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In the absence of the Chairman, Dr. D. B. St. John Roosa, of New York, Dr. J. Solis Cohen, the Secretary, called the meeting to order. Professor S. J. Jones, of Chicago, was elected Chairman pro tem. At his own request, Dr. Cohen was excused from the duties of Secretary; and Dr. Carl SEILER, of Philadelphia, was chosen to fill the position.

Dr. W. PORTER, of Missouri, then read an interesting paper on Recurrent Laryngeal Hemorrhage. The paper was discussed by Dr. SEILER, Dr. CARPENTER, of Pennsylvania, and Dr. GLASGOW, of Missouri. Referred to Publication Committee.

The Chairman appointed Drs. Cohen, Dyer, and Connor to act on Publication Committee.

Dr. X. C. Scott, of Ohio, then made some remarks on the treatment of diphtheritic conjunctivitis by iodoform, which were discussed at length, together with the iodoform treatment in other diseases of the eye and mucous membrane of the upper air passages, by Drs. DYER, PORTER, SEILER, TEBBITS, GLASGOW and JOHNSON.

Dr. CARPENTER, of Pennsylvania, then made some remarks on the internal administration of iodoform in exophthalmic goitre, which gave rise to a lengthy discussion. The treatment of inflammations of the


and mucous membrane of the throat by hot and cold applications was then discussed, and most of the members present described their particular methods of applying hot or cold water.

Dr. SEILER then related a case of irritable larynx in which he had used the ether spray externally to produce anæsthesia of the larynx. Dr. Cohen said that he had his assistants try the same, and they had reported the method a failure.

On motion, the Section adjourned till June 7, at 3 P. M.

WEDNESDAY, June 7. Meeting called to order at 3 P. M. Dr. Jones in the chair. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.

A communication from Dr. JEFFRIES, in regard to color blindness, was read, and referred to a special committee, consisting of Drs. Connor, Dyer, and ALLWOOD, with instruction to report at the next session.

Dr. SEILER then exhibited some galvano-cautery instruments, in which the insulating material consisted of vulcanized fibre. Discussed by Drs. H. A. Johnson, Connor, and SEILER.

Dr. IIazen, of Iowa, exhibited a nasal douche and inhaler.

Dr. Calhoun, of Georgia, reported a case of accidental vaccination of the eye with loss of the eye.

Dr. Johnson, of Illinois, reported a case of traumatic dislocation of the lenses.

Dr. Connor, of Michigan, reported a case of tumor of the base of skull involving the brain, giving rise to ear and eye symptoms, but no paralysis of motion or sensation in any other part of the body.

Dr. Agnew, of New York, made some remarks on optic neuritis and retinitis. He also expressed it as his opinion that specialists were apt to place too much confidence in the results of examination with instruments of precision, and overlooked the importance of investigating the remote causes of disease. He then called attention to the matter of communicable diseases of the eye in residential schools. Discussed by the Chair, Drs. DYER, Young, Johnson, of Illinois, and others.

Dr. H. A. Johnson then gave the history of a case of diphtheria in which tracheotomy had been performed, and in which, after the healing of the wound, paralysis of the abductor muscles of the vocal cords existed. Discussed by Drs. SEILER and JOHNSON.

Dr. Young, of Iowa, then moved that the subject of communicable

eye diseases be made the matter for discussion in the next session. Carried.

Meeting adjourned to meet on June 8, at 3 P. M.

THURSDAY, June 8. The meeting was called to order at 3.15 P. M., and after reading the minutes of the previous meeting, the paper on the programme, The Hearing of Children, by Dr. L. TURNBULL, was read by title, and referred to the Publication Committee.

Dr. SEILER then related a case of nasal polypus.

Dr. Young, of Iowa, then opened the discussion on communicable eye diseases, which called forth remarks by Drs. Hazen, of Iowa, Smyth, of Michigan, Johnson, of Illinois, DYER, Connor and Jones. The matter of sanitary regulation in regard to communicable eye diseases, was, on motion of Dr. Dyer, referred to a special committee, consisting of Drs. JONES, DYER, and Connor, with power to act.

On motion, adjourned.

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