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Clerks of First


R. S., § 235.

Duties of chief

Four clerks of class two;

Five clerks of class one;

One hundred counters and copyists at nine hundred dollars each;
Eight messengers;

And six laborers.


Four clerks of class four;

Three clerks of class three;
Three clerks of class two;

And two clerks of class one.

That the duties heretofore prescribed by law and performed by the clerks transferred chief clerks in the several Bureaus named shall hereafter devolve upon, to deputy officers. R. S., §§ 173-175, and be performed by, the several deputy comptrollers, deputy auditors, 235. deputy register, and deputy commissioner herein named:

15 Opin. Att'y-Gen., 3.

Appointments in Provided, That on and after January first, eighteen hundred and ment to be distrib-seventy-six, the appointments of this Department shall be so arranged nted among the as to be equally distributed between the several States of the United States, &c. States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, according to population.

R. S., § 169.

Force to be em

ing ont law for re

SEC. 3. That to carry into effect the provisions of section three of the ployed in office of act entitled "An act fixing the amount of United States notes, providTreasurer in carrying for a redistribution of the national-bank currency, and for other distribution of purposes" approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, national-bank the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to appoint the following notes through force, to be employed under his direction, namely:


R. S., § 169. 1874, June 20, ch. 343, § 3.

-in office of Treas


R. S., §§ 301-311.

-in office of Comptroller of the Currency.

R. S., § 169.


One superintendent, three thousand five hundred dollars;

Two principal tellers and one principal book-keeper, at two thousand six hundred dollars each;

One assistant principal book-keeper at two thousand five hundred dollars;

Two assistant tellers, at two thousand two hundred dollars each;

Two clerks of class four;

Two clerks of class three;

Four clerks of class two;

Forty-four clerks of class one;

Twenty-one clerks, at one thousand dollars each;

Sixty clerks, at nine hundred dollars each;

Four messengers;

Five assistant messengers;

And three persons to be employed at four hundred and thirty-two. dollars each;

For which the sum of one hundred and sixty-six thousand and six hundred and fifty six dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.


One superintendent, at two thousand four hundred dollars;

One teller and one principal book-keeper, at two thousand four hundred dollars each;

One assistant book-keeper, at two thousand two hundred dollars;
One clerk of class four;

Four clerks of class one;

Twenty clerks, at nine hundred dollars each;

And one messenger;

For which the sum of thirty-four thousand eight hundred and forty

dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.

And at the end of each month, the Secretary of the Treasury shall re-imburse the Treasury to the full amount paid out under the provisions of this section by transfer of said amount from the deposit of the national banking-associations with the Treasury of the United States;

And at the end of each fiscal year he shall transfer from said deposit to the Treasury of the United States such sum as may have been actually expended under his direction for stationery, rent, fuel, light, and other necessary incidental expenses which have been incurred in carrying into effect the [the] provisions of the said section of the above named act.

Reimbursement of Treasury for cost bank notes.

of redistribution of

1874, June 20, ch. 343, § 3.

Uniform time for

SEC. 6. That section twenty-five of the Revised Statutes prescribing the time for holding elections for Representatives to Congress, is hereby election of Repremodified so as not to apply to any State that has not yet changed its sentatives to Congress not to apply day of election, and whose constitution must be amended in order to to certain States. effect a change in the day of the election of State officers in said State.

R. S., § 25. 1878, June 11, ch. 184.


SEC. 8. That in any action now pending, or which may be brought Actions against against any person for or on account of anything done by him while an officers of Congress for official to officer of either House of Congress in the discharge of his official duty, be defended by disin executing any order of such House, the district attorney for the dis-, trict attorney, untrict within which the action is brought, on being thereto requested by der directions of the officer sued, shall enter an appearance in behalf of such officer; and Attorney-General, all provisions of the eighth section (3) of the act of July twenty-eighth, R. S., §§ 629, par. eighteen hundred and sixty-six, entitled "An act to protect the revenue, 12; 643, 645, 646, and for other purposes," and also all provisions of the sections of former 827, 834, 989. acts therein referred to, so far as the same relate to the removal of suits, the withholding of executions, and the paying of judgments against revenue or other officers of the United States, shall become applicable to such action and to all proceedings and matters whatsoever connected therewith, and the defense of such action shall thenceforth be conducted under the supervison and direction of the Attorney General.


SEC. 9. That the Secretary of State shall cause the statutes at large Statutes enacted by each Congress, which shall be edited and printed pursuant Large to be stereoto the provisions of section seven of the act entitled "An act for pub- for sale. typed and offered lication of the Revised Statutes and the laws of the United States," 1874, June 20, ch. approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, to be 333, §§ 7,9. stereotyped and offered for sale in the same manner and on the same terms as is provided in and by section nine of said act herein mentioned in respect to the laws of each session of Congress.

to be kept on

That the provisions of section two of the act entitled "An act providing for the distribution of the Revised Statutes," approved February sale through areighteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, shall apply to the stat- booksellers. utes at large enacted by each Congress and to the laws of each session of Congress, to be published pursuant to said act of June twentieth, 84, § 2. eighteen hundred and seventy-four, in the same manner as if specially mentioned therein.

1875, Feb. 18, ch.


That the Congressional Printer be, and he is hereby directed, in caus-printing and ing to be printed and bound an edition of the laws at the close of the binding same, and session for the use of the Senate and the House of Representatives, to R. S., § 3807. print the same from the stereotype plates of the edition prepared under the direction of the Department of State, with the index thereof; And so much of the act entitled (4) "An act to expedite and regulate the printing of public documents, and for other purposes," approved June twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, as requires the

NOTES.-(3) The eighth section of the act of 1866, ch. 298 (14 Stat. L., 329), is not in terms found in the Revised Statutes, but the provisions to which it refers and to which reference seems to be made in this act are incorporated into the Revised Statutes in the several sections noted in the margin.

(4) The provision of the act of 1864, ch. 155 (13 Stat. L., 184), here repealed, is incorporated into Revised Statutes, § 3807, noted in the margin.

Maximum compensation of surveyors of customs. R. S., § 2688. 1874, ch. 391,


1879, ch. 103.

Bonds for sink


preparation of an alphabetical index, under the direction of the Joint Committee on Printing, be and the same is hereby, repealed.

SEC. 10. That section two thousand six hundred and eighty-eight of the Revised Statutes of the United States be amended by inserting at the end thereof as follows: "That hereafter the maximum compensation of each surveyor of customs, performing the duties of collectors of customs, shall be five thousand dollars a year, out of any and all fees and emoluments by him received.” (5)

SEC. 11. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized, at ing fund may be such times as may be necessary, for the purpose of obtaining bonds for called in by Secretary of Treasury. the sinking-fund, in compliance with sections three thousand six hunR. S., §§ 3694- dred and ninety-four to three thousand six hundred and ninety-seven, inclusive, of the Revised Statutes of the United States, to give public 1879, Jan. 25, ch. notice that he will redeem, in coin, at par, any bonds of the United States, bearing interest at the rate of six per centum, of the kind known as five-twenties; and in three months after the date of such public notice, the interest on the bonds so selected and called for payment shall cease.


Volumes of

SEC. 12. That it shall be the duty of the Commissioner of Patents to drawings, &c., furnish, free of cost, one copy of the bound volumes of specifications and ent Office to be drawings of patents published by the Patent-Office, to each of the Exfurnished Depart- ecutive Departments of Government, upon the request of the head thereof. [March 3, 1875.]


R. S., §§ 481, 490.

NOTE.-(5) This amendment is incorporated into the second edition of the Revised Statutes in § 2688.

March 3, 1875.

18 Stat. L., 402.




[blocks in formation]

That so much of the appropriation for subsistence of the Army as stores for sale to may be necessary may be applied to the purchase of subsistence-stores Army officers may for sale to officers for the use of themselves and their families, and to be purchased from subsistence approcommanders of companies or other organizations, for the use of the enpriations. listed men of their companies or organizations,

-proceeds of sale And the proceeds of all sales of subsistence-supplies shall hereafter of, not to be cov- be exempt from being covered into the Treasury and shall be immediered into Treasury. R. S, $$ 3618, ately available for the purchase of fresh supplies.

3672, 3692.

limited to three

Commission for SEC. 4. That the provisions contained in the act approved disbursing money March third, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, entitled "An act making in construction of appropriations to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the servpublic buildings ice of the Government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, and for other purposes," (1) limiting the compensation to be allowed for the disbursement of moneys appropriated for the construction of any public building was intended and shall be deemed and held to limit the compensation to be allowed to any disbursing officer who disburses moneys appropriated for and expended in

eighths of one per


R. S., § 3654.

NOTES. (1) The provisions of the act of 1869, ch. 123 (15 Stat. L., 312), here referred to, are incorporated into the Revised Statutes in § 3654, noted in the margin.

the construction of any public building as aforesaid to three-eighths of one per centum for said services.

SECT. 9. That the military academy band, shall consist of one teacher of music, who shall be leader of the band, and may be a civilian, and of forty enlisted musicians of the band

SEC. 10. That the teacher of music shall receive ninety dollars per month, one ration, and the allowance of fuel of a second lieutenant of the army; and that of the enlisted musicians of the band, ten shall each be paid thirty-four dollars per month: and the remaining thirty shall each be paid thirty dollars per month; and that the enlisted musicians of the band shall have the benefits as to pay, arising from re-enlistments and length of service, applicable to other enlisted men of the army.

Band at Military Academy; of what

R. S., § 1094, 1111, 1309. pay of.

R. S., §§ 1278, 1282, 1283.

SEC. 12. That (2) section thirty-three hundred and nine of the Revised Tax on distilled Statutes be so amended that the word seventy, wherever it occurs in the spirits assessed by same, shall be stricken out and the word ninety be substituted therefor. 90 cents a gallon. R. S., § 3309. 1875, March 3, ch. 127, § 1.


Commissioner to be

SECTION 14, That hereafter the commissions of all officers under the Commissions of direction of and control of the Secretary of the Interior shall be made officers under Secout and recorded in the Department of the Interior, and the seal of the to be made, &c., in retary of Interior said Department affixed thereto; any laws to the contray nothwithstand his Department, ing:

Provided, That the said seal shall not be affixed to any such commission before the same shall have been signed by the President of the United States.

And all commissions heretofore issued in conformity to the provisions (3) of the third section of the act of thirty-first of May eighteen hundred and fifty-four, and all official acts done by officers thus commissioned are hereby declared legal and valid.


R. S., §§ 437, 1794.

Certain Indians

entitled to benefit

of homestead laws. R. S., §§ 2289


SEC. 15. That any Indian born in the United States, who is the head of a family, or who has arrived at the age of twenty-one years, and who has abandoned, or may hereafter abandon, his tribal relations, shall, on making satisfactory proof of such abandonment, under rules to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, be entitled to the (4) benefits of 1881, June 18, ch. the act entitled "An act to secure homesteads to actual settlers on the 23, §§ 2, 3. public domain," approved May twentieth, eighteen hundred and sixtytwo, and the acts amendatory thereof, except that the provisions of the eighth section of the said act shall not be held to apply to entries made under this act:

not to alienate

Provided, however, That the title to lands acquired by any Indian by virtue hereof shall not be subject to alienation or incumbrance, either same, &c. by voluntary conveyance or the judgment, decree, or order of any court, and shall be and remain inalienable for a period of five years from the date of the patent issued therefor:

Provided, That any such Indian shall be entitled to his distributive - interest of, in share of all annuities, tribal funds, lands, and other property, the same tribal property, as though he had maintained his tribal relations; and any transfer, &c. alienation, or incumbrance of any interest he may hold or claim by reason of his former tribal relations shall be void.

SEC. 16. That in all cases in which Indians have heretofore entered entries of homepublic lands under the homestead-law, and have proceeded in accord- stead by, heretoance with the regulations prescribed by the Commissioner of the Gen- fore made, coneral Land Office, or in which they may hereafter be allowed to so enter R. S., § 2289– under said regulations prior to the promulgation of regulations to be 2317.

NOTES.-(2) This amendment has been incorporated into the second edition of the Revised Statutes. (3) The section here referred to, 1854, ch. 60, $3 (10 Stat. L., 297), was the same as the first paragraph of this section, but was omitted from the Revised Statutes.

(4) The provisions here referred to are incorporated into Revised Statutes in the sections noted in the margin. The eighth section of the act of 1862, ch. 75 (12 Stat. L., 392), here excepted, forms § 2301 of Revised Statutes.


established by the Secretary of the Interior under the fifteenth section of this act, and in which the conditions prescribed by law have been or may be complied with, the entries so allowed are hereby confirmed, and patents shall be issued thereon;`subject, however, to the restrictions and limitations contained in the fifteenth section of this act in regard to alienation and incumbrance. [March 3, 1875.]

March 3, 1875.

18 Stat. L., 420.

Three Indian in



[blocks in formation]

Indians to be employed.

Agent's oath to accounts.

Increase of employés, how obtained.

6. Appropriations for Indian supplies to be so
distributed as to prevent deficiencies.
-not to be exceeded in any year.

7. Purchase of Indian supplies exceeding $1,000
not to be made without advertising, and no
credits allowed to officers without vouch-

Be it enacted, &c.

* *



Copies of contracts for Indian service to be furnished Second Auditor.

8. Secretary of Interior to print and lay before Congress annually statement of expenditures of Indian appropriations, and statement of salaries, &c.

Report of Commissioner of Indian Affairs, &c., to be laid before Congress on first day of session.

9. Bidders on account of Indian service in amounts exceeding $5,000 to accompany bids with certified checks, &c.

10. Sureties on Indian agents' bonds to file state-
ment of property.

Indian agents to keep books of expenditures,
and forward transcripts to Commissioner.
— punishment for failure to keep books, &c.

That after the commencement of the next spectors only, and fiscal year there shall be but three inspectors; and that provision of law agencies need not be inspected twice requiring that each agency shall be visited and examined by one or more of the inspectors at least twice in each year is hereby repealed.

a year.
R. S., §§ 2043-

No payments to SEC. 2. That none of the appropriations herein made, or of any approIndians at war priations made for the Indian service, shall be paid to any band of Inwith United dians or any portion of any band while at war with the United States or with the white citizens of any of the States or Territories. Repetition of- SEC. 3. (1)


R. S., § 2100.

1874, June 22, ch. 389, § 3. Agents to make SEC. 4. That hereafter, for the purpose of properly distributing the rolls of Indians en- supplies appropriated for the Indian service, it is hereby made the duty how to distribute of each agent in charge of Indians and having supplies to distribute, to supplies. make out, at the commencement of each fiscal year, rolls of the Indians entitled to supplies at the agency, with the names of the Indians and of the heads of families or lodges, with the number in each family or lodge, and to give out supplies to the heads of families, and not to the heads of tribes or bands, and not to give out supplies for a greater length of time than one week in advance.

R. S., §§ 2058,

2086, 2087.

-employés of; amount allowed for.

R. S., §§ 2055,


[blocks in formation]

SEC. 5. That hereafter not more than six thousand dollars shall be paid in any one year for salaries or compensation of employees at any one agency, in addition to the salaries of the agent, and not more at any one agency than is absolutely necessary;

And where Indians can perform the duties they shall be employed; and the number and kind of employees at each agency shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, and none others shall be employed.

Indian agents shall be required to state, under oath, upon rendering


(1) This section is an exact repetition of section 3 of act of 1874, June 22, ch. 389, and as it is printed with that act in this volume it is deemed unnecessary to reprint it here.

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