The Australian Policy Handbook

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Allen & Unwin, 2004 - 198 halaman
3rd edition of a textbook guide to Australian public policy, first published 1998. Covers the institutions of public policy, the policy cycle, identifying policy issues, policy analysis, policy instruments, consultation, decision-making, implementation and evaluation.

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Peter Bridgman is a senior officer in the Queensland public service. He has published on topics as diverse as statutory interpretation, policy formation in agriculture, native title and freedom of information. He has been responsible for a large volume of public policy expressed as legislation, and has worked in primary industries, public administration, policy coordination, social welfare and the law. He has headed Queensland's Policy Division, been Cabinet Secretary, Clerk of the Executive Council, and a member of the National Counter Terrorism Committee and the Order of Australia Council.

Glyn Davis has combined an academic career teaching public policy with practical experience in government. Among other publications he is co-author with Peter Bridgman of Public Policy in Australia (1988, 1993) and author of A Government of Routines: executive co-ordination in an Australian state (1996). Previously Director General of the Department of Premier and Cabin

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