The Theory and Practice of Translation

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BRILL, 1 Jan 2003 - 218 halaman
"The Theory and Practice of Translation," first published in 1982 and a companion work to "Toward a Science of Translating" (Brill, 1964), analyses and describes the set of processes involved in translating. Bible translating, the focus of this work, offers a unique subject for such a study, as it has an exceptionally long history, involves more than 2,000 languages, a vast range of cultures and a broader range of literary structures than any other type of translating. Not only of interest to Biblical scholars, therefore, this work explores issues of textual meanings and the procedures for communicating these meanings into other languages and cultures.


The Nature of Translating
Grammatical Analysis
Referential Meaning
Connotative Meaning
Testing the Translation
General Index
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Eugene A. Nida, Ph.D. (1943) in Linguistics, University of Michigan, was Professor of Linguistics at SIL and at the Univerity of Oklahoma (1937-53), Executive Secretary for Translations for the American Bible Society (1943-84), consultant for the United Bible Societies (1947-90), and consultant to the American Bible Society (1984 to present). He has done fieldwork in over 85 countries in over 200 languages, and has published 41 books and over 200 articles with three new books in process.Charles R. Taber, Ph.D. (1966) in Linguistics and Anthropology, Hartford Seminary Foundation, is Professor of World Mission Emeritus at Emmanuel School of Religion. He was a Translations Consultant of United Bible Societies.

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