Motor Cars: Or, Power Carriages for Common Roads

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Crosby Lockwood & son, 1897 - 200 halaman

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Halaman 24 - TRAMWAYS: THEIR CONSTRUCTION AND WORKING. Embracing a Comprehensive History of the System ; with an exhaustive Analysis of the various Modes of Traction, including Horse-Power, Steam...
Halaman 10 - IRON AND STEEL " : A Work for the Forge, Foundry, Factory, and Office. Containing ready, useful, and trustworthy Information for Ironmasters and their Stock-takers ; Managers of Bar, Rail, Plate, and Sheet Rolling Mills; Iron and Metal Founders; Iron Ship and Bridge Builders ; Mechanical, Mining, and Consulting Engineers ; Architects, Contractors, Builders, and Professional Draughtsmen. By CHARLES HOARE, Author of " The Slide Rule,
Halaman 15 - Illustrated. is. 6d. 7. ELECTRICITY; showing the General Principles of Electrical Science, and the purposes to which it has been applied. By Sir W. SNOW HARRIS, FRS, &c. With Additions by R. SABINE, CE, FSA is. 6d. 7*.
Halaman 9 - And the Manufacture and Distribution of Coal Gas. By S. HUGHES, CE Re-written by WILLIAM RICHARDS, CE Eighth Edition . . 5/6 Water Works For the Supply of Cities and Towns.
Halaman 7 - A mass of information set down in simple language, and in such a form that it can be easily referred to at any time. The matter is uniformly good and well chosen, and Is greatly elucidated by the illustrations. The book will find its way on to most engineers' shelves, where it will rank as one of the most useful books of reference."— Pra ctical Engineer.
Halaman 24 - Many of the methods given are of extreme practical value to the mason, and the observations on the form of arch, the rules for ordering the stone, and the construction of the templates, will be found of considerable use. We commend the book to the engineering profession."— Building News. " Will be regarded by civil engineers as of the utmost value, and calculated to save much time and obviate many mistakes.
Halaman 7 - THE PRACTICAL ENGINEER'S HAND-BOOK. Comprising a Treatise on Modern Engines and Boilers : Marine, Locomotive and Stationary. And containing a large collection of Rules and Practical Data relating to recent Practice in Designing and Constructing all kinds of Engines, Boilers, and other Engineering work. The whole constituting a comprehensive Key to the Board of Trade and other Examinations lor Certificates of Competency in Modern Mechanical Engineering. By WALTER S. HUTTON, Civil and Mechanical Engineer,...
Halaman 15 - WORKSHOP COMPANION. Comprising a great variety of the most useful Rules and Formulae in Mechanical Science, with numerous Tables of Practical Data and Calculated Results for Facilitating Mechanical Operations. By WILLIAM TEMPLETON, Author of "The Engineer's Practical Assistant,
Halaman 3 - BOWKER, Wm. R. Dynamo, Motor and ~ Switchboard, Circuits. For Electrical Engineers. A practical book, dealing with the subject of Direct, Alternating, and Polyphase Currents. With over 100 diagrams and engravings. 8vo, cloth.
Halaman 25 - XVI. CONSTANT AND INTERMITTENT SUPPLY.— XVII. DESCRIPTION OF PLATES.— APPENDICES, GIVING TABLES OF RATES OF SUPPLY, VELOCITIES, &c., &c., TOGETHER WITH SPECIFICATIONS OF SEVERAL WORKS ILLUSTRATED, AMONG WHICH WILL BE FOUND : ABERDEEN, BlDEFORD, CANTERBURY, DUNDEE, HALIFAX, LAMBETH, ROTHERHAM, DUBLIN, AND OTHERS. " The most systematic and valuable work upon water supply hitherto produced In English, or in any other language. Mr. Humber-s work is characterised almost throughout by an exhaustiveness...

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