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Elastic Serrated Uterine Scoop, Curette and Tourniquet. Three

Instruments combined in one. By Joseph H. Warren, M. D., of



Case of Delivery of Child of Enormous Weight. By L. H. Robbins,

M. D., of Nebraska


Subinvolution of the Uterus : Its Causes, Effects and Treatment. By

Daniel T. Nelson, M. D., of Illinois


Battey's Operation


A Thermo-cautery. By M. Greeley Parker, M. D., of Massachusetts 243

A New Uterine Repositor. By H. L. Getz, M. D., of lowa


A Few Practical Points on the Treatment of Ruptured Perineum. By

H. L. Getz, M. D., of Iowa


Minutes of the Section on Surgery and Anatomy


Address in Surgery. Excisions of Portions of the Alimentary Canal

covered by Peritoneum. By William A. Byrd, M. D., of Illinois 261

Minutes of the Section on State Medicine .


Address in State Medicine. By Albert L. Gihon, M. D., of the United

States Navy


Sickness and Mortality in the Army. By Joseph R. Smith, M. D., of

United States Army

Special Reports by Members of Section on State Medicine


The Rights of the Insane. By C. H. Hughes, M. D., of Missouri 413

Suicide in the City and County of Philadelphia, during a Decade, 1872

to 1881, Inclusive. By John G. Lee, M. D., of Pennsylvania


Minutes of the Section on Diseases of Children.


Observations on the Efficient Causes of Serous Diarrhæa and Cholera

Morbus in Infancy and Early Childhood, and the Best Means for

Lessening the Mortality from those Affections. By N. S. Davis,

M. D., of Illinois


Some Observations made during the Treatment of Rickets. By

William Lee, M. D., of Maryland


Minutes of the Section on Dental and Oral Surgery


Address to Section on Oral Surgery. By D. H. Goodwillie, M. D., of

New York


Address on Oral Surgery. By D. H. Goodwillie, M. D., of New York 469

Oral Hygiene. By William D. Kempton, M. D., D. D. S., of Ohio · 485

The Need of Dental Surgeons in the Army and Navy. By John S.

Marshall, M. D., of New York


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Held at St. Paul, Minn., June 6, 7, 8, and 9, 1882.

The Association met in the Opera House, and was called to order at 11 A. M. by Dr. ALEXANDER J. STONE, of St. Paul, Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements.

Vice-President Dr. P. 0. HOOPER, of Arkansas, presided, assisted by Vice-Presidents Dr. L. Connor, of Michigan, and Dr. EUGENE GRISSOM, of North Carolina. The Permanent Secretary, Dr. WILLIAM B. ATKINSON, of Pennsylvania; the Assistant Secretary, Dr. CHARLES A. BOARDMAN, of Minnesota ; and the Treasurer, Dr. RICHARD J. DUNGLISON, of Pennsylvania, were present.

Prayer was offered by Right Rev. John IRELAND.

A hearty welcome was then extended to the Association by Dr. STONE.

General LUCIUS F. HUBBARD, Governor of Minnesota, then delivered the formal address of welcome, in which he tendered to the delegates the hospitalities of the State, and invited their attention to the special attractions and advantages of its soil and climate. He said: “There is a characteristic of our country of peculiar interest to, and invites the investigation of, gentlemen of your profession. I refer to the exhilarating and vitalizing influence of our climate, which has made Minnesota the Mecca for health-searchers in years past, and as a direct result of your visit at this time we shall expect


to greatly widen and strengthen our reputation in that regard. With assurances of health that do not disappoint, and opportunities for the acquisition of wealth that can but satisfy, we invite the brain and muscle of the world to a home in our midst.” General Hubbard concluded with a few words expressing the interest and sympathy of the people in the deliberations of the Association.

Upon invitation, ex-Presidents Dr. LEWIS A. SAYRE, Dr. N. S. DAVIS, Dr. J. M. TONER, and ex-Vice-President Dr. R. BEVERLY COLE, took seats upon the platform.

Dr. STONE announced the programme which had been prepared for the entire session, and also the railroad excursions, receptions, and entertainments by private citizens and the profession.

The Secretary then read protests against the admission of the delegates from the State of New York, received from the St. Louis Medical Society, the Georgia State Medical Society, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia County Medical Society, the Indiana State Medical Society, the Medical Society of the District of Columbia, the Grant County Medical Society of Indiana, the Esculapian Medical Society of the Wabash Valley, and the State Medical Societiesof Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Delaware :

A protest against the registration of Dr. S. P. COLLINGS was offered by the Indiana and Arkansas Medical Societies :

An appeal of Dr. J. C. Cotton, of Meadville, Pennsylvania, from the decision of the Judicial Council of the State Medical Society of Pennsylvania :

A protest against the reception and registration of Dr. JOSEPH NEVILLE, of Omaha, Nebraska :

A protest of the Allegheny County Medical Society against the registration of Dr. S. N. BENHAM.

The above matters were referred to the Judicial Council. The Secretary also read the following letters :


RK, May 27, 1882. To WILLIAM MANLIUS SMITH, M.D., Secretary of the Medical Society of the State of New York.

DEAR SIR: I have just received a certificate of my appointment as delegate from the Medical Society of the State of New York to the American Medical Association, which is to meet at St. Paul on the 6th of June next. As the State Society has passed a resolution ignoring the Code of Ethics



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