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[House Joint Resolution No. 347.]



Resolved by this Assembly: SECTION 1. That section two of a resolution consolidating the governments of the city and town of Hartford, approved July 9, 1895, be and the same is hereby amended by adding after the word “ years ” in the twenty-first line thereof the following words: “and until their successors are duly appointed and qualified,” so that said section when amended shall read as follows: All the powers and duties now vested in the board of selectmen of the town of Hartford, or which shall hereafter be vested by law in the selectmen of the several towns of this state, in relation to soldiers' orphans, the support of paupers, licenses for the sale of spirituous and intoxicating liquors, the care of the insane and indigent, the adoption of children, the commitment of imbecile children to proper institutions, the indenture of apprentices, the appointment of overseers and conservators, and duties relative to the deaf, dumb, and blind, and concerning all other matters affecting the defective and dependent classes, shall, after the fifteenth day of June, 1896, be vested, so far as the town of Hartford is concerned, in a board of commissioners to be known as the board of charity commissioners. Said board shall consist of six electors of the city of Hartford, not more than three of whom shall be of the same political party; and shall be appointed upon nomination by the mayor and confirmation by the court of common council, and the court of common council may by ordinance duly passed prescribe such other duties of said board of charity commissioners as it may deem necessary and expedient. The first appointment of said board shall be for two members of said board to serve for one year, two members to serve for two years, and two members to serve for three years, and thereafter two members of said board shall be appointed annually to serve for three years and until their successors are duly appointed and qualified. The terms of office of said commissioners shall begin on the fifteenth day of June of the year of their appointment.

Sec. 2. The present members of said board of charity commissioners shall be and remain members of said board until their successors are duly appointed and qualified.

SEC. 3. In case of the arrest of any person upon a criminal charge not punishable by imprisonment in the state prison, the chief, captain, or lieutenant of police, or officer in charge of the police station of Hartford, may take the bond of the accused to the city of Hartford, with sufficient surety for his appearance before the city police court of said city at its next session, to abide the order of the court.

Approved, April 23, 1903.

[Substitute for House Joint Resolution No. 81.]

[131.) AMENDING THE CHARTER OF THE NEW BRITAIN CLUB. Resolved by this Assembly: SECTION 1. That section two of the charter of The New Britain Club, approved February 27, 1884, be and the same is hereby amended to read as follows: Said corporation may purchase, hold, lease, rent, sell, mortgage, and convey real and personal estate, provided that it shall not hold real estate the cost of which shall exceed fifty thousand dollars, and may issue bonds signed by its president and countersigned by its secretary or treasurer to an amount not exceeding the value of said real estate over any encumbrances thereon. Said bonds shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding six per centum per annum, and may be secured by a mortgage of the real estate owned by said corporation; provided, that no such bond shall be issued except in pursuance of a vote passed at a meeting of the members of said corporation specially called for the purpose.

Sec. 2. This resolution shall not become operative until approved by a majority vote of the members of said club present at a meeting called for that purpose within one year from the passage of this resolution.

Approved, April 23, 1903.

[Substitute for House Joint Resolution No. 39.]

[132.] RESTORING FORFEITED RIGHTS TO JAMES C. STODDARD. Resolved by this Assembly: That all rights forfeited by James C. Stoddard of New London by reason of conviction of crime be and the same are hereby restored.

Approved, April 23, 1903.

[House Joint Resolution No. 368.]


Resolved by this Assembly: SECTION 1. That Ratcliff Hicks, Charles L. Rockwell, John C. Byxbee, Frederick De Peyster, Julius C. Cable, Charles F. Holcomb, F. N. Benham, Goodwin Stoddard, J. H. Crossley, Theron Davis, W. W. Gibson, George A. Fay, and such other persons as shall be associated with them for the purposes hereof, and their successors and assigns, be and they hereby are created a body politic and corporate, by the name of The Hicks Realty Company, and by that name shall be capable in law to purchase, hold, and own all kinds of property, real, personal, and mixed, in this state and all of the other states and territories of the United States, including the District of Columbia, and the same at pleasure to sell, lease, convey, or purchase ; to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded in all courts in this state and elsewhere; to have and use a common seal and the same to alter at pleasure; to make all such by-laws and regulations as may be deemed expedient for the proper management of the affairs of the corporation, not repugnant to its charter, the laws of this state, or of the United States; and, generally, to do and cause to be done all such acts and things as may seem necessary and proper within the limitations aforesaid. Said corporation shall be located at Bridgeport, in the State of Connecticut, and shall have power to conduct the business authorized by this charter, and such business as may be incidental thereto, in any state or territory of the United States, including the District of Columbia, but subject always to the laws thereof.

SEC. 2. Said corporation shall have the power to buy, sell, let, hold, and exchange, and may acquire by gift, bequest, or devise, any real or personal property, and may make any contracts relating thereto; also to loan its capital and assets, or any part thereof, on notes, bonds, mortgages of real or personal property, and may exercise all powers incidental thereto. And said corporation shall also have power to erect and construct buildings or works of every description on any land of the company, or upon any other lands, by agreement with the owners thereof, and, generally, to buy, sell, and deal in real and personal estate, and to pay for the same in cash, or by giving its notes therefor, either unsecured or secured by mortgage of its real estate or by pledge of its personal estate as collateral security therefor; also to undertake and direct the management, care, and sale of real and personal estate, buildings, and lands, and rent the same for the owners thereof; to act as fire insurance agents; to transact on commission the general business of a real estate agent; and to sell its real and personal property for cash or for notes secured by mortgage on the property sold.

Sec. 3. Said corporation may investigate titles to real estate and give certificates regarding the validity thereof, and shall also have power to guarantee said titles, and to obligate itself to make good to the purchaser or owner of any real estate any loss sustained by said purchaser or owner on account of any defect or insufficiency in the title to such real estate.

Sec. 4. The capital stock of said corporation shall be two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and shall be divided into shares of the

par value of one hundred dollars each. The capital stock of said corporation shall be deemed personal property, and shall be transferable only on the books of said corporation in such manner as its bylaws shall prescribe, and said corporation shall at all times have a lien upon the stock and property of its members invested therein for all debts due from them to said corporation.

SEC. 5. Said corporation shall not commence business, nor shall any certificates of stock be issued, until the minimum capital stock above provided for has been subscribed and paid for in cash or its

equivalent in property, and if paid for in property, the value thereof shall be determined by a majority of the board of directors, who shall record upon the books of the corporation a statement signed by them, describing the property and fixing its value.

SEC. 6. The government, business, and direction of the affairs of said corporation shall be vested in not less than three nor more than twelve directors, who shall be elected annually by the stockholders. The directors so elected shall hold their offices until the next annual meeting of the corporation and until their successors are duly elected and qualified. The directors shall elect a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and such other officers as the by-laws adopted from time to time shall prescribe, but the president and vice-president shall be members of said board of directors.

SEC. 7. The books of said corporation containing its accounts shall at all reasonable times be open for the inspection of any of the stockholders of said corporation, and as often as once in each year a statement of the accounts of said corporation shall be made by order of the directors.

SEC. 8. The persons named in the first section, or a majority of them, shall open books to receive subscriptions for the capital stock of said company, at such time and in such place as they or a majority of them shall direct, and shall give such notice of the time and place of opening such books as they may deem reasonable, and shall call the first meeting of the stockholders. The annual meeting of the stockholders of said corporation shall be holden at such time and place and upon such notice as the by-laws of said company may prescribe.

Approved, April 23, 1903.

[Senate Joint Resolution No. 108.]


WILLIAM HALL. Resolved by this Assembly: That, whenever the board of charities and correction of the city of Bridgeport shall have presented to the quartermaster-general such evidence as it possesses concerning the military service and the death and burial of the late William Hall, a sailor who served as landsman on the ship Joseph L. Davis in the late civil war, and in accordance with the form prescribed by the quartermastergeneral in similar cases, so far as the same may be applicable, the quartermaster-general is hereby directed to certify to the comptroller that said evidence has been presented, and the comptroller shall thereupon draw his order on the treasurer in favor of the board of charities and correction of the city of Bridgeport for the sum of thirty-five dollars for the funeral expenses of said William Hall.

Approved, April 23, 1903.

[Senate Joint Resolution No. 144.)


Resolved by this Assembly: SECTION 1. That the city of Willimantic is hereby authorized and empowered to issue bonds to an amount not exceeding fifty thousand dollars, with coupons attached, bearing interest at no greater rate than four per centum per annum, payable semi-annually. Said bonds shall be denominated on the face thereof “Water Fund Bonds of the city of Willimantic,” and shall be dated October 1, 1904, and shall be payable October 1, 1929; and the funds raised by said bonds shall be used for the purpose of redeeming bonds now outstanding to the amount of fifty thousand dollars issued by the borough of Willimantic, October 1, 1884, and due and payable October 1, 1904, and, by the charter of the city of Willimantic granted by the general assembly in 1893, made obligatory upon the city of Willimantic to pay and discharge.

SEC. 2. The board of common council of said city of Willimantic shall prescribe, by resolution, subject to the foregoing limitations, the several and aggregate amounts of said bonds, the form of the same, the rate of interest to be paid thereon, not exceeding the rate aforesaid, the place of paying said interest and principal, and the person or persons who shall execute the same in behalf of said city; and such bonds, when executed in the manner so determined, and issued and delivered by said city or its duly appointed officers or agents, shall be obligatory upon said city and upon the inhabitants thereof according to their tenor. Said common council shall also provide for the negotiation of said bonds and registration of the same in city records or otherwise, and no such bond shall be sold or disposed of for less than its par value.

Approved, April 23, 1903.

[Senate Joint Resolution No. 153.]


Resolved by this Assembly: SECTION 1. That James S. Elton, Mark L. Sperry, Frederick B. Rice, George L. White, Arthur 0. Jennings, Lewis A. Platt, and such other persons as are now associated as The Waterbury Club Corporation, a voluntary association under the laws of this state, or may hereafter be associated with them, are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate by the name of The Waterbury Club, to be located in the city of Waterbury, with all the powers enumerated in section 3312 of the general statutes.

SEC. 2. The said corporation shall have power to make and adopt a constitution and by-laws, rules, and regulations for the admission, government, suspension, and expulsion of its members, for the election of its officers and the defining of their duties, and for the safe-keeping

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