Annual Report of the State Historian, Volume 1-2

Sampul Depan
Wynkoop, Hallenbeck Crawford Company, state printers, 1897
Vols. for 1896-1897 contain as appendices papers relating to the part taken by military organizations of the state during the civil war, colonial records, 1664-1675, and muster rolls, 1664-1775.

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Halaman 586 - And Governour in Chief of the Province of New York And the Territories thereon Depending in America Vice Admirall of the Same...
Halaman 771 - Captain General and Governor in Chief, in and over the Province of New York and the Territories depending thereon in America...
Halaman 349 - States General of the United Netherlands, to all who shall see these presents or hear them read, greeting : Be it known...
Halaman 772 - Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms at Fort George in the City of New York the...
Halaman 650 - I do swear on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God that the Men whose names are mentioned In the within...
Halaman 43 - Just before the action began in earnest on July 2d, I was with General Meade near General Sickles, whose troops seemed very badly disposed on that part of the field. At my suggestion, General Meade sent me to the left to examine the condition of affairs, and I continued on till I reached Little Round Top. There were no troops on it and it was used as a signal station. I saw that this was the key of the whole position, and that our troops in the woods in front of it could not see the ground in front...
Halaman 45 - I have reserved General Robinson for the last. To him this day is due above all others in this division the honors of this battle. The attack was on his wing. Everywhere present, by personal supervision and noble example, he secured to us the honor of victory. • • • • • Our loss has been severe, and when it is remembered that this occurs to mere skeletons of regiments, there is but one observation to be made, that previous military history presents no such parallel.
Halaman 17 - I inclose a letter from General Williams, calling my attention to these errors, to which I respectfully invite your attention, and if anything can be done at this late day to correct these errors, I trust you will do it. Your report is the official history of that important battle, and to this report reference will always be made by our government, our people, and the historian, as the most reliable and accurate account of the services performed by each corps, division and brigade of your army.
Halaman 155 - After which time, neither Towne or private person whether English or Dutch shall have Liberty to plead any such old Graunts Patents or deeds of Purchase in Law but they shall lie lookt upon as invalid to all intents and purposes By order of ye Governor And ye Court of Assizes Matthias : Nicolls.

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