The Works of the English Poets: Otway, Duke and Dorset

Sampul Depan
Samuel Johnson
H. Hughs, 1779

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Halaman 189 - And now we've told you all our loves, And likewise all our fears, In hopes this declaration moves Some pity from your tears ; Let's hear of no inconstancy, We have too much of that at sea. With a fa, la, la, la, la.
Halaman 26 - Twas far from any path, but where the Earth Was bare, and naked all as at her birth, When by the Word it first was made, Ere God had said, Let grass, and herds, and every green thing grow, With fruitful trees after their kind, and it was so.
Halaman 324 - Would soon finish his woes. When in rage he came there, Beholding how steep The sides did appear, And the bottom how deep; His torments projecting, And sadly reflecting, That a lover forsaken A new love may get, But a neck, when once broken, Can never be set: And, that he could die Whenever he would...
Halaman 43 - Thus, like Alcides in his lion's skin, He very dreadful grew. But, like that Hercules when love crept in, And th...
Halaman 187 - Should foggy Opdam chance to know Our sad and dismal story, The Dutch would scorn so weak a foe, And quit their fort at Goree: For what resistance can they find From men who've left their hearts behind ?With a fa, la, la, la, la.
Halaman 186 - For though the muses should prove kind, And fill our empty brain ; Yet if rough Neptune rouse the wind To wave the azure main, Our paper, pen, and ink, and we, Roll up and down our ships at sea.
Halaman 46 - But constant as the stars that never move ; Or as women would have love. The trembling genius of their state Look'd out, and straight shrunk back his head, To see our daring banners spread.
Halaman 301 - LET the dull merchant curse his angry fate, And from the winds and waves his fortune wait: Let the loud lawyer break his brains, and be A slave to wrangling coxcombs for a fee: Let the rough soldier fight his prince's foes, And for a livelihood his life expose: I wage no war, I plead no cause but love's, I fear no storms, but what Celinda moves.
Halaman 52 - Diana be ador'd alone ; Must she have all thy vows and Venus none ? That pleasure palls, if 'tis enjoy'd too long ; Love makes the weary firm, the feeble strong.
Halaman 321 - T' increase that wealth he wants the soul to spend. Poor Shifter does his whole contrivance set, To spend that wealth he wants the sense to get. How happy would appear to each his fate. Had Gripe his humour, or he Gripe's estate 1 Kind Fate and Fortune, blend them if you can, And of two wretches make one happy man!

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