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Whereas, The Medical Convention, held in the city of New York, in May, 1846, have declared it expedient “for the medical profession of the United States to institute a National Medical Association;" and,

Inasmuch as an institution so conducted as to give frequent, united, and emphatic expression to the views and aims of the medical profession in this country, must, at all times, have a beneficial influence, and supply more efficient means than have hitherto been available here for cultivating and advancing medical knowledge; for elevating the standard of medical education; for promoting the usefulness, honor, and interests of the medical profession; for enlightening and directing public opinion in regard to the duties, responsibilities, and requirements of medical men; for exciting and encouraging emulation and concert of action in the profession, and for facilitating and fostering friendly intercourse between those who are engaged in it: therefore,

Be it resolved, In behalf of the medical profession of the United States, that the members of the Medical Convention, held in Philadelphia in May, 1847, and all others who, in pursuit of the objects above mentioned, are to unite with or succeed them, constitute a National Medical Association; and that, for the organization and management of the same, they adopt the following Regulations :

I.-TITLE OF THE ASSOCIATION. This institution shall be known and distinguished by the name and title of “The American Medical Association."


The members of this institution shall collectively represent and have cognizance of the common interests of the medical profession in every part of the United States; and shall hold their appointment to membership either as delegates from local institutions, as members by invitation, or as permanent members.

The Delegates shall receive their appointment from permanently organized State medical societies, and such county and district medical societies as are recognized by representation in their respective State societies, and from the medical department of the Army and Navy of the United States, and the Marine Hospital Service of the United States.

Each delegate shall hold his appointment for one year, and until another is appointed to succeed him, and shall participate in all the business and affairs of the Association.

Each State, county, and district medical society, entitled to representation, shall have the privilege of sending to the Association one delegate for every ten of its regular resident members, and one for every additional fraction of more than half that number; Provided, however, that the number of dele• gates from any particular State, Territory, county, city, or town shall not exceed the ratio of one in ten of the resident physicians who may have signed the Code of Ethics of this Association. The Medical Staffs of the Army and Navy shall be entitled to four delegates each. The Marine Hospital Service of the United States shall be entitled to one delegate.

No individual who shall be under sentence of expulsion or suspension from any State or local medical society of which he may have been a member, or whose name shall have been, for non-payment of dues, dropped from the rolls of the same, shall be received as a delegate to this Association, or be allowed any of the privileges of a member, until he shall have been relieved from the said sentence or disability by such State or local society, or shall have paid up all arrears of membership; nor shall any person not a member and supporter of a local medical society, where such a one exists, be eligible to membership in the American Medical Association.

No one expelled from this Association shall at any time thereafter be received as a delegate or member, unless by a three-fourths vote of the members present at the meeting to which he is sent, or at which he is proposed.

Members by Invitation shall consist of practitioners of reputable standing from sections of the United States not otherwise represented at the meeting. They shall receive their appointment by invitation of the meeting, after an introduction from, and being vouched for by, at least three of the members present, or three of the absent permanent members. They shall hold their connection with the Association until the close of the annual session at which they are received; and shall be entitled to participate in all its affairs, as in the case of delegates, except the right to vote.

The Permanent Members shall consist of all those who have served in the capacity of delegates, and of such other members as may receive the appointment by unanimous vote, and shall continue such so long as they remain in good standing in the body from which they were sent as delegates, and comply with the requirements of the By-laws of the Association. Permanent members shall at all times be entitled to attend the meetings, and participate in the affairs of the Association, so long as they shall continue to conform to its regulations, but without the right of voting; and, when not in, attendance, they shall be authorized to grant letters of introduction to reputable practitioners of medicine residing in their vicinity, who may wish to participate in the business of the meeting, as provided for members by invitation.

Every member elect, prior to the permanent organization of the annual meeting, or before voting on any question after the meeting has been organized, must exhibit his credentials to the proper committee, and sign these regulations, inscribing his name and address in full, specifying in what capacity he attends, and, if a delegate, the title of the institution from which he has received his appointment.


The regular meetings of the Association shall be held annually, and commence on the first Tuesday in May or first Tuesday in June. The place of meeting shall be determined, with the time of meeting for each next successive year, by vote of the Association.


The officers of the Association shall be a President, four Vice-Presidents, one Permanent and one Assistant Secretary, a Treasurer, and Librarian. They shall be nominated by a special committee of one member from each State represented at the meeting, and shall be elected by vote on a general ticket.

Each officer, except the Permanent Secretary, shall hold his appointment for one year, and until another is elected to succeed him. The Permanent Secretary shall hold his appointment until removed by death, resignation, or a vote of twothirds of the members present at a regular annual meeting.

The President and Vice-Presidents shall assume the functions of their respective offices at the beginning of the annual meeting next succeeding their election; all other officers shall enter upon their duties immediately after their election.

The President shall preside at the meetings, preserve order and decorum in debate, give a casting vote when necessary, and perform all the other duties that custom and parliamentary usage may require.

The Vice-Presidents, when called upon, shall assist the President in the performance of his duties, and during the absence, or at the request of the President, one of them shall officiate in his place.

The Permanent Secretary shall record the minutes and authenticate the proceedings; give due notice of the time and place of each next ensuing annual meeting; notify all members of committees of their appointment, and of the duties assigned to them; hold correspondence with other permanently organized medical societies, both domestic and foreign; serve as a member of the Committee of Publication; see that the published Transactions are promptly distributed to all the members who have paid the annual assessment, and carefully preserve the archives and unpublished transactions of the Association.

The Assistant Secretary shall aid the Permanent Secretary in recording and authenticating the proceedings of the Association; serve as a member of the Committee of Arrangements, and perform all the duties of Permanent Secretary temporarily whenever that office shall be vacant, either by death, resignation, or removal.

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