The Works of the English Poets: Garth and King

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H. Hughs, 1779

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Halaman 201 - Ingenious Lister, were a picture drawn, With Cynthia's face, but with a neck like Brawn ; With wings of Turkey, and with feet of Calf, Though drawn by Kneller, it would make you laugh.
Halaman 108 - Gentiles' great apostle's name, With grace divine great Anna's seen to rise, An awful form, that glads a nation's eyes. Beneath her feet four mighty realms appear, And with due reverence pay their homage there) Britain and Ireland seem to owe her grace, And e'en wild India wears a smiling face.
Halaman 1 - It is hard, that to think well of you, fhould be but juftice, and to tell you fo, mould be an offence : thus, rather than violate your modefty, I muft be wanting to your other virtues ; and, to gratify one good quality, do wrong to a thoufand. The world...
Halaman 408 - WHEN the young people ride the Skimmington, There is a general trembling in a town : Not only he for whom the person rides Suffers, but they sweep other doors besides ; And by that hieroglyphic does appear That the good woman is the master there.
Halaman 11 - Should not have leave to judge, as well as kill : Nay, let them write ; let them their forces join, And hope the motley piece may rival thine. Safely defpife their malice, and their toil, Which vulgar ears alone will reach, and will defile.
Halaman 404 - More out of choice, than that he loft his way, He let his company the Hare purfue, For he himfelf had other game in view. A Beggar by her trade ; yet not fo mean, But that her cheeks were frefh, and linen clean. J' Miftrefs," quoth he, " and what if we two fhou'd * Retire a little way into the wood...
Halaman 168 - Clafficks as if we were never to get higher than our Tully or our Virgil. You tantalize me only, when you tell me of the Edition of a Book by the ingenious Dr. Lifter, which you fay is a Treatife De Condlmentis & Offoniis Peterum, ••Of " Of the Sauces and Soups of the Ancients,
Halaman 42 - Dissensions, like small streams, are first begun, Scarce seen they rise, but gather as they run : So lines that from their parallel decline, More they proceed, the more they still disjoin.
Halaman 6 - ... far real, though the poetical relation be fictitious. I hope no body will think the author too undecently reflecting through the whole, who being too liable to faults himfelf, ought to be lefs fevere upon the mifcarriages of others.
Halaman 7 - I think in my conscience a very able physician as well as a gentleman of extraordinary learning. If I am hard upon any one it is my reader ; but some worthy gentlemen, as remarkable for their humanity as their extraordinary parts, have taken, care to make him amends for it, by prefixing something of their own.

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