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Medical News. A weekly medical journal. Philadelphia. Vol. XL.,

Nos. I to 16. Donor, Dr. William Lee. Medical (The) News and Abstract. A consolidation of the Medical

News and Library, and the Monthly Abstract of Medical Science.

Edited by I. Minis Hays. Philadelpliia. Vol. XXXIX., Nos. 5 to 12. Medical (The) News and Library. Monthly. 8vo. Philadelphia. Nos.

145, 147 to 152, 155, 156, 205, 209 to 233, 236, 239 to 244, 246 to 254,

256 to 270, 272 to 275, 282, 284. Medical (The) Record. A semi-monthly journal of Medicine and Sur

gery. Edited by G. F. Shrady. New York. 4to. Vol. IX., Nos.

14 to 26; Vols. XX., XXI., Nos. I to 17. Exchange. Medical (The) Reformer. By a Physician. New York. I volume. 1823. Medical (The) Register. Monthly. P. Blakiston, Son & Co., pub

lishers. Philadelphia. Vol. I:, Nos, 1, 2, 3. Exchange. Medical (The) Repository. Conducted by S. L. Mitchell, E. Mitchell,

and Elihu H. Smith. Quarterly. 8vo. New York. Second Edition, Vols. III., IV. (1805-1808). Third Edition, Vol. II. (1805). 2d Hexade, Vols. I., II., III., IV., V., VI. (1804-1809). Third Hexade,

Vols. I., II, III. (1810-1812). Medical (The) Summary. A monthly journal, devoted to practical

medicine, new preparations, etc. Editor and proprietor, R. H. Andrews. Lansdale, Penna. Vol. III., Nos. I to 4, 6, 7, 8, 12. Ex

change. Medical (The) and Surgical Reporter. A weekly journal. Edited by

D. G. Brinton. Vols. XLIV., Nos. 14 to 26; XLV., Nos. I to 4, 6 to

10, 12 to 27; XLVI., Nos. I to 16. Exchange. Medical (The) Tribune. New York. Vol. II., No. 1. Michigan Medical News. A semi-monthly journal, devoted to Practi

cal Medicine. Detroit. Managing editor, J. J. Mulheron, with eight

others. Vols. IV., Nos. 6 to 24; V., Nos. I to 7. Exchange. Monthly (The) Review of Medicine and Pharmacy. Richard V. Mat

tison, editor. Philadelphia. Vols. IV., Nos. 4 to 12; V., Nos. i to 4.

Exchange. Nashville (The) Journal of Medicine and Surgery. Edited by William

K. Bowling and William T. Briggs. Nashville, Tenn. Monthly.

Vols. XXVII., Nos. 4, 5, 6; XXVIII., XXIX., Nos. 1, 3, 4. Exchange. New England Medical Monthly. William C. Wile, editor and pro

prietor. Sandy Hook, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Extra Edition.

1882. New Orleans (The) Medical and Surgical Journal. Edited by S. M.

Bemiss. Quarterly. Vols. VIII., Nos. 10, 11, 12; IX., Nos. I to 10.

Exchange. New York Medical Abstract. A general view of the current medical

literature of England and America. Vol. II., No. 3. New York (The) Medical Eclectic. Devoted to Reformed Medicine,

General Science and Literature. Editors, Robert S. Newton, Robert S. Newton, Jr. Bi-monthly. New York. Vol. V., No. 4.

New York (The) Medical Journal. A monthly record of Medicine and

the Collateral Sciences. Editors, William T. Lusk, James B. Hunter.

Vol. XXXIII., Nos. 4, 5. New York (The) Medical Journal and Obstetrical Review. Edited by

Frank P. Foster. Vols. XXXIV., XXXV., Nos. 1, 2, 3. Exchange. New York (The) Medical and Philosophical Journal and Review,

Vols. I., II. New York (The) Medical and Physical Journal. Edited by John

B. Beck and Daniel L. M. Peixotto. Vol. I., No. 1. New York (The) Quarterly Cancer Journal. Devoted to the Investiga

tion and Treatment of Cancer and allied Conditions. Editors, Robert

S. Newton, Robert S. Newton, Jr. New York. Vol. II., No. 2. North American (The) Journal of Homeopathy. A quarterly maga

zine of medicine and the auxiliary sciences. New York. Vol. VIII. North Carolina Medical Journal. M. J. De Rosset, Thomas F. Wood,

editors. Vols. VII., Nos. 3 to 6; VIII., IX., Nos. 1, 2, 3. Exchange. Northwestern Lancet. Jay Owens, editor and proprietor. Vol. I.,

No. 2. Obstetric (The) Gazette. A monthly journal devoted to Obstetrics and

Diseases of Women and Children. Edward B. Stevens, editor. Cin

cinnati. Vols. III., Nos. 9 to 12; IV., V., Nos. 1, 2, 3. Exchange. Ohio (The) Medical Journal. Being the journal of the Ohio State

Medical Society. Editors, J. F. Baldwin and others. Vol. I., Nos.

1 to 10. Exchange. Ohio (The) Medical Recorder. Editors, J. W. Hamilton, J. F. Baldwin. Monthly. Columbus.

Vol. V., Nos. II, 12. Exchange. Vols. I., Nos. 3, 6 to 11; II., Nos. I to 4.7 to ; III., Nos. 1, 2, 4,

6,9. Donation from Boston Medical Library Association. Ohio (The) Medical and Surgical Journal. Edited by Richard L.

Howard. Columbus. Vol. IV. Ophthalmic (The) Review. A monthly record of Ophthalmic Science.

Edited by Karl Grossman and Priestly Smith. Philadelphia. Vol.

I., No. 1. Pacific (The) Medical and Surgical Journal, Editors and proprietors,

Henry Gibbons, Henry Gibbons, Jr. Monthly. San Francisco.

Vols. XXIII., Nos. 11, 12; XXIV., Nos. I to il. Exchange. Peoria (The) Medical Monthly. A journ al devoted to Medicine and

Surgery. John Murphy, J. L. Hamilton, H. Steele, editors. Peoria,

III. Vols. I., No. 12; 11. Exchange. Pharmacist (The) and Chemist. A monthly journal of Pharmacy,

Therapeutics, and allied Sciences. Editor, F. M. Goodman.

Chicago. Vols. XIV., Nos. 4 to 12; XV., Nos. I to 4. Exchange. Philadelphia (The) Journal of Homeopathy. Edited by William A.

Gardiner. Monthly. Vol. I. Philadelphie ('The) Medical and Physical Journal. Collected and

arranged by Benjamin Smith Barton. Vols. I., parts iii., iv. ; II., III., part 1. Supplements, first, second, third. Physici in (The) and Surgeon. A monthly magazine devoted to

Medical and Surgical Science. Editors, Victor C. Vaughan and six

others. Monthly. Ann Arbor, Mich. Vols, III., Nos. 4 to 12;

IV., Nos. I to 4. Exchange. Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery. Being a half-yearly

journal containing a retrospective view of every discovery and practical improvement in the medical sciences. Edited by W. and J. Braithwaite. 8vo. New York. W. A. Townsend. Parts LXIV., LXVIII., LXIX., LXX. Donation from the Boston Medical Library

Association. Richmond (The) Medical Journal. Edited by E. S. Gaillard and W.S.

McChesney. Monthly. Vols. I., Nos. 3, 5; III., Nos. 3, 6; IV., Nos. 1, 6; V., Nos. 2 to 6. Donation from the Boston Medical Library

Association. Richmond (The) and Louisville Medical Journal. E. S. Gaillard,

editor and proprietor. Monthly. 8vo. Louisville, Ky. Vols. VI., VII., Nos. I to 5; IX., No. I; XII., No. 4; XV., Nos. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6; XVI., XVII., XVIII., Nos. 1, 2, 3; XX. Donation from

Boston Medical Library Association. Rocky Mountain Medical Review. A monthly journal of Scientific

Medical and General Science. Edited by A. Wellington Adams.

Colorado Springs, Col. Vol. I., Nos. 7 to 12. Exchange. Rocky (The) Mountain Medical Times. A monthly journal of Medi

cal, Surgical, and Obstetrical Science. Edited by Thomas H. Haw

kins and F. A. Disney. Denver. Vol. I., Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4. Saint Louis Clinical Record. A monthly journal of Medicine and

Surgery. Editor, Win. B. Hazard. Vol. VIII., Nos. I to ni. Exchange. Vol. II., No. 4. Donation from the Boston Medical

Library Association. Saint Louis Courier of Medicine and Collateral Sciences. Published

monthly by the Medical Journal Association of the Mississippi Valley. Vols. V., Nos. 3 to 6; VI., VII., Nos. I to 4; I., II., Nos.

1, 2, 4, 5, 6. Donation from Boston Medical Library Association. Saint Louis (The) Medical and Surgical Journal. Thomas F. Rum

1 bold, editor and proprietor. Monthly. Vols. XL., Nos. 3 to 6; XLI , XLII., Nos. I to 4. Exchange. Vol. VII., No. 2. New Series. Vols. V., No. 6; VI., Nos. 2 to 6; VII, Nos. 1, 3, 4; VIII., Nos. 1, 3, 5, 6; IX., Nos. I, 2, 9 to 12; XI., 5 to 12; XII., 5 to 11; XIII., 8, 9; XIV., 3; XXXIV., 1 to 6; XXXV., 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, Donation

from Boston Medical Library Association, San Francisco Western Lancet. Editors, A. W. Perry, W. H. Mays.

Monthly. Vols. X., Nos. 2 to 9; XI., Nos. I to 4. Exchange. Sanitarian (The). A Monthly Journal. A. N. Bell, Editor. New

York and Chicago. Nos. XCVIII. to CIX. Exchange. Sanitary (The) News. The health journal of the Mississippi Valley.

R. C. S. Reed, C. A. L. Reed, editors and proprietors. Cincinnati. Editorial office, Hamilton, Ohio. Vols. I., II., Nos. 1, 2, 3.

Exchange. Savannah (The) Journal of Medicine. Editor, Josiah Harris. Vol. V.,

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No. 1.

Scott's Journal of Health and Progressive Medicine. Providence,

R.I. Vol. II., No. I.
Southern Clinic. A Monthly Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and New

Remedies. E. A. Bryce, J. R. Wheat, editors. Richmond, Va.
Vols. IV., Vos. 4 to 12; V., Nos. I to 4. Daily edition, May 4th to

7th, 1881. Exchange.
Southern (The) Medical Record. A Monthly Journal of Practical

Medicine, Editors, T. S. Powell (and others). Atlanta, Ga. Vols.

XI., Nos. 3 to 12; XII., Nos. I to 4. Exchange.
Southern (The) Medical Reformer. Devoted to Sanative Medicine.

Edi:ed by S. F. Salter, Atlanta, Ga. New Series. Vol. I., No. 2.
Specialist (The) and Intelligencer. A Monthly Journal of Medical

Science. Presley Blakiston, Philadelphia. Vol. I., Nos. 1, 2, 3. Therapeutic (The) Gazette. A Monthly Journal, devoted to Therapeu

tics and to the Introduction of New Therapeutic Agents. William Brodie, editor. Detroit, Michigan. Vols. II., Nos. 4 to 12; III., Nos.

i to 4. Exchange. United States (The) Medical and Surgical Journal. A Quarterly Maga

zine of the Homeopathic Practice of Medicine and of Medical Science in General. Editor, A. E. Small. Chicago. Vol. VIII., No. 31. Virginia Medical Journal -- combining the Stethoscope and Virginia

Medical and Surgical Journal. Editors, James B. McCaw, George A.

Otis. Richmond. Vols. VI., Nos. 1, 6; XII.
Virginia (The) Medical Monthly. Landon B. Edwards, editor and

proprietor. Richmond. Vols. VIII., Nos. I to 9, II. Exchange. Walsh's Retrospect. A Quarterly Compendium of American Medi

cine and Surgery. Edited by Ralph Walsh and Thomas E. McArdle.

Washington. Vol. II., Nos. 2, 3, 4. Exchange.
Western (The) Medical Reporter. A Monthly Journal of Medicine and
Surgery. C. S. Baker, publisher and proprietor. Evansville, Ind.

. , Chicago, Illinois. Vols. III., Nos. 1, 2, 3; IV., Nos. 3, 4. Exchange. Powell (J. W.)

Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages, with Words, Phrases,

and Sentences to be Collected. Second Edition - with Charts. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1880. Smithsonian Insti

tution. Bureau of Ethnology. 410., XI., 228 pp. Prentiss (D. W.)

1. Remarkable change in the Color of the Hair, from Light Blonde to

Black, in a Patient while under Treatment by Pilocarpin. Report of Salvioli (Gætano)

a case of Pyelo-Nephritis, with unusually prolonged Anuria. 2. Case of membranous croup, treated successfully by Pilocarpin. 8vo.,

15 pp. Donor, Author. Prisons

New Hampshire State Prison Reports for 1880. Donor, Dr. Conn. Runnels ( Moses T.)

Drugs vs. Public Health. Read at the Fifteenth Annual Session of the

Indiana Institute of Homeopathy at Indianapois, Ind. Reprinted from the New York Medical Times. 24mo., 16 pp. Donor, Author.

Die gerinnbaren Eiweissstoffe im Blutserum und in der Lymphe des

Hundes Aus dem Physiologischen Institüt zu Leipzig. 8vo., 8 pp.

Donor, Author. Sellman (W. A. B.) –

A New Gynæcological Table. 8vo., 3 pp. Donor, Author. Senn (N.)

Recent Progress in Surgery. Report to the Wisconsin State Medical

Society. (Reprint from the Transactions of the State Medical Society

of Wisconsin.) Milwaukee. 1881. 8vo., 44 pp. Donor, Author. Smith (Meade)

Die Temperatur des gereizten Saugelthiermuskels. Aus dem Physio

logischen Institüt zu Leipzig. 8vo., 47 pp. Donor, Author. Societies, Australia

New South Wales. Royal Society Journal and Proceedings. Sydney.

8vo. Vols. XIII., XIV. Exchange. Austria

Prague. Königliche-töhmische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften.
Abhandlungen der Mathematisch Natumissenschaftlichen, Classé VI.

Folge 10. Bund. 4to.
Sitzungsberichte Jahrgange, 1879, 1880. 8vo.
Jahresberichte. Ausgegeben am 10 Mai, 1879, und am 3 Juni, 1880. 8vo.

Belgium. Brussels-
L'Académie Royale de Médecine de Belgique. Bullétin. 3d Series.

Tomes X.V., Nos. I, 2 to 12; XVI., No. 1. Exchange.
Mémoires Couronnés et autres Mémoires publiés par. Tomes VI., fasc,

3; VIII., fasc. 1. Exchange. LiegeSociété Médico-Chirurgicale. Annales de la 20e année, Mars to Oct.,

Dec. 21e, annee Jan., Fev., Mars. Exchange. FranceAssociation Francaise pour l'avancement des Sciences. Comptes Rendu,

8th Session. Montpelier. 1879. Exchange. BordeauxSociété de Pharmacie. Bulletin des Travaux. 21e annee, 22e année,

Jan., Fev. Exchange. ChesbourgMemoires de la Société Nationale des Sciences Naturelles et Mathema

tiques de Cherbourg. Publié sous la direction de M. Auguste le Jolis, directeur et Archiviste. Perpetuel de la Société. Paris, Cherbourg.

Tome XXII. Exchange.
Académie de Médecine. Bulletin. Tomes X., Nos. II, 12, 13, 14.

Société Chimique. Bullétin. Tomes XXXV., Nos. 6 to 12 ; XXXVI.,

XXXVII., Nos. I to 7. Exchange.

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