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Internal Revenue

[Par. 5.] For detecting, and bringing to trial and punishment, persons Commissioner of guilty of violating the internal revenue laws, or accessory to the same, to make annual including payments for information and detection, seventy-five thousand statement to Condollars; and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall make a detailed gress as to money statement to Congress once in each year as to how he has expended this paid for detecting frauds.


[Par. 6.] And section thirty-one hundred and fifty-two of the Revised Statutes is hereby so amended as to permit of the employment of thirtyfive agents in lieu of the number therein named.

[Par. 7.] And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to employ eight additional special agents in the customs service at a compensation of not exceeding six dollars per day, in the discretion of the Secretary, and actual traveling expenses when actually employed in the duties of such agency.

[Par. 8.] And refining and parting of bullion shall be carried on at the mints of the United States and at the assay-office at New York. And it shall be lawful to apply the moneys arising from charges collected from depositors for these operations pursuant to law so far as may be necessary to the defraying in full of the expenses thereof, including labor, materials, and wastage;

[blocks in formation]

R. S., § 2649. 1876, Ang. 15, ch. 287, par. 6.

Refining, &c., bullion to be carried on at mints

and at assay-office at New York.

R. S., § 3546.

1879, March 3,

But no part of the moneys otherwise appropriated for the support of ch. 182, § 1. the mints and the assay-office at New York shall be used to defray the expenses of refining and parting bullion;

But when the bullion received shall not, in the aggregate, be in such proportion of gold and silver as to admit of economical parting, or the necessary supplies of acids cannot be procured at reasonable rates, unparted bullion may be exchanged for fine bars, as provided in section. thirty-five hundred and forty-six of the Revised Statutes of the United States.

[Par. 9.] And for the purpose of enabling the several mints and assay- All mints and offices of the United States to make returns to depositors with as little assay-offices may delay as possible, the provisions of section thirty-five hundred and forty. pay coin or coin five of the Revised Statutes of the United States shall hereafter apply positors under to the several mints and assay-offices of the United States;

certificates to de


rules, &c., of SecAnd the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to use, as rotary of Treasury. far as he may deem it proper and expedient, for payment to depositors R. S., § 254, of bullion at the several mints and assay-offices, coin certificates, repre- 1879, March 3, senting coin in the Treasury, and issued under the provisions of section ch. 182, § 1. two hundred and fifty-four of the Revised Statutes of the United States; all of said acts and duties to be performed under such rules and regulations as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

charges collect

And it shall be lawful to apply the moneys arising from charges collected from depositors at the several mints and assay-offices pursuant ed of depositors at; how may be used. to law, to defraying the expenses thereof, including labor, material, wastage, and use of machinery;


Number and pay of members of Territorial legisla tures prescribed. R. S., 1853, 1922. 1879, June 27, ch,

[Par. 10.] That from and after the adjournment of the next session of the several Territorial Legislatures the council of each of the Territories of the United States shall not exceed twelve members and the House of Representatives of each shall not exceed twenty-four members, and the members of each branch of the said several legislatures shall receive a compensation of four dollars per day each during the sessions provided 40. by law, and shall receive such milage as the law provides;

And the President of the Council and the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall each receive six dollars per day for the same time.


Territories to be

divided into council and representa R. S., 1847, 1849, 1853, 1922.

tive districts, &c.

Subordinate officers of Territorial legislatures. RepealingR. S., § 1861.

Secretaries of

And the several Legislatures at their next sessions are directed to divide their respective Territories into as many council and representative districts as they desire, which districts shall be as nearly equal as practicable taking into consideration population, except "Indians not taxed":

Provided, the number of council districts shall not exceed twelve, and the representative districts shall not exceed twenty four in any one of said Territories, and all parts of sections eighteen hundred and fortyseven, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, eighteen hundred and fiftythree, and nineteen hundred and twenty-two of the Revised Statutes of the United States in conflict with the provisions herein are repealed. That the subordinate officers of each branch of said Territorial legislatures shall consist of one chief clerk, who shall receive a compensation of six dollars per day; one enrolling and engrossing clerk, at five dollars per day; sergeant-at-arms and doorkeeper, at five dollars per day; one messenger and watchman, at four dollars per day each; and one chaplain, at one dollar and fifty cents per day.

Said sums shall be paid only during the sessions of said legislatures; and no greater number of officers or charges per diem shall be paid or allowed by the United States to any Territory.

And section eighteen hundred and sixty-one of the Revised Statutes is hereby repealed, and this substituted in lieu thereof:

Provided, That for the performance of all official duties in posed by the Territories allowed Territorial legislatures, and not provided for in the organic act, the secretaries of the Territories respectively shall be allowed such fees as may be fixed by the Territorial legislatures.

fees in certain


R. S., § 1843. Expenses for public printing by

Territories not to exceed $2,500 a


R. S., § 1887.
Secretary of War

And in no case shall the expenditure for public printing in any of the Territories exceed the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars for any one year.

[Par. 11.] In the office of the Surgeon General

Provided, may detail 20 en- That the Secretary of War, if the public necessity so require, may detail geon-General's of not exceeding twenty enlisted men for clerical service in this bureau.


men for Sur

R. S., § 1168.

-and ten in office [Par. 12.] In the office of the Chief of Ordnance


of Chief of Ord- That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to employ in this bureau not exceeding ten enlisted men.



R. S., § 1159.

Salary of super


[Par. 13.] For salary of the superintendent of the same [public docuintendent of pub- ments], one thousand nine hundred dollars; and so much of section five hundred and seven of the Revised Statutes as provides for said salary is hereby repealed.

R. S., § 507.

Lands in States

[Par. 14.] That public lands situated in States in which there are no where there are no land-offices may be entered at the General Land Office, subject to the land-offices may be entered at General provisions of law touching the entry of public lands; and that the necessary proofs and affidavits required in such cases may be made before R. S., § 2248- some officer competent to administer oaths, whose official character shall be duly certified by the clerk of a court of record.

Land Office.


fees for entry to

And moneys received by the Commissioner of the General Land Office be paid into Treas for lands entered by cash entry shall be covered into the Treasury.


Circuit courts; clerks how appointed.

R. S., § 619.

[Par. 15.] Section six hundred and nineteen of the Revised Statutes of the United States be amended to read as follows:

"All the circuit courts of the United States shall have the appoint1874, June 22, ch. ment of their own clerks, the circuit and district judges concurring; 401, § 3.

And in case of a disagreement between the judges, the appointment shall be made by the associate justice of the Supreme Court allotted to such circuit, except in cases otherwise specially provided for by law."


[Far. 16.] So much of section thirty-six hundred and eighty-nine of Repeal of perthe Revised Statutes of the United States as makes the appropriation tion for salaries of for "Salaries and expenses of Southern Claims Commission" permanent Southern Claims annual appropriations is hereby repealed.

[Par. 17.] So much of section three hundred and forty-nine of the Revised Statutes as provides for the appointment and payment of a salary to a "naval solicitor" is hereby repealed, and the office is abolished.

R. S., § 3689, 2d
ed., p. 724.

Office of naval

solicitor abolished.
R. S., § 349.
1880, June 8, ch.


SEC. 3. That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent or in conflict with Repeal. the provisions of this act are hereby repealed. [June 19, 1878.]




Par. 1. Binding, &c., at Government Printing
Office; what may be done and how ex-

Estimates for printing to be made and cost
charged to departments, &c.

-three clerks may be employed for, by
Public Printer.

Par. 2. District Commissioners to fix pay of Met-
ropolitan Police and of Gas Company
for lighting city lamps.

Expenses therefor and for board of health,
&c., to be paid by District.

Par. 3. National Soldiers and Sailors' Orphan
Home discontinued.

Par. 4. Pier at Portage Lake Ship Canal, Lake
Superior, may be leased by Light-House
Board for pier-head light, &c.

Par. 5. Charts of Coast Survey to be sold at cost,
and not distributed free, except, &c.

Par. 6. Public advertisements and notices to be
paid for at commercial rates.
-lower terms may be made.

Par. 7. Inspectors of customs employed at night
to be paid not exceeding $2.50 per night.
Par. 8. Enlisted force of Signal Service; of what
to consist; extra pay of.

Par. 9. Military telegraph line from Bismarck to
Fort Ellis.

-private dispatches may be transmitted


-to be maintained, &c., under direction
of Secretary of War.

Par. 10. Public greenhouses, &c., in Washington;
what trees may be propagated.

Par. 11. Not more than $25 to be paid for gas for street lamp, &c., lamps in Washington.

Be it enacted, &c.



Par. 12. Purchases for National Home for Volun-
teer Soldiers to be made upon public
tender, except, &c.

Par. 13. Machine for testing iron and steel to be
set up by Secretary of War for use by
all persons on payment of fees.

Par. 14. Free wagon-bridge across Mississippi
River at Fort Snelling.

- height and span of

to be a public highway.

location of, and payment for.

-to be kept in repair by Ramsey County,

- may abut on land of Fort Snelling res

-right of way from, over Fort Snelling

Par. 15. Secretary of Interior to lease sites for
bath-houses, &c.

Par. 16. Removal of Apaches and Ute Indians to
New Mexico.

- thereafter rations, &c., not to be issued
except at their reservation.

Par. 17. Western judicial district of Tennessee
divided into two divisions, eastern and

Terms of courts in.

Suits in said district; in which division to
be brought.

Duplicate writs in certain cases.

Deputy clerk for eastern division.
Deputy marshal for eastern division.

Par. 18. Postmaster-General may adopt uniform
canceling ink or appliances for cancel-
ing stamps.

June 20, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 206.

[Par. 1.] Hereafter no binding shall be done for any department of Binding, &c., at the government except in plain sheep or cloth, and no books shall be the Government printed and bound except when the same shall be ordered by Congress what may be done Printing Office; or are authorized by law, except record and account books which may and how executed. be bound in Russia leather sheep fleshers and skivers, when authorized R. S., §§ 3785, by the head of a department, and this restriction shall not apply to the 3790. 1879, Jan. 27, ch. Congressional Library. 27. 1879, Feb. 26, ch.106. 16 Opin. Att'y-Gen., 57. And when any department shall require printing to be done the Estimates for Public Printer shall furnish to such department an estimate of the cost printing to be by the principal items for said printing so called for; and he shall place charged to departto the debit of such department the cost of the same, on certification of ments, &c. the head of the department, Supren.e Court, Court of Claims, or Li- R. S., § 3786. brary of Congress, that said printing is necessary ;

made and cost

Three clerks may And the Public Printer is hereby authorized to employ three addibe employed by tional clerks of the third class, to make the estimates.

Public Printer to

make estimates.

R. S., § 3762.

District Commis

[Par. 2.] The said Commissioners [of the District of Columbia] are sioners to fix pay hereby authorized to fix the salaries to be paid to the officers and privates of Metropolitan police and of Gas of the metropolitan police until otherwise provided by law; Company for lighting city lamps.

Expenses there

And to require the Washington Gas-light Company to light the city lamps at such price as shall to the said Commissioners appear to be just and reasonable.

And all expenses heretofore incurred by the general government for for and for board the board of health, for the metropolitan police, and for gas inspection, of health, &c., to shall hereafter be a charge upon the government of the District. be paid by District.

National Sol

diers' and Sailors' Orphan Home dis1865, ch. 249, § 3.


1867, ch. 62 (14 Stat. L., 247, 401), 1874, June 22, ch. 38, § 1, par. 3.

Pier at Portage


[Par. 3.] For the support of the National Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphan Home, Washington City, District of Columbia, * * Provided, That the institution shall be closed up and discontinued during the ensuing fiscal year, and the title of the property, real and personal, shall be conveyed to the United States before any further payments are made to the trustees of the said institution.


[Par. 4.] The Light-House Board is hereby authorized to establish a Lake Ship Canal, small pier-head light on the pier of the Portage Lake Ship Canal, Lake may be leased by Superior, and to lease so much of said pier as may be necessary for said Light House purpose, the expenses of establishing said light to be paid for from this Board for pier- appropriation:

head light, &c.

R. S., §§ 355, 4660-4662, 4677. 16 Opin. Att'yGen., 369.

Charts of Coast

And provided further That the provision of section three hundred and fifty five and forty-six hundred and sixty-one of the Revised Statutes of the United States shall not be applicable to this structure so far as title to the site thereof and cession of jurisdiction thereover are involved.

[blocks in formation]

[Par. 5.] That the charts published by the Coast Survey shall be sold Survey to be sold at the office at Washington at the price of the printing and paper thereof, and elsewhere at the same price with the average cost of delivery added thereto;

at cost, and not distributed free,

except, &c.

R. S., § 4691.

ch. 182.

Public advertise

And hereafter there shall be no free distribution of such charts ex1879, March 3, cept to the departments of the United States and to the several States and officers of the United States requiring them for public use, in accordance with the act of June third eighteen hundred and forty four. (1) [Par. 6.] That hereafter all advertisements, notices, proposals for conments and notices tracts, and all forms of advertising required by law for the several deto be paid for at commercial rates. partments of the government may be paid for at a price not to exceed R. S., §§ 853, 854, the commercial rates charged to private individuals, with the usual discounts; such rates to be ascertained from sworn statements to be furnished by the proprietors or publishers of the newspapers proposing So to advertise:


1875, March 3, ch. 128, par. 2. 1881, Jan. 21, ch.


Lower terms may be made.

Inspectors of

Provided, That all advertising in newspapers since the tenth day of April, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, shall be audited and paid at like rates;

But the heads of the several departments may secure lower terms at special rates whenever the public interest requires it

[Par. 7.] Hereafter the compensation of inspectors employed under customs employed the provisions of section twenty-seven hundred and thirty-three of the at night Revised Statutes, for service at night, shall not exceed two dollars and fifty cents for each night when actually employed; and said section is hereby so amended.

not exceeding
$2.50 per night.
R. S., § 2733.
1880, June 10, ch.

Enlisted force of

[Par. 8.] The enlisted force of the Signal Corps shall consist of one Signal Service; of hundred and fifty sergeants, thirty corporals, and two hundred and NOTE.-(1) The act of 1844, ch. 37 (5 Stat. L., 660), here referred to, forms § 4691 of the Revised Stat

what to consist.

R. S., § 1196.


seventy privates, who shall receive the pay of engineer soldiers of similar grades; and two sergeants may, in each year, be appointed to be

second lieutenants:

226, 6 1, par. 1.
1876, July 24, ch.

1878, June 18, ch.

263, § 1. 1879, June 23, ch. 35. Provided Signal Service men shall not receive extra duty pay unless -extra pay of. specially directed by the Secretary of War.


[Par. 9.] For constructing, under the direction of the Secretary of Military teleWar, a military telegraph line from Bismarck to Fort Ellis, via the graph line from Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers, connecting Fort Buford, Fort Keogh, Bismarck to Fort and Fort Custer, and from Fort Sully to Fort Keogh, via Deadwood, R. S., § 223. fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary.

And the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to pay the expenses of operating and keeping the said telegraph line in repair out of moneys appropriated and to be appropriated for the maintenance of the Army: Provided, however, That private dispatches of lawful nature may be transmitted over said line whenever the same is not needed for public use, at reasonable rates, not to exceed the usual rates charged by pri vate telegraph companies, the proceeds thereof to be accounted for and paid into the Treasury of the United States;


private dispatches may be

transmitted over.

to be maintain

And the said telegraph line shall be maintained and operated under such proper rules and orders as the Secretary of War may direct for ed, &c., under dithe benefit of the public service.


rection of Secretary of War.

Public green

[Par. 10.] Hereafter only such trees, shrubs, and plants shall be propagated at the greenhouses and nursery [on the public grounds of Wash- houses, &c., in ington] as are suitable for planting in the public reservations, to which Washington; what purpose only the said productions of the greenhouses and nursery shall trees, &c., may be be applied.

propagated at. R. S., § 1827.

[Par. 11.] No more than twenty-five dollars shall be paid per street- Not more than lamp for gas [for lighting the Executive Mansion and public grounds in $25 to be paid for Washington]; and in case a contract cannot be made at that rate, the gas for street lamp, &c., lamps in engineer in charge is hereby authorized to substitute other illuminating Washington. material, and to use so much of the sum hereby appropriated as may be necessary for that purpose.

[ocr errors]



[Par. 12.] Support of National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Provided, That all purchases of supplies exceeding the sum of one thousand dollars at any one time shall be made upon public tender after due advertisement:

Purchases for

National Home for teer Soldiers to be made upon public tender, except, &c. R. S., § 48254837.

Disabled Volun

Machine for test

[Par. 13.] The Secretary of War is hereby authorized to cause the machine built for testing iron and steel to be set up and applied to the ing iron and steel testing of iron and steel for all persons who may desire to use it, upon Secretary of War to be set up by the payment of a suitable fee for each test; the table of fees to be ap- for use by all perproved by the Secretary of War, and to be so adjusted from time to sons on payment time as to defray the actual cost of the tests as near as may be;

[blocks in formation]

of fees.

Free wagon

[Par. 14.] That the sum of sixty-five thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not other bridge across Miswise appropriated, to aid in the construction and completion of a free sissippi River at Fort Snelling. wagon-bridge, with stone abutments, or stone and iron abutments, and See 1874, June iron superstructure, across the Mississippi River at or near Fort Snel- 22, ch. 405, note on ling, between the military reservation of the United States upon which p. 89. said fort is situated and a point nearly opposite said fort, in the county of Ramsey, Minnesota:

Provided, That such bridge shall be constructed without the expenditure of any other or greater sum of money from the Treasury of the United States:

Provided also, That the hight of said bridge shall be at least sixty--height and spans eight feet above high-water mark, and that a span of at least two hun- of.

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