Compulsory School Attendance and Child Labor: A Study of the Historical Development of Regulations Compelling Attendance and Limiting the Labor of Children in a Selected Group of States

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Athens Press, 1921 - 263 halaman

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Halaman 23 - The universal education of youth is essential to the wellbeing of the State. 2. The obligation to furnish this education rests primarily upon the parent. 3. The State has a right to enforce this obligation. 4. The State may fix a standard which shall determine the kind of education and the minimum amount.
Halaman 32 - It is worthy of particular remark, that, in general, women and children are rendered more useful, and the latter more early useful, by manufacturing establishments, than they would otherwise be.
Halaman 213 - No school shall be regarded as a school, under this act, unless there shall be taught therein, as part of the elementary education of children, reading, writing, arithmetic and United States history, in the English language.
Halaman 172 - And since it has pleased Thee chiefly, by means of the Germans, to transform this State into a blooming garden, and the desert into a pleasant...
Halaman 10 - Provided always, that every man or woman, of what estate or condition that he be, shall be free to set their son or daughter to take learning at any manner school that pleaseth them within the Realm.
Halaman 20 - Court, taking into consideration the great neglect of many parents and masters in training up their children in learning and labor...
Halaman 107 - No child under sixteen years of age shall be employed in any factory, workshop, or mercantile establishment...
Halaman 43 - That an open school and competent teachers for every child in the state, from the lowest branch of an infant school to the lecture rooms of practical science, should be established, and those who superintend them to be chosen by the people.
Halaman 108 - ... labor at home or elsewhere; but this provision shall not permit such children to be irregular in attendance at school while they are enrolled as...
Halaman 134 - Such certificate shall be issued by the commissioner of health or the executive officer of the board or department of health of the city, town or village where such child resides, or is to be employed, or by such...

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