Helping Adolescents at Risk: Prevention of Multiple Problem Behaviors

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Guilford Press, 1 Agu 2005 - 318 halaman
This comprehensive volume reviews current knowledge about multiple problem behaviors in adolescence, focusing on "what works" in prevention and treatment. Cutting-edge research is presented on the epidemiology, development, and social costs of four youth problems that frequently co-occur: serious antisocial behavior, drug and alcohol misuse, tobacco smoking, and risky sexual behavior. A framework for reducing these behaviors is outlined, drawing on both clinical and public health perspectives, and empirically supported prevention and treatment programs are identified. Also addressed are ways to promote the development, dissemination, and effective implementation of research-based intervention practices. Authored by an interdisciplinary panel of experts, this is a state-of-the-science sourcebook and text for anyone working with or studying adolescents at risk.

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Youth with Multiple Problems
The Extent and Consequences of Multiple Problems
The Social Costs of Adolescent Problem Behavior
Influences on the Development of Multiple Problems
Prevention of Adolescent Problems through Interventions in the Preteen Years
Interventions for Prenatal Perinatal and Early
Interventions for SchoolAge Children
Summary and Recommendations
Prevention Practices Targeting All Adolescents
Interventions Targeting Adolescents
Comprehensive Community and Statewide Interventions
Integrating Science and Practice to Enhance
Author Index
Subject Index
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Anthony Biglan, PhD, is Senior Scientist at Oregon Research Institute, where he conducts research on the prevention of child and adolescent problem behavior and on the childrearing practices that affect child and adolescent development. His current work focuses on contextual analyses of childrearing practices in communities.

Patricia A. Brennan, PhD, is on the faculty of the Department of Psychology at Emory University. Her research interests include the study of etiological factors of aggression and violence from a biological perspective, and parental psychopathology (depression/schizophrenia) and its effect on child diagnostic, neurological, and behavioral outcomes.

Sharon L. Foster, PhD, is Professor in the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. Dr. Foster is the author of three books as well as numerous articles and book chapters on children's peer relations, assessment and treatment of parent/n-/adolescent conflict, and research methodology.

Harold D. Holder, PhD, is Senior Research Scientist at the Prevention Research Center, Berkeley, California. His research has explored two major areas: prevention of alcohol problems and costs and benefits of alcoholism treatment. Dr. Holder was the 1995 recipient of the Jellinek Memorial Award for his research on social and economic factors in alcohol consumption.

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