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In District of

Be it enacted, &c.

[SECTION 1], That there shall be levied a tax of two dollars each per Columbia; tax on annum upon all dogs owned or kept in the District of Columbia; said dogs. tax to be collected as other taxes in said District are or may be collected. SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of the collector of taxes, upon receipt of said tax, to give to the person paying the same, for each dog so paid for, a suitable metallic tag, stamped with the year, showing that said tax has been duly paid;



Evidence of payment.

Dogs without tags to be seized, &c. See page 577.

Dogs with tags

And he shall keep a record of all such payments, with the date thereof, and the name, color, and sex of such dog, and the name of the person claiming any dog so paid for;

And a copy of such record, certified under the hand and official seal of the said collector, which shall be given to any person demanding the same, upon payment of twenty-five cents therefor, shall be prima-facie evidence of such payment in any court of the District of Columbia.

SEC. 3. The poundmaster of the District of Columbia shall, during the entire year, seize all dogs found running at large without the taxtag, issued by the collector aforesaid, attached, and shall impound the


And if, within forty-eight hours, the same are not redeemed, by the owners thereof, by the payment of two dollars, they shall be sold or destroyed, as the poundmaster may deem advisable; and any sale made by virtue hereof shall be deemed valid to all intents and purposes in all the courts of the District of Columbia.

SEC. 4. Any dog wearing the tax-tag hereinbefore provided for shall to be personal be permitted to run at large in the District of Columbia, and shall be property, and persons injuring, &c., regarded as personal property in all the courts of said District;

liable therefor.

Owners liable for injuries by dogs.


provisions cerning.


And any person injuring or destroying the same shall be liable to a civil action for damages, which, upon proof of said injuring or killing may be awarded in a sum equal to the value usually put upon such property by persons buying and selling the same, subject to such modification as the particular circumstances of the case may make proper,

SEC. 5. Any person owning any dog so recorded in the collector's office shall be liable in a civil action for any damage done by said dog to the full amount of the injury inflicted.

SEC. 6. It shall be the duty of any person owning or possessing a dog con- to place, or cause to be placed and kept, around the neck of such dog, a collar, on which shall be marked and engraved, in legible and durable characters, the name of the owner or possessor, and the letters "D. C.", and to which collar must be attached the insignia or tax-tag furnished by the District tax-collector, in accordance with the first and second sections of this law, under the penalty of not less than five nor more than ten dollars;

Penalty for re

And if any person shall put, or cause to be put, a collar, with the insignia or tax-tag, around the neck of any dog owned or possessed by any person or persons residing in the District, without having obtained a license for keeping such animal, he, she, or they shall forfeit and pay the sum of not less than five nor more than ten dollars for each and every offense.

SEC. 7. Whenever it shall be made to appear to the Commissioners that there are good reasons for believing that any dog or dogs within the District are mad, it shall be the duty of the Commissioners to issue a proclamation requiring that all dogs shall, for a period to be defined in the proclamation, wear good, substantial muzzles securely put on, so as to prevent them from biting or snapping;

And any dog going at large during the period defined by the Com missioners without such muzzle shall be taken by the poundmaster and impounded, subject to the provisions of section three.

SEC. 8. Any person who shall remove, or cause to be removed, the colmoving collar, &c. lar and insignia or tax-tag from the neck of any dog, or entice any properly licensed dog into any inclosure for the purpose of taking off its collar or insignia, or shall for such purpose decoy or entice any animal out of

Penalty for mo

the inclosure or house of its owner or possessor, or shall seize or molest any dog while held or led by any person, or shall bring any dog into the District for the purpose of taking up and killing the same, shall forfeit lesting led dog. and pay a sum of not more than twenty dollars.

SEC. 9. If any owner or possessor of a fierce or dangerous dog permit for permitting the same to go at large in the District of Columbia, to the danger or dangerous dogs to annoyance of the inhabitants, he shall forfeit and pay, for the first of go at large, &c. fense, ten dollars; for the second, a sum not exceeding twenty dollars; and upon a third conviction for the same offense, the Commissioners shall immediately cause the dog, upon account of which the conviction takes place, to be slain and buried.

SEC. 10. That all acts or parts of acts now in force in the District of Columbia inconsistent with the provisions of this act be, and the same are hereby, repealed. [June 19, 1878.]




Canadian vessels may aid wrecked vessels in United States waters.

-after issue of proclamation of reciprocity.
- not after reciprocity has ceased.

June 19, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 175.

Canadian vessels

vessels in United

Be it enacted, &c., That Canadian vessels of all descriptions may render aid or assistance to Canadian or other vessels wrecked or disabled may aid wrecked in the waters of the United States contiguous to the Dominion of Canada: States waters. Provided, That this act shall not take effect until proclamation by the -after issue of President declaring that the privilege of aiding American or other ves- proclamation of sels wrecked or disabled in Canadian waters contiguous to the United reciprocity. States has been extended by the government of the Dominion of Canada

and declaring this act to be in force:

- not after reci

And provided further, That this act shall cease to be in force from and after the date of proclamation by the President to the effect that said procity has ceased. reciprocal privilege has been withdrawn or revoked by the said Government of the Dominion of Canada. [June 19, 1878.]



[blocks in formation]

June 19, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 175.

tain counties here

[SECTION 1], That the counties of Chippewa, Schoolcraft, Marquette, Western judicial Houghton, Keweenaw, Ontonagon, Isle Royale, Baraga, and Mackinaw district of Michibeing and including all that portion of the territory and waters of said gan to include cereastern district lying in the upper peninsula of Michigan be and the tofore in eastern same are hereby detached from the eastern judicial district of Michigan district. and attached to the western judicial district of said State.

R. S., § 538.

SEC. 2. That for the trial and determination of all causes and pro- - divided. ceedings cognizable and triable in the circuit and district courts of the United States for the western district of Michigan as bounded and de

Southern and

scribed in this act, the said district shall consist of two divisions known respectively as the southern and northern divisions of said district. The southern division shall comprise all that portion of said district northern divisions. lying and being in the lower peninsula of said State, and the northern division of said district shall comprise all the territory and waters of the entire upper peninsula of said State;

Circuit and dis

And there shall be two regular terms of the circuit and district trict courts to hold courts begun and held in each of the divisions of said western district ly in each division. annually.

two terms annual

R. S., §§ 572, 658.

-terms of, in

The regular terms of the circuit and district courts in said southern southern division division shall be held at the city of Grand Rapids, commencing on the at Grand Rapids. first Tuesdays of March and October in each year.

-terms of, in

The regular terms of the circuit and district courts in said northern northern division division shall be held at the city of Marquette, commencing upon the at Marquette. first Tuesdays of May and September in each year.

Issnes of fact; where to be tried.

And all issues of fact shall be tried at the terms of said courts to be held in the division where such suits shall hereafter be commenced;

But nothing herein contained shall prevent the said circuit and district courts from regulating by general rule the venue of transitory actions, either in law or in equity, and from changing the same for cause. Suits; in what SEC. 3. That all suits and proceedings hereafter to be brought in the divisions to be said circuit or district courts not of a local nature, shall be brought in brought. a court of the division of the district where the defendant resides;

Clerk of western

district; where to reside and keep of


— deputy, and his duty.

District attorney and marshal.

Marshal's office

But if there be more than one defendant, and they reside in different divisions of the district, the plaintiff may sue in either divisions and send duplicate writ or writs to the other defendants, on which the plaintiff or his attorney shall endorse that the writ thus sent is a copy of a writ sued out of a court of the proper division of the said district; And the said writs when executed and returned into the office from which they issued, shall constitute one suit, and be proceeded in accordingly.

SEC. 4. The clerk of the circuit and district courts for the western district of Michigan shall reside and keep his office at Grand Rapids, and shall also appoint a deputy clerk for said courts held at Marquette, who shall reside and keep his office at that place;

And said deputy clerk shall keep in his office full records of all actions and proceedings in the said circuit and district courts for the northern division of said district held at that place, and shall have the same power to issue all processes from the said courts and perform any other duty that is or may be given to the clerks of other circuit and district courts in like cases.

SEC. 5. That the district attorney and marshal of the said western district of Michigan shall respectively perform the duties of district attorney and marshal for the southern and northern divisions of said district as established by this act.

The marshal of said district shall keep an office and a deputy marshal and deputy at at Marquette in the northern division of said district. Marquette.

Criminal causes; where to be tried.

Juries for both courts. &c.

-how drawn, &c.

Pending causes

SEC. 6. Any person charged with violating any of the penal or criminal statutes of the United States of which the said circuit or district courts have jurisdiction, shall be proceeded against by indictment or otherwise, within the division of said district where the alleged offense or offenses shall be committed, and shall have his or her trial at a term of the said court held in said division, unless for cause shown, the judge shall otherwise direct;

And one grand and one petit jury only shall be summoned, and serve in both said courts at each term thereof;

And jurors shall be selected and drawn from the division of the said district in which they reside and in which the terms of the said circuit and district courts to which they are summoned are held.

SEC. 7. This act shall not affect or in any wise interfere with causes in eastern district. of action now pending in the circuit and district courts for the eastern

district of Michigan, but the same may be proceeded with in the same manner as though this act had not been passed:

Provided, however, That upon cause shown, the circuit and district courts for the eastern district may transfer civil causes arising in that portion of said district detached therefrom by this act to the circuit and district courts for the northern division of the western district of Michigan, provided for in this act.

The circuit and district courts for the eastern district of Michigan shall continue to have the same jurisdiction in reference to all crimes and offenses committed prior to the passage of this act in any portion of the State of Michigan by this act detached from said eastern district and attached to said western district.

SEC. 8. All provisions of law in conflict with this act are hereby repealed.


District court for

SEC. 9. There shall be one or more terms of the district court for the eastern district of Michigan, held annually at the United States court eastern district of Michigan to be room in the city of Port Huron in said district, in the discretion of the held at Port Hu judge of said district court, and at such times as he shall appoint there- ron. for. [June 19, 1878.]

R. S., § 572.


June 19, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 177.

AN ACT TO LEGALIZE THE COLLECTION OF HEAD-MONEYS ALREADY PAID. Head-money collected by States, &c., prior to January, 1877, not to be recovered back. Be it enacted, &c., That the acts of every State and municipal officer Head-money color corporation of the several States of the United States in the collec- lected by States, tion of head-moneys prior to the first day of January, eighteen hundred &c., prior to January, 1877, not to and seventy-seven, from the master, consignee, or owner of any vessel be recovered back. bringing passengers to the United States from a foreign port, pursuant to the then existing laws of the several States, shall be valid, and no action shall be maintained against any such State or municipal officer or corporation for the recovery of any moneys so paid or collected prior to said date. [June 19, 1878.]

7 How., 283. 11 Pet., 103.

16 Blatch., 296. 92 U.S., 259.



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June 19, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 178.

Compensation of
Capitol police.
R. S., § 1822.
14 Ct. Cls., 78.

Architect of Cap

Be it enacted, &c.


[Par. 1.] For one captain, one thousand six hundred dollars; three lieutenants at one thousand two hundred dollars each; twenty one privates, at one thousand dollars each; and six watchmen, at nine hundred dollars each.'

[Par. 2.] All engineers and others who are engaged in heating and itol, under control ventilating the House shall be subject to the orders, and in all respects of Speaker, to have charge of engi- under the direction, of the Architect of the Capitol subject to the control neers, &c., en- of the Speaker; and no removal or appointment shall be made except gaged in heating with his approval.

and ventilating

House of Representatives. R. S., §§ 1816-1819. 1877, March 3, ch. 105, par. 3.

[blocks in formation]

Two horses for messengers.

No details from


[Par. 3.] For compensation to the following in the office of the President of the United States:

Private Secretary, three thousand two hundred and fifty dollars;
Assistant secretary, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars;
Two executive clerks, at two thousand dollars each;
Stenographer, one thousand eight hundred dollars;

Steward, at one thousand eight hundred dollars;

And messenger and usher, at one thousand two hundred dollars;

And the duties prescribed by section of the Revised Statutes numbered four hundred and fifty shall devolve upon and be discharged by one of the executive clerks, to be designated by the President for that purpose.

For the following employees at the Executive Mansion, namely:
For furnace-keeper, eight hundred and sixty-four dollars;

One night-watchman, at nine hundred dollars;

One night usher, at one thousand two hundred dollars;

Two day ushers, one at the President's door, at one thousand four hundred dollars, and one at the door of the secretary, at one thousand two hundred dollars;

And two door-keepers, at one thousand two hundred dollars each;
Also for the following additional employees for the Executive Office
in lieu of those at present detailed from other departments, namely:
For one clerk of class four;

One clerk of class two;

And one clerk of class one;

One telegraph-operator, one thousand one hundred dollars;

And four messengers, at one thousand two hundred dollars each;
In all, ten thousand three hundred dollars.

And the Secretary of War is authorized to furnish two horses for the use of two of said messengers on public business;

And the force above enumerated for the use of the Executive Office departments to be and Mansion shall be in full for the same; and all details from other departments for such service are hereby excluded.


Internal Revenue.

Pay of internalrevenne gangers. R. S., 3157. 1874, June 20, ch. 328, 61, par. 9.

1875, March 3, ch. 129, f 1, par.2.

[Internal revenue.] ·

[Par. 4.] Hereafter the compensation of gaugers shall not exceed five dollars per day while actually employed



NOTE.—(1) This provision, although it makes an appropriation for only one year, and so is not perma nent and continuing, is inserted here because it differs from Revised Statutes, § 1822, where a larger salary is named for those officers. But it has been judicially determined that the true construction of the law, as expressed by that section, in connection with the previous § 1821, as modified by the act of 1874, January 20, ch. 11, and as indicated by the course of legislation from an early period, is that the compensation of the Capitol police depends upon annual appropriations, and that they are not salaried officers.-Bradshaw's case, 14 ̊C. Cls.. 78.

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