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Germany. Bonn

Naturhistorischen Vereines der preussischen Rheinland und Westfalens.

Verhandlungen, 4th Series. Vol. VII., Part ii.; Vol. VIII., Part i., with

supplement. Exchange. BreslauSchlesischen Gesellschaft für vaterlándische Cultus. 58th Jahresbericht

der. Exchange. DresdenGessellschaft für Natur-und Heilkunde. Jahresbericht for 1880-1881.

Exchange. ErlangenPhysikalisch-Medicinischen Societat. Sitzungsberichte. 12th, 13th Hef

ten. Exchange. Giessen, Oberhessischen Gesellschaft für Natur-und Heilkunde. 12th to 17th,

19th, 20th. Berichten. Exchange. Halle Kaiserlichen Leopoldinisch-Carolinischen Deutschen Akademie der

Naturforscher. Nova Acta. Vols. XXX., XXXI., XXXII., Parts i.

and ii. ; XXXIII. to XXXIX., XLI. Parts i. and ii. 4to. Exchange. Kiel

Universitat Schriften. Band. XXVI., XXVII. Munich Kóniglich Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Siztungsbe

richte der mathematisch-physikalischen. Classe, 1879. Heften III., IV.

1880; Heft I. 1881. Exchange. WürzburgPhysikalische-Medicinische Gesellschaft-Verhandlungen. Band. XV.

Great Britain

Clinical Society. Transactions. Vol. XIV. Exchange.
College of Physicians. Medical Transactions. Vol. III. (1785.)
Obstetrical Society. Transactions. Vols. XXI., XXII: Exchange.
Pathological Society of London. Transactions. Vols. XXXI., XXXII.

Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society. Transactions. Vol. LXIV.
Real Instituto Veneto di scienze, lettere ed arti. Memorie del. Vol.

Exchange. Holland Amsterdam

Koninklige Akademie von Wetenschappen. Verslagen en Mede deelin

gen. 2d Reeks. Deel XV. Exchange. LuxembourgPublications de l'Institut Royal Grand-Ducal (Section des Sciences

Naturelles). Tome XVIII. Exchange. Italy. Milan

Reale Instituto Lombardo di scienze e lettere. Rendiconti. Serie II.

Vol. XIII. Exchange.

XXI., Part ii. Exchange.
Russia. Moscow-
Société Impériale des Naturalistes, Bullétin de la. Tomes LV., LVI.,

No. 1, Exchange. Switzerland. LausanneSociété Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles. Bulletin, 2e Série. Vol. IV.,

No. 84. Exchange. St. Gallischen Naturwissenschaftichen Gesellschaft. Bericht über die

Thátigkeit, 1878–79, 1879-80. Exchange. United States. AlabamaState Medical Association Proceedings, 30th-31st. Donation from

Boston Medical Library Association. American (The) Gynecological Society. Transactions. Vol. 5.

Exchange. American Institute of Homeopathy. Transactions. 22d, 34th.

Exchange. American (The) Medical Association. Transactions. Vol. 32. American Pharmaceutical Association. Proceedings. Vol. 28.

Exchange. Arkansas

State Medical Society. Sixteenth Annual Transactions. Exchange. California

State Medical Society. Annual Transactions, 1880-1881. Exchange. ColoradoState Medical Society Transactions. For 1880 and 1881. Exchange.

For 1874, 1875. Donation from the Boston Medical Library Asso

ciation. ConnecticutMedical Society. Proceedings of the Annual Convention, 1881.

Exchange. GeorgiaState Medical Association Transactions. 28th. Donation from the

Boston Medical Library Association. 32d. Exchange. Illinois

State Medical Society Transactions. 22d. (1872.) Indiana, State Medical Society Transactions for 1877. Donation from the

Boston Medical Library Association. KansasMedical Society Transactions for 1877. Donation from the Boston

Medical Library Association. Maryland

Medical and Chirurgical Faculty Transactions. 1874-1881. Exchange
Medical Society. Medical communications, 2d Series, Vol. VIII.,

Part vii.; Vol. III., Part vi. Triennial Catalogue and Directory, 1881.


State Medical Society. Transactions for 1881. Exchange. Mississippi

State Medical Association Transactions. Vol. VI. (1873). Missouri

Medical Association of the State. Transactions, 24th. Exchange. New Hampshire

Medical Society. Transactions, 1881. Exchange. 1856, 1864. New JerseyMedical Society. Transactions, 1766 to 1859. (1 vol.) 1881.

Exchange. New York. AlbanyMedical Society of the County of Albany. Transactions. Vol II. (from

June 10th, 1851, up to and including June 14th, 1870). Brooklyn Medical Society of the County of Kings. Proceedings, Medical and

Scientific Papers, Reports, Discussions, and Notes. Published monthly in the interest of the profession in Kings County. Conducted by the Council of the Society. Vols. VI., Nos. 4 to 12 ; VII.,

Nos. 1, 2. Exchange. New York State Eclectic Medical Society Transactions. Vols. V., VI.

Donation from the Boston Medical Library Association. New York State Homæpathic Medical Society Transactions. Vols. II.,

IV., V., VI. Donation from the Boston Medical Library Association. New York State Medical Society Transactions, 1881. Exchange. 1855.

Donation from the Boston Medical Library Association. North Carolina

State Medical Society Transactions. 28th vol. Exchange. PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia College of Physicians. Vol. I., Part i. (1793). 3d Series,

Vol. I. Pennsylvania State Medical Society Transactions. 19th or 5th Series,

Part i. (1868). Union (The) Medical Association of Philadelphia. Constitution and

By-laws. 1867. Rhode Island

Medical Society. Transactions for 1881. Exchange. South Carolina

Medical Association. Transactions, 1881. Exchange. 1870. Wisconsin

State Medical Society. Transactions for 1881. Exchange. World's (The) Homæopathic Convention, held at Philadelphia, under the

Auspices of the American Institute of Homeopathy at its Twentyninth Session. Transactions, Vol. I. Minutes, Essays, Discussions.

Philadelphia, 1880. 8vo. Exchange. Staples (Franklin)

Report on Diphtheria. n. d., n. p. 8vo., 44 pp. Donor, Author.

Taneyhil! (G. Lane)

Historical Sketch of the Medical Societies of Baltimore, Md., from 1773

to 1880. Read before the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland, October 13, 1880, at its celebration held in honor of the Sesqui-Centennial Anniversary of the Founding of Baltimore. Reprinted from the Transactions of the Faculty, 1881. Baltimore.

1881. 8vo., 18 pp. Donor, Author. Tiroc h (Josef )On the Antiseptic Method in the Field. A lecture delivered before the

Scientific Society of the Royal Imperial Staff Physicians in Buda
Pesth. n. d. From the German (Wiener Medicinische Wochen-

scrift). Detroit. 18mo., 28 pp. TrialsTrial and Conviction of Dr. Stephen T. Beale, Philadelphia, 1855. 8vo.,

30 pp. Court of Inquiry, July 20 and 21, 1875, as to the cause of the death

of Miss Marietta N. Ball, July 24, 1874, before Justice Farnsworth. Report of proceedings had on investigation of rumors, implicating George Gregory Smith, with comments of the Press. St. Albans,

1875. 8vo., 51 pp. Fictitious Heiress of Dr. Burdell. Confessions of the Accoucher. Bold

Game of Mrs. Cunningham. Boston. 1857. 8vo., 32 pp., two por

traits. Report of a Trial for Alleged Malpractice, against Dixi Crosby, M. D.,

Professor of Surgery, etc., in the Dartmouth Medical College, in the
Windsor County Court, at Woodstock, May Term, 1854. Verdict

for defendant. Woodstock. 1854. 8vo., 85 pp. Full Report of the Examination of F. C. Giddings, charged with wife

poisoning. Ludlow, Vt. 1866. 8vo., 16 pp. Confession of Michael Martin, or Captain Lightfoot, who was hung at

Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the year 1821, for the robbery of
Major Bray; also an account of Dr. John Wilson, who recently died at
Brattleboro, Vt., believed by many to be the notorious Captain Thun-

derbolt. Brattleboro, Vt. 1847. Svo., 30, 12 pp. Vance (Ap. Morgan) Tenotomy in the Treatment of Congenital Club-Foot, with a tabular

report of fifty-two cases, and remarks illustrating the management of the deformity. Reprinted from The Medical Record, April 23d,

1881. New York. 1881. 12mo., 22 pp. Donor, Author. Yarrow (H. C.)—

Introduction to the Study of Mortuary Customs among the North

American Indians. Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of Ethnology,
J. W. Powell, Director. Washington: Government Printing Office,

1880. 4to., IX., 114 pp. Donor, Bureau of Ethnology. Zittel (Carl A.)

Ueber den Geologischen Bau der Libyschen Wüste. Mit einer Geolo

gischen Karte. München. 1880. 4to., 47 pp. Donor, Author.

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