829, 8vo.

Worcester College, Oxford. Ser

mons intended to show a sober Jurieu, P.—The History of the Council of Trent, etc. London,

application of Scriptural prin

ciples to the realities of life, etc. 1684, 8vo. Kant, 1.—Immanuel Kant's ver- Novalis. - Novalis Schristen, etc.

Berlin, 1815, 8vo.

Oersted, H. C. — Ansicht der etc,, 8vo. -Sammlung einiger bisher un

chemischen Naturgesetze durch bekannt gebliebener kleiner

die neueren Entdeckungen geSchriften, etc. Königsberg,

wonnen, etc. Berlin, 1812, 8vo. 1800, 8vo.

Oken, L.-Erste Ideen zur Theorie ----Anthropologie in pragmati- des Lichts, etc. Jena, 1808, scher Hinsicht abgefasst, etc.

4to. Königsberg, 1800, 8vo.

Omniana. —Omniana ;

or Horae --I. Kant's Logik, etc. Königs

Otiosiores. London, 1812, berg, 1800, 8vo.

12mo. Coleridge's notes to this work Philalethes, A., pseud.- Observaare included in Kant's “Introduc

tions tion to Logic,” translated by T. K.

upon Anthroposophia Abbott, London, 1885.

Theomagica, and Anima Magica - Die Metaphysik der Sitten. Abscondita, etc. Parrhesia Königsberg, 1797, 8vo.

[London), 1650, 8vo. - Die Religion innerhalb der -The second lash of Alazo. Grenzen der blossen Vernunft, nomastix, etc. Cambridge,

etc. Königsberg, 1794, 8vo. 1651, 8vo. Lacunza, M. [i.e. Juan Josafat Sachs, H. — H. Sachsens sehr

Ben-Ezra].—The coming of Mes- herrliche schöne und wahrhafte siah in glory and majesty, etc. Gedicht, etc. Nürnberg, 1781, London, 1827, 8vo.

8vo. Lloyd, C., Poet.—Nugæ Canoræ. Schelling, F. W. J. Von.-Ideen

Poems. Third edition, with ad- zu einer Philosophie der Natur, ditions (including a sonnet by etc. Landshut, 1803, 8vo.

S. T. C.). London, 1819, 8vo. Schelling, F. W. J. Von.-System Malthus, T. R. -An Essay on des transscendentalen Ideal.

the Principles of Population, ismus. Tübingen, 1800, 8vo.

etc. London, 1803, 4to. Schleiermacher, F. E. D. -Ueber Mendelssohn, M.-Jerusalem, oder den sogenannten ersten Brief des

über religiöse Macht und Juden- Paulos an den Timotheos, etc. thum, Frankfurt, 1791, 8vo. Berlin, 1807, 8vo.

Scholz, J. M. A.—Commentatio | Waterland, D.--The importance

de Golgothæ et Sanctissimi D. of the Doctrine of the Holy N. J. (. sepulcri situ. Bonnae, Trinity asserted, etc. London, 1825, 4to.

1734, 8vo. Schubert, G. H. Von. Ansichten Willich, A. F. M.-Elements of

von der Nachtseite der Natur- the Critical Philosophy, etc. wissenschaft. Dresden, 1808, 8vo

London, 1798, 8vo.
Die Symbolik des Traumes, Wolff, C. Von, Baron. —Logic...

Translated from the German, etc. Bamberg, 1821, 8vo.

etc. London, 1770, 8vo. Shakespeare, W.-The Works of Shakespeare. With notes .

VIII. APPENDIX. by Mr. Theobald. 8 vols. London, 1773, 12mo.

BIOGRAPHY, CRITICISM, ETC. Solger, C. W. F.-Philosophische Armstrong, Edmund J.-Essays Gespräche. Erste Sammlung.

and Sketches of Edmund J. Berlin, 1817, 8vo.

Armstrong. London, 1877, 8vo. Steffens, H.-Schriften, etc. 2 Bde.

Coleridge, pp. 38-96. Breslau, 1821, 8vo.

Bates, William.—The Maclise Por-Beyträge zur innern Natur

trait Gallery of “Illustrious

Erster geschichte der Erde.

Literary Characters,” with Me. Theil. Freyberg, 1801, 8vo.

moirs, etc. London, 1883, 8vo.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, with -Caricaturen des Heiligsten. portrait, pp. 178-185. Leipzig, 1819, etc., 8vo. Bayne, Peter.--Essays in Bio[Grundzüge der philoso

graphy and Criticism. Second phischen Naturwissenschaft, series, Boston (U.S.), 1858, etc.) Berlin [1806], 8vo.

8vo. -Ueber die Idee der Univer- Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp. 108sitäten, etc. Berlin, 1809, 8vo.


Belfast, Earl of. Poets and Stillingfleet, E., Bishop of Wor

Poetry of the XIXth Century. cester. Origines Sacræ, etc. London, 1675, 4to.

A Course of Lectures by the

Earl of Belfast. London, 1852, Tennemann, W. G.-Geschichte

8vo. der Philosophie. Bde. 1-10.

Lecture the first-Coleridge, Kirke Leipzig, 1798, etc., 8vo.

White, Wordsworth, pp. 1-56. Tennyson, C.-Sonnets and fugi. Birks, T. R.— The Victory of

tive pieces. MS. notes [froin Divine Goodness; including notes by S. T. C.]. Cambridge, notes on Coleridge's Confessions 1830, 8vo.

of an Inquiring Spirit, etc. Tetens, J. N. – Philosophische London, 1867, 8vo.

Versuche über die menschliche Brandl, Alois. — Samuel Taylor Natur, etc. 2 Bde. Leipzig, Coleridge und die englische 1777, 8vo.

Romantik. Berlin, 1886, 8vo. Valckenaer, L. C. Ludovici Brooke, S. A.-Theology in the

Caspari Valckenaeri diatribe de English Poets : Cowper, ColeAristobulo Judaeo, etc. Lug- ridge, Wordsworth, and Burns, duni Batavorum, 1806, 4to. London, 1874, 8vo.

-Brooke, S. 1.-Theology in Clarke, Charles and Mary Cowden. the English Poets. Second -Recollections of Writers, etc.

Edition. London, 1874, 8vo. London, 1878, 8vo. Caine, T. Hall.—Cobwebs of

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp.

30-35 and 63-64. Criticism. London, 1883, 8vo. Coleridge, pp. 54-87.

-F. L. - Golden Friendships,

etc. -Recollections of Dante Ga.

London, 1884, 8vo.

Lamb and Coleridge, pp. 160-183. briel Rossetti. London, 1882, Cleveland,

Charles Dexter. 8vo.

English Literature of the Coleridge, Wordsworth, etc., pp.

Nineteenth century. A new 146-183.

edition. Calvert (G. H.), Coleridge, Shelley,

Philadelphia, 1867,

8vo. Goethe. —Biographic æsthetic Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1772studies. Boston [U.S. ], (1880), 1834, pp. 216-230. 8vo.

Cochrane, Robert.— The Treasury Cambridge. Conversations at of Modern Biography, a Gallery

Cambridge. [By R. A. Wil- of Literary Sketches, etc. Com. mott.] London, 1836, 8vo. piled and selected by Robert Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Cochranc. London, 1878, 8vo. Trinity, with specimens of his Table Samuel Taylor Coleridge, by Talk, pp. 1-4.

Thomas de Quincey, pp. 129-164. Carlyle, Thomas.—The Life of Reprinted from Taits Magazine, John Sterling. London, 1851, Coleridge, Hartley.--Poems by

1834. 8vo. Coleridge, pp. 69-80.

H. C., with a memoir of his life Carlyon, Clement.-Early Years

by his brother [Derwent]. 2 vols.

London, 1851, 8vo. and Late Reflections. 4 vols.

Contains many particulars relatLondon, 1836-58, 12mo.

ing to Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Carlyon was introduced to Cole

Samuel Taylor. --Coleridge on ridge at Göttingen in 1799, and much interesting matter relating

the Scripture. [Calcutta, 1851.] to Coleridge's early life will be 8vo. found in vols. i.-iii.

An essay on the argument of Chambers, Robert.-Cyclopædia of

Coleridge's “Confessions of

Enquiring Spirit,” reprinted from English Literature, etc. 2 vols.

the Benares Magazine, 1851. London, 1860, 8vo.

-Sara.--Memoir and Letters Samuel Taylor Coleridge, with of S. C. 2 vols. London, portrait, vol. ii., pp. 291-303.

1873, 8vo. - Third Edition. London, 1876, Contains a number of important 8vo.

notices of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, vol. ii., especially in vol. i, pp. 68-79.

Collier, John Payne.—Collier, Chorley, Henry F.—The Authors Coleridge, and Shakespeare A.

of England. A Series of review. By the author of "LiterMedallion Portraits, etc.

Lon. ary Cookery." [i.e. A. E. Brae.] don, 1838, 4to.

London, 1860, 8vo. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp 37-43. Collins, Mortimer.-Pen Sketches

Another edition. London, by a vanished hand, from the 1861, 4to.

papers of the late Mortimer


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