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Smith and Clapp Grocery Company, Incorporated, from Guilfoil Gro

cery Company, certificate filed October 2, 1901. Thames Arms Company, from Thames Chain and Stamping Company,

certificate filed September 21, 1901. Toquet Launch & Motor Company, from Toquet Launch Company, cer

tificate filed April 18, 1902. Trumbull Electric Manufacturing Company, from Trumbull Electric

Company, certificate filed March 2, 1903. Wallingford Company, Incorporated, from Valentine-Linsley Silver

Company, certificate filed April 4, 1903. Wm. H. Barron Company (Incorporated), from Barron & Collins Com

pany, certificate filed December 26, 1901. Yale Brewing Company, Incorporated, from Quinnipiac Brewing Com

pany, certificate filed July 28, 1902.

CHANGE OF LOCATION. Beaton & Bradley Company, from Southington to New Britain, cer

tificate filed May 1, 1901. Perkins Electric Switch Manufacturing Company, from Hartford to

Bridgeport, certificate filed February 12, 1902. Serpentine Paint Company, from Barkhamsted to Bristol, certificate

filed July 2, 1902.

MERGER AND CONSOLIDATION. Housatonic Manufacturing Company, Incorporated ; a consolidation of

the Housatonic Company and Eagle Spoon Company. Certificate

filed July 1, 1902. Hubbell, Hall & Randall Company, Incorporated; a consolidation of

the Hill & Hubbell Lumber Co., East Norwalk Lumber Co., and

Westport Lumber Company. Certificate filed May 13, 1902. Kellogg & Wakefield Manufacturing Company, Incorporated; a consol

idation of the Kellogg & Wakefield Manufacturing Company and

Phillips-Kellogg Company. Certificate filed October 30, 1901. L. J. Coburn Land and Lumber Company, Incorporated; a consolidation

of the Coburn Lumber and Building Company, Incorporated, and L. J. Coburn Real Estate Company. Certificate filed July 15, 1902.

SURRENDER OF CORPORATE RIGHTS. Campbell-Warner Company, Incorporated. Certificate filed February

25, 1903.


Ansonia Ice Company, certificate filed February 6, 1903.
Beardsley Hotel Company, certificate filed May 12, 1903.
Benedict-McFarlane Company, certificate filed September 13, 1902.
Berlin Pharmacal Company, certificate filed January 6, 1903.
Best Manufacturing Company, certificate filed March 6, 1903.
Buckingham Hardware Company, certificate filed March 20, 1903.
Central Car Company, certificate filed April 8, 1903.
Crystal Pearl Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, certificate filed

March 10, 1902.
Director Wagon Company, certificate filed June 12, 1902.
Garden Produce Company, certificate filed August 6, 1902.
Glasgo Yarn Mills Company, certificate filed December 30, 1902.
Glastonbury Steamboat Wharf Company, certificate filed March 12,

1902. Glouskin & Fox Company, certificate filed August 5, 1902. Hartford Foundry Company, certificate filed August 27, 1901. Housatonic Manufacturing Company, certificate filed June 18, 1902. Hou Corset Machinery Company, certificate filed January 31, 1903. J. W. Woodruff Company, certificate filed August 11, 1902. Jacobson & Diamond Company, certificate filed February 17, 1902. Long Island Brick Company, certificate filed December 13, 1901. Manross-Porter Company, certificate filed July 25, 1901. Mattabessett Canning Company, certificate filed January 22, 1903. Muscongus Lumber Company, certificate filed February 21, 1993. National Laundry Company, certificate filed January 2, 1903. National Thread Company, certificate filed December 30, 1902. New England Machine Screw Company, certificate filed April 20, 1903. New London Messenger and Automobile Parcel Delivery Company, cer

tificate filed July 7, 1902. Northrop Publishing Co., certificate filed October 30, 1902. Oesau News Company, certificate filed February 3, 1903. Pond Lily Warp Company, certificate filed February 4, 1903. Randall & Waterman Company, certificate filed March 4, 1902. S. A. Weaver & Company, certificate filed January 14, 1903. S. Y. Hosanna Company, certificate filed January 26, 1903. Schrader Metal Corporation, certificate filed November 4, 1902. Southport Gas Company, certificate filed September 22, 1902. United States Pin Company, certificate filed April 21, 1902. Warehouse Point Distilling Company, certificate filed May 20, 190:). Way Hardware Company, certificate filed September 27, 1901. Winsted Hotel Company, certificate filed March 27, 1902. . Winsted Metalliform Company, certificate filed February 13, 1903.

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General Assembly of the State of Connecticut



At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at

Hartford, in said State, on the Wednesday after the first Monday of January, being the fourth day of said month and continuing until the final adjournment thereof, on Wednesday, the nineteenth day of July next following, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and five.

[Substitute for Senate Joint Resolution No. 19.]


Resolved by this Assembly: SECTION 1. That The Hart and Cooley Company whose organization and acts are otherwise valid, except that they have failed to accept a charter heretofore granted by this assembly or file with the secretary of the state the certificate of organization or acceptance required by law within the time prescribed by law, may accept such charter and may file such certificate of acceptance or organization at any time before ninety days after the rising of this general assembly, and upon filing thereof within said time, such organization is hereby ratified and confirmed and such corporation is hereby declared to be a legal corporation as of the time of its attempted organization; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall in any way affect the liability of a stockholder or the rights of creditors accruing before the filing of such certificate.

SEC. 2. That said company be and it is hereby authorized to increase its capital stock from time to time from one hundred thousand dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars; provided, that said stock shall be issued only at par for cash or its equivalent, the par value of each share of said stock to be one hundred dollars.

Sec. 3. This amendment may be accepted and said capital stock may be increased at any meeting of the stockholders of said company called for such purpose, by a two-thirds vote of all stock then issued and outstanding.

Approved, February 23, 1905.

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