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with my own special studies and experience, teach me that Mr. Lister's antiseptic rules for guidance are of the same great importance and value here as in general surgery.

Many superficial students and opponents of antiseptic surgery refer to the spray as the summum bonum of the method, when at best, in reality, it is a minor factor. He who becomes familiar with the broad principles of sound philosophic reasoning, the careful detail of method, the astounding array of demonstrative facts, will need little urging to give it enthusiastic support. The surgery of the present is being rapidly rewritten. Our age marks an era in its development. The triumphs of the future promise to be equally brilliant. The comparatively safe surgical removal of the myomatous uterine growths is in a fair way for clear demonstration, and will be advised in a large number of cases now usually considered beyond relief. Á whole army of sufferers, who are now directed to be cheerful and patient, since their disease only kills by a long range of years, will be restored to health and happiness.

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a. Myomatous growth. b, b, b. Surrounding uterine tissue, showing the bundles of

muscular fibres cut in various directions. c, c, c. Connective tissue stroma between the separated muscu

lar bundles. d, d. Uterine tissue changed by the growing tumor.

FIGURE 2. a. Tumor. b, b. Body of uterus, bundles of fibres cut for the most part

transversely. c, c: Large neighboring vessels. d, d. Connective tissue stroma surrounding growth. e, e. Uterine fibres elongated and changed into surrounding

parallel layers.


a. Tumor, the fibres of which are much altered by compression. b, b. Connective tissue stroma between the different lobes. d, d, d. Series of surrounding vessels of extraordinary size. e, e. Uterine walls. Magnified about ten diameters.

* The photographic work was done by Messrs. Black & Co., of Boston ; the reproductions by the Heliotype Printing Company of Boston. † A Towle's two-inch objective used.


PLATE 2.—FIGURE 1. Section of uterus from a woman aged forty. Organ symmetrically enlarged to double normal size. Studded through the fundus were masses size of a pin's head. These on section show a rapid proliferation of bundles of muscular fibres in intimate association with the surrounding tissue. The separated fibres were larger than usual, and the organ richly vascular. a, a, Centres of growth.

FIGURE 2. a. Tumor. Very slightly adherent to surrounding tissue. b, b. Uterine tissue drawn out into bands of super-imposed

layers, only slightly vascular.

FIGURE 3. Section of a sub-peritoneal calcified tumor, which could only be divided by a saw. Referred to in text as from Dr. H. A. Martin, of Boston. a, a, a, a. Bundles of fibres cut in various directions. b, b, b. Limited areas infiltrated by lime salts.

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