The Poetical Work of Mrs. Felicia Hemans: The siege of Valencia

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Evert Duyckinck, 1828

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Halaman 77 - E'en while with us thy footsteps trod, His seal was on thy brow. Dust to its narrow house beneath ! Soul to its place on high ! They that have seen thy look in death, No more may fear to die.
Halaman 216 - What a spell Was in those notes, with day's last glory dying On the flush'd waters — seem'd they not to swell From the far dust, wherein my sires were lying With crucifix and sword ? — Oh ! yet how clear Comes their reproachful sweetness to mine ear ! "Ora...
Halaman 24 - Had learned soft utterance ; pressed your lip to his, When fever parched it ; hushed his wayward cries, With patient, vigilant, never-wearied love ! No ! these are woman's tasks...
Halaman 24 - There is none, In all this cold and hollow world, no fount Of deep, strong, deathless love, save that within A mother's heart — It is but pride, wherewith To his fair son the father's eye doth turn, Watching his growth.

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