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possession of the Maine Historical Society.

to believe these things of a Gentleman, a Christian, and a Governor of a French Colony, and who, as such, is Obliged to live in Peace and Friendship with the English Government; But what shall I say? I have your Original Instructions, and Letters now before me, as you may See by the Copies of some of them, which I now Inclose ; The Originals I shall send home to his Majesty, my Great Master; You do indeed suggest, That you have Orders for what you have done or shall do further in this Affair ; His Majesty will soon Discover the Truth and Validity of that pretence, and how Agreeable Your Conduct has been, both to the Letter and Spirit of the Treaty of Utrecht, more especially to the twelfth and Sixteenth Articles; Is it thus We are to Imitate the Examples of Our Masters at Home, who live in such strict Allegance and Friendship? Should I have offered to stir up the Indian Tribes at St. Francois or Besancourt, or any other within the Bounds of Your Government to commit such Affronts and Hostilities to the Government and People of Canada, would you not justly & greatly have Complained of it? I do not Judge it necessary to Enter far into an Argument upon this Head, But I Could Easily Convince you how very much you are in the wrong to Concern yourself with an Indian Tribe that are

settled upon one of the Principal Rivers of New England, that live in the Neighborhood of Our English Towns & Garrisons, & until very lately have Constantly Conversed and traded with them, and pass by the English settlements every time they Come to the sea for their Fishery, And their Lands or place of Settlement must of necessity fall within the English Pale or Territory, inasmuch as the Crown of Great Britain have now the Right & Dominion of Nova Scotia, formerly called L'Accadie, with all its Dependencies, But above all, and what I very much Insist on, This Tribe of the Indians, as well as that of Penobscot, have for a great number

last past, by Frequent and Solemn Treaties, willingly and Joyfully put themselves under the Protection of the Crown of Great Britain, & the Government of New England, and on these Occasions have had Tokens of His Majesties kindness & Friendship presented to them ; And you may Depend upon it His Majesty will never quit His right and Interest with respect to those Indian Tribes, but Insist upon it to the last, And while I have the Honour to be His Governour here, I shall Endeavor to do my Duty in Defending and Maintaining it, and shall take Just and proper Measures to prevent such Insults and Injuries to His Majesties good subjects for

of years

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