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Claims to be pre- Every claim shall be presented to the Commissioners within a period sented within six of six months, reckoned from the day of their first meeting for business, months after no- after notice to the respective Governments, as prescribed in Article V of this Convention. (1)

tice of meeting.


three months.

Nevertheless, in any case where reasons for delay shall be established may extend time to the satisfaction of the Commissioners, or of any two of them, the period for presenting the claim may be extended by them to any time not exceeding three months longer.

Claims to be de

cided within two

years without extension, except, &c.


The Commissioners shall be bound to examine and decide upon every claim within two years from the day of their first meeting for business as aforesaid; which period shall not be extended except only in case the proceedings of the Commission shall be interrupted by the death, incapacity, retirement, or cessation of the functions of any one of the Commissioners, in which event the period of two years herein prescribed shall not be held to include the time during which such interruption may actually exist.

It shall be competent in each case for the said Commissioners to deto determine cide whether any claim has, or has not, been duly made, preferred, and whether claim has laid before them, either wholly, or to any and what extent, according to been duly presented. the true intent and meaning of this Convention. (1)

Payment of awards.

Record of proceedings.

Secretaries, &c.

Compensation of commissioners.

Other expenses.

tion from awarded.


All sums of money which may be awarded by the Commissioners as aforesaid, shall be paid by the one Government to the other, as the case may be, at the capital of the Government to receive such payment, within twelve months after the date of the final award, without interest, and without any deduction save as specified in Article X.


The Commissioners shall keep an accurate record and correct minutes or notes of all their proceedings, with the dates thereof;

And the Governments of the United States and of France may each appoint and employ a Secretary versed in the language of both countries, and the Commissioners may appoint any other necessary officer or officers to assist them in the transaction of the business which may come before them.

Each Government shall pay its own Commissioner, Secretary and Agent or Counsel, and at the same or equivalent rates of compensation, as near as may be, for like officers on the one side as on the other.

All other expenses, including the compensation of the third Commissioner, which latter shall be equal or equivalent to that of the other Commissioners, shall be defrayed by the two Governments in equal moieties.

The whole expenses of the Commission, including contingent expenses, Expenses to be defrayed by deduc- shall be defrayed by a ratable deduction on the amount of the sums sums awarded by the Commissioners, provided always that such deduction shall not exceed the rate of five per centum on the sums so awarded. If the whole expenses shall exceed this rate, then the excess of expense shall be defrayed jointly by the two Governments in equal moieties.



The High Contracting Parties agree to consider the result of the Proceedings to proceedings of the Commission provided by this Convention as a full, be a final settle- perfect and final settlement of any and every claim upon either Government, within the description and true meaning of Articles I and II; And that every such claim, whether or not the same may have been Claims not pre- presented to the notice of, made, preferred, or laid before the said ComNOTE.-(1) The time for presenting claims under this provision expired with June 22, 1881.

sented barred.

mission, shall, from and after the conclusion of the proceedings of the said Commission, be considered and treated as finally settled, concluded and barred.


Ratification of

The present Convention shall be ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and convention. by the President of the French Republic, and the ratifications shall be exchanged at Washington, at as early a day as may be possible within nine months from the date hereof.

In testimony whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the present Convention, in the English and French languages, in duplicate, and hereunto affixed their respective seals.

Done at the city of Washington, the fifteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty.

And whereas the said Convention has been duly ratified on both parts, and the ratifications of the two governments were exchanged in the city of Washington on the twenty-third day of June, one thousand eight hundred and eighty:

Now, therefore, be it known that I, RUTHERFORD B. HAYES, President of the United States of America, have caused the said Convention to be made public, to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.

[June 25, 1880.]


NOTE. A star (*) indicates that the provision on the page thus marked has been incorporated into the second edition of
the Revised Statutes. Brackets [] indicate that the provision on the page thus inclosed has been superseded or repealed
by subsequent legislation.

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to be paid for at commercial rates......
to be made by Secretary of Senate and
Clerk of House for proposals for sta-
for purchase of Indian supplies when re-

for contracts for, of more than $2,000 to
be published..

in District of Columbia, in what papers
and at what rates of pay to be pub-
..95, 154, 589
for proposals for furnishing paper for pub-
lic printing, where to be published.. 199
for proposals for Government Printing Office
to be under direction of Joint Com-
mittee on Public Printing


[blocks in formation]

of persons making entry of homestead
lands, before whom may be taken...
to be received in settling accounts of losses
by commanding officers of companies. *266
special, in customs service; number and com-
244, 379
two assistant, of seal fisheries in Alaska


[blocks in formation]

thirty-five special, may be employed by
Commissioner of Internal Revenue.379, 425
laws applicable to..........




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