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Total amount expended in one

year not to exceed $42,600.

Fees for ship

For allowance for clerks at consulates, forty-two thousand six hundred dollars, as follows:

For the consul-general at Havana and the consul at Liverpool, each a sum not exceeding the rate of three thousand dollars for any one year; and to the consuls general at London, Paris, and Shanghai, each a sum not exceeding the rate of two thousand dollars for any one year; to the consuls-general at Berlin, Vienna, Frankfort, and Montreal, and to the consuls at Hamburg, Bremen, Leipsic, Lyons, Manchester, Beirut, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Chemnitz, Sheffield, Sonneberg, Dresden, Havre, Marseilles, Fayal, Nuremberg, Leith, Naples, Singapore, Stuttgart, Mannheim, and Tunstall, each a sum not exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars for any one year:

Provided, That the total sum expended in any one year shall not exceed the amount herein appropriated.

For expenses of shipping and discharging seamen at Liverpool, Lonping and discharg- don, Cardiff, Belfast, and Hamburgh, to be allotted as may seem proper ing seamen at certain ports to be to the Secretary of State, six thousand dollars: Provided, That the fees paid into Treasury. collected at these ports for shipping and discharging seamen shall be paid into the Treasury as required by law.

Salaries of inter

For salaries of the interpreters to the following consulates: at Shangpreters in Japan, hai, two thousand dollars, and at Tien-Tsin, Foochow, and Kanagawa, China, and Siam. at one thousand five hundred dollars each, six thousand five hundred dollars.

- of marshals in

For salaries of the interpreters to the consulates at Hankow, Amoy, Canton, and Hong-Kong, at seven hundred and fifty dollars each, three thousand dollars.

For salaries of the interpreters to twelve other consulates in China, Japan, and Siam, at five hundred dollars each, six thousand dollars.

For salaries of the marshals for the consular courts in Japan and Japan, China, China, Siam, and Turkey, including loss by exchange, seven thousand Siam, and Turkey. dollars.

consular officers to


Prices current to Every consular officer shall furnish to the Secretary of the Treasury, be furnished by or to such officers of the customs as he may direct, as often as may be Secretary of Treas- required, the prices current of all articles of merchandise usually exported to the United States from the port or place in which he is staR. S., § 1712. tioned; and authority is hereby vested in the Secretary of the Treasury 1879, Jan'y 27, to require a compliance with this provision; but this provision shall not ch. 28. have the effect to impair the provisions of section seventeen hundred and twelve of the Revised Statutes.

Salaries of Span


For salaries and expenses of the United States and Spanish Claims ish Claims Com- Commission, namely: For commissioner, three thousand dollars; for counsel, three thousand dollars; for secretary, nine hundred dollars; for messenger, three hundred dollars; for contingent expenses, seven hundred and fifty dollars; making in all the sum of seven thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars.

Salaries estab

lished by this act

to be in full after July 1, 1878.

And the salaries provided in this act for the officers within named respectively shall be in full for the annual salaries thereof from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight; And all laws and parts of laws in conflict with the provisions of this 1879, June 27, ch. act are hereby repealed.



[June 7, 1878.]



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June 6, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 99.

Be it enacted, &c., That all works of art, collections in illustration of Works of art, the progress of the arts, science or manufactures, photographs, works &c., for permanent exhibition or for in terra-cotta, Parian, pottery or porcelain and artistic copies of antiques public monuments in metal or other material hereafter imported in good faith for perma- by societies admitnent exhibition at a fixed place by any society or institution established ted free of duty. R. S., § 2512. for the encouragement of the arts or science, and not intended for sale, 16 Opin. Att'ynor for any other purpose than is hereinbefore expressed, and all such Gen., 486. articles, imported as aforesaid, now in bond, and all like articles imported in good faith by any society or association for the purpose of erecting a public monument and not for sale shall be admitted free of duty under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe:

Provided, That the parties importing articles as aforesaid shall be required to give bonds, with sufficient sureties, under such rules and reg--bond in such ulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, for the pay case required. ment of lawful duties which may accrue should any of the articles aforesaid be sold, transferred, or used contrary to the provisions and intent of this act. [June 6, 1878.]

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Bankrupt law



Pending cases

Be it enacted, &c., That the bankrupt law approved March second, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, title sixty-one, Revised Statutes, and an act entitled (1) "An act to amend and supplement an act entitled An R. S., §§ 4972act to establish a uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the United 1874, June 22, ch. States, approved March second, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, and 390. for other purposes, approved June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and seventy-four", and all acts in amendment or supplementary thereto or in explanation thereof, be, and the same are hereby, repealed: Provided, however, That such repeal shall in no manner invalidate or affect any case in bankruptcy instituted and pending in any court prior not affected. to the day when this act shall take effect; but as to all such pending cases and all future proceedings therein, and in respect of all pains, penalties, and forfeitures which shall have been incurred under any of said acts prior to the day when this act takes effect, or which may be thereafter incurred, under any of those provisions of any of said acts which, for the purposes named in this act, are kept in force, and all penal actions and criminal proceedings for a violation of any of said NOTE.-(1) The act of 1867, ch. 176 (14 Stat. L., 517), and supplementary acts here referred to, are incorporated into the Revised Statutes in the sections noted in the margin.

acts, whether then pending or thereafter instituted, and in respect of all rights of debtors and creditors (except the right of commencing original proceedings in bankruptcy), and all rights of, and suits by, or against assignees, under any, or all of said acts, in any matter or case which Act takes effect shall have arisen prior to the day when this act takes effect (which shall Sept. 1, 1878. be on the first day of September, anno Domini eighteen hundred and seventy-eight), or in any matter or case which shall arise after this act takes effect, in respect of any matter of bankruptcy authorized by this act to be proceeded with after said last-named day, the acts hereby repealed shall continue in full force and effect until the same shall be fully disposed of, in the same manner as if said acts had not been repealed. [June 7, 1878.]

June 7, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 100.

President to ap



[blocks in formation]

[SECTION 1], That the President of the United States shall nominate point fifteen jus- and, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoint fifteen tices of peace in District Columbia. Justices of the peace within and for the District of Columbia. Said jusR. S., vol. 2, Dist. tices of the peace shall be assigned as follows: two in the city of George. Col., §§ 990-1034. town, one in Tennallytown, one in Brightwood, one in Uniontown, and ten in the city of Washington. Their term of office shall be four years, subject to removal for cause.

Their jurisdic


They shall respectively have the jurisdiction, exercise the powers and functions, and perform the duties as now provided by law for said officers respectively. Said justices of the peace, shall be the successors of the justices of the peace who now hold office in said District, and shall proceed in and close up all such unfinished business of their predecessors as may be brought to their attention by any party in interest, who shall present a transcript of the same, as hereinafter provided.

And in like manner they shall proceed in and close up all unfinished business of any predecessor in office appointed under this act.

Disposition of Upon resignation or the expiration of the term of office, they shall records, &c., on make, certify, and deliver transcripts of any proceeding on their docket termination of office, &c. to any party in interest, or shall deliver said docket, together with all papers in all unfinished business, to their successors in office, at their option, and account for all moneys in their hands.

[blocks in formation]

Upon the death or removal of any justice of the peace appointed under this act, his docket, books, and papers of office shall be delivered to his immediate successor in office.

SEC. 2. The terms of office of all justices of the peace, now in office within and for the District of Columbia shall end on the thirtieth day after the approval of this act.

They shall issue no process returnable on or after that day, and shall deposit their docket, books, papers, and records pertaining to their office in the office of the clerk of the supreme court of the District of Columbia, who shall, on demand of the parties in interest, deliver to them transcripts, duly certified, together with all papers left or filed with them by said parties in said case or proceeding.

SEC. 3. The supreme court of the District shall have authority to Supreme court of appoint not exceeding twenty constables, who shall hold office for four District may apyears, subject to be removed by said court for cause, upon hearing. point twenty conAnd said constables shall be the successors of the constables now holding office in the said District.

The term of office of all constables now in office in said District shall end on the thirtieth day after the approval hereof, and they shall, on or before said day, return all process which may be held by them duly executed (except as hereafter provided), and pay over to the proper parties all moneys in their hands;

All constables may duly execute and return all writs and processes in their hands at the time of such expiration of their term of office.


R. S., vol. 2, Dist. Col., § 1035-1040.

SEC. 4. The supreme court of the District of Columbia shall have to fix and apthe power to fix the amount and form of the bonds, and approve the prove bonds of justices of peace and same, to be given by said justices of the peace and constables, and make constables, and such further regulations as may be necessary to complete the transfer may remove conof the existing business from the present justices of the peace to those stables, &c. appointed under this act, and for the return of any writ, execution, or other process by the present justices of the peace to those appointed under this act, and may remove constables from office for willful violation of law, or for misconduct, or for incompetency.

SEC. 5. The President of the United States is hereby authorized to appoint as many commissioners of deeds throughout the United States as he may deem necessary, with powers to take the acknowledgment of deeds for the conveyance of property within the said District, administer oaths, and take depositions in cases pending in the courts of said District in the manner prescribed by law; to whose acts, properly attested by their hands and seals of office, full faith and credit shall be given.

The President shall also have power to appoint such number of notaries public, residents of said District, as in his discretion the business of the District may require;

Said commissioners of deeds and notaries public to hold their offices for the period of five years, removable at discretion.

SEC. 6. All laws and parts of laws inconsistent with any of the provisions of this act be, and the same are hereby repealed. [June 7, 1878.]

President may

appoint commisStates, &c.

sioners of deeds in

and notaries

public in District. R. S., vol. 2, Dist. Col., § 62.

Terms of office of commissioners and notaries. Repeal.



Territories not prohibited from creating towns, Acts confirmed. cities, and municipal corporations.

Private rights, &c.; how affected.

June 8, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 101.

Territories not

Be it enacted, &c., That the words "the legislative assemblies of the sev eral Territories shall not grant private charters or especial privileges" prohibited from in section eighteen hundred and eighty-nine of the Revised Statutes of cities, and munici creating towns, the United States shall not be construed as prohibiting the legislative pal corporations. assemblies of the several Territories of the United States from creating R. S., § 1889. towns, cities, or other municipal corporations, and providing for the government of the same, and conferring upon them the corporate powers and privileges, necessary to their local administration, by either general or special acts;

And that all general and special acts of such legislative assemblies heretofore passed creating and providing for the government of towns, cities, or other municipal corporations, and conferring such rights, powers and privileges upon the same, as were necessary to their local administration, be, and the same are hereby, ratified and confirmed and declared to be valid, any law to the contrary notwithstanding, subject, however, to amendment or repeal hereafter by such Territorial assemblies.

Acts confirmed.

Private rights, &c.; how affected.

But nothing herein shall have the effect to create any private right, except that of holding and executing municipal offices, or to divest any such right, or to make valid or invalid any contract or obligation heretofore made by or on behalf of any such town, city or other municipal corporation, or to authorize any such corporation to incur hereafter any debt or obligation other than such as shall be necessary to the administration of its internal affairs. [June 8, 1878.]

June 8, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 101.

Circuit and dis




1. Circuit and district court in Ohio; when to
be held at Toledo.

One grand and one petit jury for both courts.
2. Northern district divided into eastern and
western divisions.

- with no additional clerk or marshal.

3. Suits; in which division to be brought.
Issues of fact; where to be tried.

Be it enacted, &c.


4. Offenses; where to be tried.

5. Pending cases may be transferred, &c.

6. Jurors; their residence.

Process may be executed in other divisions. 7. When act takes effect. Repeal.

[SECTION 1], That a term of the circuit court and district court for trict court in Ohio; the northern district of Ohio shall be held at Toledo, in said State, on when to be held the first Tuesday of the months of June and December in each year;

at Toledo.

R. S., §§ 572, 658.

One grand and one petit jury for both courts. Repeal.

Northern district divided into

R. S., § 544. -western divis


eastern division. 1880, Feb. 4, ch. 18, § 1.

- with no additional clerk or marshal.

Suits; in which

And one grand jury and one petit jury only shall be summoned, and serve in both of said courts at each term thereof.

And the existing provisions of law fixing the times of holding the district court at Toledo are hereby repealed.

SEC. 2. Said northern district shall be, and hereby is, divided into two divisions, to be known as the eastern and the western division of the northern district of Ohio.

The western division shall consist of twenty-four counties, to wit; Williams, Defiance, Paulding, Van Wert, Mercer, Auglaize, Allen, Putnam, Henry, Fulton, Lucas, Wood, Hancock, Hardin, Logan, Union, Delaware, Marion, Wyandot, Seneca, Sandusky, Ottawa, Erie, and Huron; And the eastern division shall consist of the remaining counties in said district.

But no additional clerk or marshal shall be appointed in said district.

SEC. 3. All suits not of a local nature in the circuit and district courts, division to be against a single defendant, inhabitant of such State, must be brought brought. in the division of the district where he resides; but if there are two or more defendants, residing in different divisions of the district, such suits may be brought in either division.

Issues of fact; where to be tried.

Offenses; where

to be tried.

Pending cases

All issues of fact in such suits shall be tried at a term of the court held in the division where the suit is so brought.

SEC. 4. All offenses committed in either of the subdivisions shall be cognizable and indictable within said division.

SEC. 5. Actions or proceedings now pending at Cleveland, in said dismay be trans- trict, which would under this act be brought in the western division of ferred, &c. said district, may be transferred, by consent of all the parties, to said western division;

Jurors; their residence.

And in case of such transfer, all papers and files therein, with copies of all journal-entries, shall be transferred to the deputy clerk's office at Toledo;

And the same shall be proceeded with in all respects as though it originally commenced in the western division.

SEC. 6. All grand and petit jurors summoned for service in each division shall be residents of such division.

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