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Halaman 134 - ... until paid, and the payment thereof shall be enforced by the executor, administrator, or trustee in the same manner that payment of the legacy might be enforced, or by the district attorney under section 1087 — 16.
Halaman 53 - This court has repeatedly laid down the doctrine that diversity of taxation, both with respect to the amount imposed and the various...
Halaman 146 - The rule, therefore, is not a substitute for municipal la\r: it only prescribes that that law have the attribute of equality 'of operation, and equality of operation does not mean indiscriminate operation on persons merely as such, but on persons according to their relations.
Halaman 142 - ... que trust, as may possess either present rights of enjoyment, or fixed, absolute or indefeasible rights of future enjoyment, or of such as would possess such rights in the event of the immediate termination of particular estates, unless they consent thereto, either personally, when competent, or by guardian or committee.
Halaman 131 - ... father, mother, husband, wife, child, brother, sister, wife or widow of a son or the husband of a daughter...
Halaman 12 - To cause the deposition of witnesses residing within or without the state or absent therefrom, to be taken, upon notice to the interested party, if any. in like manner that depositions of witnesses are taken in civil actions pending in the circuit court, in any matter which the commission shall have authority to investigate or determine. (9) To visit the counties in the state, unless prevented...
Halaman 142 - estate " and " property," as used in this article, shall be taken to mean the property or interest therein passing or transferred to...
Halaman 136 - ... said estate or property or interest therein as aforesaid, a return shall be made to the person properly entitled thereto of a proportionate amount of such tax...
Halaman 136 - Where any property shall, after the passage of this act, be transferred subject to any charge, estate or interest, determinable by the death of any person, or at any period ascertainable only by reference to death, the increase accruing to any person or corporation upon the extinction or determination of such charge, estate or interest, shall be deemed a transfer of property taxable...
Halaman 143 - The premium rates for such insurance shall be the net rates based upon the American Experience Table of Mortality and interest at the rate of 3 per centum per annum.

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