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Wagon-bridge at Fort Snelling to be a public highway.

-location of and payment for.

-to be kept in re

pair by Ramsey County, Minnesota.

-may abut on land of Fort Snelling reservation.

-right of way from, over Fort Snelling reservation.

Secretory of In

houses and sites for

dred feet in the clear be provided from the right or Fort Snelling bank of said river toward the left bank thereof:

Provided further, That said bridge shall be and forever remain, a public highway, free to the United States of America and to all the people thereof.

That the location of said bridge, and the plans, specifications, and estimates for the construction and completion thereof, shall be approved by the Secretary of War.

And whenever the said bridge shall have been fully completed as hereinbefore provided, opened to travel, and irrevocably dedicated as a public highway, free to the United States of America and all the people thereof, the Secretary of the Treasury shall pay to the persons entitled to receive the same by reason of the construction of said bridge, or to the commissioners authorized to build said bridge, the said sum of sixty-five thousand dollars, which sum is hereby appropriated for said purpose: Provided, That said bridge, when constructed, shall be kept in good order and repair by the county of Ramsey, Minnesota; and the United States shall never be liable to any expense in the maintenance or repair of said bridge.

That the commissioners authorized to build said bridge under a special act of the legislature of Minnesota, entitled "An act to authorize and provide for the construction of a free bridge across the Mississippi River at or near Fort Suelling, and to lay out suitable roads and approaches thereto", approved March second, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, and the acts amendatory thereof, and their successors, be, and they are hereby, authorized to abut said bridge upon the lands of the United States known as the Fort Snelling military reservation, and to construct and maintain an abutment thereon for said bridge, at such point as the Secretary of War shall approve, and to survey locate, open and maintain public roads or highways from said bridge;

For which purpose a right of way not exceeding one hundred feet in width, from said bridge, across said military reservation, upon such line or lines as the Secretary of War shall direct or approve, is hereby given and granted to said commissioners and their successors.

[Par. 15.] He [the Secretary of the Interior] is further directed to lease terior to lease bath- the bath houses of a permanent nature now upon the Hot Springs Resbath-houses at Hot ervation, to the owners of the same and lease to any person or persons, Springs. upon such terms as may be agreed on, sites for the building of other 1877, March 3, bath-houses, for the term of five years, unless otherwise provided by law, ch. 108, § 4. 1878, Dec. 16, ch. under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe; and the tax imposed shall not exceed fifteen dollars per tub per annum including rent:


Removal of Apache and Ute Indians to New


thereafter ra

[Par. 16.] That the sum of five thousand dollars or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated to pay the expenses of the removal of the band of Ute Indians at Cimarron, New Mexico, to the reservation of that tribe in Colorado; and also to remove the band of Apaches at the same place to the Mescalero Apache reservation at Fort Stanton, New Mexico; and the President shall cause the removal of said Indians within thirty days after the passage of this act,

And thereafter no rations or annuities shall be issued to said Indians tions, &c., not to except at the agencies of their respective reservations.

be issued except at

their reservations.

[blocks in formation]

Western judicial

see divided into

[Par. 17.] That the act entitled "An act to provide for the appointdistrict of Tennes- ment of a District Judge for the Western District of Tennessee and for two divisions. R. other purposes" approved June fourteen, eighteen hundred and seventy S., §547. 1878, June eight, be, and the same is hereby, amended as follows: 14, ch. 196.

The Western District of Tennessee is hereby divided into two divisions which shall be known as the Eastern and Western divisions thereof.

ern division and

The Eastern division shall include the counties of Benton, Carroll, Western district Decatur, Gibson, Henderson, Henry Madison, McNairy, Hardin, Dyer, of Tennessee: eastLake, Crockett, Weakley, and Obion, and terms of the circuit and dis- terms of courts trict courts of the United States for said District shall be held therein therein. at the town of Jackson, in the County of Madison at least twice in each 1879, March 3, year at such times as the judges thereof shall respectively fix, whenever ch. 182, par. 15. the authorities of said county or town shall provide suitable buildings therefor free of any expense to the United States.

The remaining counties embraced in said District shall constitute the western division Western division thereof, and terms of the district and circuit courts of and terms of courts the United States for said district shall be held therein at the times and therein. place now prescribed by law.

Suits in said dis


All suits not of a local character which shall be hereafter brought in the district or circuit court of the United States for the Western dis- trict; in which ditrict of Tennessee, against a single defendant, or where all the defend. Vision to be ants reside in the same division of said district shall be brought in the division in which the defenda[e]nt or defendants reside, but if there are two or more defendants residing in different divisions, such suit may be brought in either division, and duplicate writs may be sent to the other defendants.

Duplicate writs

The Clerk issuing such duplicate writs shall endorse thereon that it is a true copy of a writ sued out in the proper division of the District in certain cases. and the original and duplicate writs when executed and returned into the office from which they shall have issued shall be proceeded in as one suit, and all issues of fact in such suits shall be tried in the division where the suit is so brought.


The Clerks of the Circuit and district courts for said district shall Deputy clerks each appoint a deputy of their respective courts at the place in the for castern divisEastern division of said district where their said courts are required to be held, who shall in the absence of the Clerk, exercise all the powers, and perform all the duties of Clerk within said division:

Provided, That the appointments of such deputies shall be approved by the Court for which they shall be respectively appointed and may be annulled by such Court at its pleasure.

R. S., §§ 558, 624.

The marshal of said district shall also appoint a deputy for said East- Deputy marshal ern division, who shall reside therein, and in the absence of the marshal, for eastern divisperform all the duties devolved upon the marshal by law.


R. S., § 780.

R. S., § 3921.

[Par. 18.] That the Postmaster-General be, and he is hereby, authorized to adopt a uniform canceling ink or other appliance for canceling eral may adopt stamps which experiments and tests have proved or may prove to be ink or appliance for the most practicable and the best calculated to protect the revenues of the canceling stamps. department from the frauds practiced upon it, to be used in all the post-offices where stamps are canceled, and he is hereby authorized to distribute said canceling ink or other appliance in the same manner as other supplies are now distributed to the different post-offices in the United States; And to this end the Postmaster-General is hereby authorized to use any funds of said department heretofore applicable:

Provided, The same shall not increase the expenditures of said department for the purposes named in this section. [June 20, 1878.]



Gardiner and Richmond, Me., to be ports of delivery.

Be it enacted, &c., That section twenty-five hundred and seventeen of the Revised Statutes of the United States is hereby amended by inserting in article ten, after the words "Bowdoinham", the words "Gardiner and Richmond".(1) [June 20, 1878.]

NOTE. (1) The amendment makes Gardiner and Richmond ports of delivery, and not ports of entry as the title of this act would indicate.

June 20, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 243.

Gardiner and

Richmond, Me., to be ports of delivery. R. S., § 2517, art.



June 20, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 243.


agents, &c., in pension cases not to receive more



1. Attorneys, agents, &c., in pension cases not
to receive more than $10 fee, and fee-con-
tracts not to be filed, &c.

Be it enacted, &c.

[blocks in formation]

[SECTION 1], It shall be unlawful for any attorney, agent or other person to demand or receive for his services in a pension case a greater sum than ten dollars.

than $10 fee, and No fee contract shall hereafter be filed with the Commissioner of Penfee-contracts not sions in any case.

to be filed, &c.


In pending cases in which a fee contract has heretofore been filed, if R. S., § 4785, the pension shall be allowed, the Commissioner of Pensions shall ap 1879, Jan. 25, ch. prove the same as to the amount of the fee to be paid at the amount specified in the contract.

23, § 4.

1881, March 3, ch. 130, par. 2

-fees of, not to be

Sections forty-seven hundred and sixty-eight forty-seven hundred and deducted and paid sixty-nine and forty-seven hundred and eighty-six of the Revised Statto, by pension utes shall not apply to any case or claim hereafter filed, nor to any pendR. S., § 4768, ing claim in which the claimant has not been represented by an agent 4769, 4786. or attorney prior to the passage of this act.


Repeal of
R. S., § 4785.

SEC. 2. Section forty-seven hundred and eighty-five of the Revised Statutes is hereby repealed. [June 20, 1878.]


March 9, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 248.

Arms to be is

sued to Idaho.

R. S., § 1667.



Arms to be issued to Idaho.

Be it resolved, &c., That the Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, empowered to issue arms and ammunition to said Territory, upon the 1878, May 16, ch. requisition of its governor, under provision of joint resolution approved July third, eighteen hundred and seventy-six. [March 9, 1878.]


See Res. 1876, No. 13, p. 253; 1877, No. 7, p. 302.


March 28, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 249.

Tax on spirits

payable on with



1. Tax on spirits payable on withdrawal from
warehouse within three years, and bond
given accordingly.

2. Time for payment of tax and withdrawal of
spirits now in warehouses; how may be ex-

Be it resolved, &c.


3. Tax to bear interest after spirits are warehoused one year.

how collected in such case.

4. Act not to apply to grape-brandy.

entered for deposit in distillery warehouses shall be due and payable [SECTION 1], (Rep.) [That the tax on all distilled spirits hereafter drawal from ware- before and at the time the same are withdrawn therefrom, and within

house within three

NOTE. (1) This resolution is repealed by act of 1880, May 28, ch. 108, § 4.

three years from the date of the entry for deposit therein; and ware- years, and bond housing bonds hereafter taken under the provisions of section thirty-two given accordingly. R. S., § 3293. hundred and ninety-three of the Revised Statutes of the United States 1879, March 1, shall be conditioned for the payment of the tax on the spirits as specified ch. 125, § 5. in the entry, and the interest on the tax, if any has accrued under the provisions of this resolution, before removal from the distillery warehouse, and within three years from the date of said bonds.]

Time for pay

ment of tax and

R. S., § 3293.

SEC. 2. (Rep.) [That the time within which distilled spirits heretofore entered for deposit in distillery warehouses are required to be withdrawal of spirwithdrawn therefrom pursuant to the conditions of any warehousing its now in warebond, taken within one year prior to the passage of this resolution, upon houses; how may the entry of such spirits into such warehouse under the provisions of be extended. section thirty-two hundred and ninety-three of the Revised Statutes of the United States, shall, on written request being made, as herein specified be extended for a period not exceeding three years from the date of the entry of such spirits into the warehouse; but such extension shall not be made in any case unless there shall be indorsed upon, or appended to, the warehousing bond a written request therefor, and an acknowledgment of their liability, under the terms of said bond, for the period for which the extension is granted, together with interest on the tax if any has accrued under the provisions of this resolution, as if the same were inserted in the body of said bond, to be duly executed by the principal and sureties in the bond, and acknowledged by each of them before a collector or deputy collector of internal revenue, or some other officer authorized by law to take the acknowledgment of deeds:

Provided, That the sureties on said bond are, at the time of such request, satisfactory to the collector, and, if not satisfactory, or if the sureties shall refuse to make the request and acknowledgment aforesaid, that an additional or new warehousing bond, with sureties satisfactory to the collector, shall be given.]

Tax to bear iu

SEC. 3. (Rep.) [That in case of the non-payment of the tax on any terest after spirits distilled spirits within one year from the date of the original warehousing are warehoused bond for such spirits, interest shall accrue upon said tax at the rate of one year. five per centum per annum from and after the expiration of said year

until the tax shall be paid.

Such interest shall be collected with the tax in such manner as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall prescribe:

such case.

Provided, That the tax or duty paid on all distilled spirits when the how collected in same are withdrawn shall be the amount of duty and tax which would have been paid, if paid when such distilled spirits was placed in bond with such accrued interest thereon.]

Act not to apply

1877, March 3,

SEC. 4. (Rep.) [That the provisions of this resolution shall not apply to grape-brandy warehoused under the provisions of an act entitled to grape-brandy. "An act relating to the production of fruit-brandy, and to punish frauds ch. 114. connected with the same", approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven.] [March 28, 1878.]

NOTE.-The above act is repealed by act of 1880, May 28, ch. 108, § 4.



Distribution of second edition of Revised Statutes. may make arrangements with booksellers.
Secretary of State to keep copies for sale.
Additional copies to be printed when needed.

May 22, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 251.

Distribution of

Resolved, &c., That the fifteen thousand copies of the new edition of the first volume of the Revised Statutes of the United States required second edition Reby the fourth section of the "Act to provide for the preparation and publication of a new edition of the Revised Statutes of the United ch. 82.

vised Statutes. 1877, March 2,

1878, Dec. 21, States", approved March second, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, Res. No. 1, p. 481. to be printed and bound, shall be disposed of by the Secretary of State as follows:

Secretary of

To the President of the United States, four copies, one of which shall be for the library of the Executive Mansion, and one copy for the use of the Commissioner of Public Buildings;

To the Vice-President of the United States, two copies;

To each Senator, Representative, and Delegate in Congress, to the Secretary of the Senate and to the Clerk of the House of Representatives, one copy;

To the librarian of the Senate, for the use of Senators, one hundred and twenty copies;

To the librarian of the House, for the use of Representatives and Delegates, four hundred and ten copies;

To the Senate of the United States, for distribution, seven hundred and sixty copies;

To the House of Representatives, for distribution, two thousand nine hundred and twenty copies;

To the Library of Congress, fourteen copies, including four copies for the law library;

To the Department of State, for the use of legations and consulates, three hundred and eighty copies;

To the Treasury Department, including those for the use of officers of customs, two hundred and eighty copies;

To the War Department, including five copies for the use of the Military Academy at West Point, fifty-five copies;

To the Navy Department, including three copies for the library of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, a copy for the library of each navy-yard in the United States, a copy for the Brooklyn Naval Lyceum, and a copy for the library of the Naval Institute at Charlestown, Massachusetts, seventy copies;

To the Department of the Interior, including those for the use of the surveyors-general and registers and receivers of land offices, two hundred and fifty-five copies;

To the Department of Justice, including those for the use of the Chief and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, the judges and officers of the United States and Territorial courts, four hundred and fifty copies; To the Department of Agriculture, five copies; to the Smithsonian Institution, two copies;

To the Government Printing Office, two copies;

And the Secretary of State shall supply deficiencies and offices newly created.

And that the residue of said fifteen thousand volumes, together with State to keep cop- any further number thereafter printed and bound, shall, by the Secretary of State, be sold at the cost of paper, press-work, and binding, with ten per centum added thereto;

ies for sale.

may make arrangements with


Additional cop

And said Secretary is authorized to make arrangements with booksellers to keep on sale said Revised Statutes, to be sold as aforesaid, for such part of the ten per centum above actual cost as he may deem just and reasonable.

And whenever the said residue of said fifteen thousand copies shall be ies to be printed exhausted, said Secretary shall cause another five thousand copies to be printed and bound, at the expense of the United States, to be sold in like manuer, unless otherwise disposed of by order of Congress;

when needed.

The cost of the same to be paid from the general appropriation for printing. [May 22, 1878.]

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