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Shelby McDowell Deaderick Anderson


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Copyright, 1933

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FOREWORD My original purpose in compiling these sketches was to preserve for my brother's children, Mildred Carrington, Adeline Deaderick, and William Deaderick Moon, in such form as would be easily accessible, the brief history of their father's family on the maternal side. For this reason and also for lack of space, I have not completed all lines. However, the lines that are not given in full are carried down sufficiently far for the present generation to complete them in blank pages left for this purpose at the back of the book.

I wish to thank many relatives and friends who have assisted me with their helpful suggestions and interest in this work.

I am especially indebted to Mr. Cass K. Shelby of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, for the use of some of his valuable notes on the Shelby family. This data has been accumulated by Mr. Shelby through years of research, and much of it has never before been published. Through the use of Mr. Shelby's notes many errors which have appeared in print regarding the Shelby family are corrected. Mr. Shelby has reviewed and criticized this sketch of the Shelby family and I wish to thank him for his assistance.

I also wish to thank Mrs. Lucy Holtzclaw McDonald of Chattanooga, who has given me great help in preparing the manuscript for the printer.

The following persons have given me assistance on the different families herein included:

Mr. Lawrence MacRae of Greensboro, North Carolina.
Miss Lucy Goodloe Shelby of Lexington, Kentucky.
Miss Rebecca Bryan of Van Buren, Arkansas.
Mrs. Henry Duncan of Knoxville, Tennessee.
Miss Augusta Bradford of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Miss Rosa Naomi Scott of Knoxville, Tennessee.
Mrs. Penelope Johnson Allen of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Anna Mary Moon.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

November, 1932.

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