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Disbursements 159 00 pol. CT.

No. VIII. 450 17

PENNSYLVANIA CLAIMANTS. Andrew M'Farland, inspector first bri. . Josiah Lewis

978 72 gade, fifteenth division, salary 272 67 Disbursements 10 00

No. IX. - 282 67

STATE MAPS., Nathaniel Patterson, late do. disburse

Benjamin Tanner, for maps furnished per

522 401 resolution of twenty-eighth March, 1825. 542 27 ments RobertOrr,Jr.inspector second brigade, fifteenth division, salary 263 53

No. X.
Disbursements 259 30


- 522 83 Thomas Sparks and William Davidson, per Samuel Power, inspector first brigade,

act of twenty-third April, 1829,

5,000 00 sixteenth division, salary

300 00

Josiah Randall, treasurer of the board of in-
Disbursements 768 63

spectors, per thirteenth section of the act
- 1,068 63 of twenty-third April, 1829

1,000 00 Edward A. Reynolds, inspector secondo i brigade, sixteenth division, salary 347 50

6,000 00 Disbursements 710 89 – 1,067 39

No. XI. George B. Porter, late adjutant general,re.

PENITENTIARY AT PITTSBURG. pairs of the arsenal at Philadelphia,

37 99 Board of inspectors, per act of 30th March, 1829 2,000 00 Do. exchange and transportation of arms, 45 75

do, per act of 23d April, 18293,000 00 Robert Love, transportation of arms,

6 75 Officers' salary, per ninth section of act of Simon B. Kinton, do.

28 001 twenty-third April, 1829, viz: Daniel Sharp, do.

32 50 John Patten, warden

150 00
Do. cleaning and repairing arms,
82 75 William Cochran, overseer

100 00
George W. Tryon, do. do.
1.287 81 Thomas Graham, watchman

91 25 William Holtzworth, do do

44 50 Dr. William H. Denny, physician 75 00 John Bell, do do. 50 00 Aaron Williams, clerk

50 00_ 466 25 John W. Salter, colours,

150 00 William Berrett, do. 102 25

5,466 25

No XII. $17,738 22


David Laufman, deputy sheriff of Franklin co. $64 72 No. IV.

D. Horner,



Samuel Huntzinger, sheriff of Schuylkill 52 61 Amount of pensions & gratuities by special

Joseph Culbertson do. Franklin 85 97 acts of the legislature, and under the pow.

Morrison Underwood, late sheriff Westmoreland 11 29 er vested in the board for the relief of offi

John Hipple, sheriff


42 90 cers and soldiers of the revolutionary war, 27,800 52

David M Fadden do

Crawford 48 37 No. y.


No. XIII. · Washington college,

$1,000 00 Jefferson college

1,000 00

CONVEYING FUGITIVES. Western university 2,400 00 Mahlon Hibbs,

$63 15 Dickinson college, 3,000 00 James Vanstavern and William Dubree

61 90 Deaf and Dumb institution 6,302 48 William Jaggers

38 00 Allegheny college 1,000 00 | George Eichelberger

54 03 Smethsport academy 2,000 00 Jobn Broomhall

60 50 16,702 48

287 58

No. XIV.
No. VI.


John S. Henry, treasurer of the House of
The bank of Pennsylvania and others, on

Refuge, per act of second March, 1827, 2,500 00 the five per cent. stock loan of 1821 46,500 00 The bank of Pennsylvania and others, on the

No. XV. five per cent, stock loan of 1824, 30,000 00

MISCELLANEOUS. The bank of Pennsylvania and others, on the

William Shannon, notifying presidential electors 38 00 five per cent. stock loan of 1825,

7,500 00

John G. Osler, notifying presidential electors 79 50 The Harrisburg bank and others, on loan per

Thomas Wallace, notifying presidential electors 66 25 act of first April, 1826,

7,725 00 Sundry printers, for publishing the act rela.
tive to small notes,

1,037 65 91,725 00

George S. Eisenhart, information relative to

unpatented lands in Lehigh county 1,138 50

Daniel Small
No. VII.

do York


James Mathers do Mifflin

1,043 00 Auction duties

$80,000 00
James Black
do Lancaster

81 00 Premiums on loans,

58,375 00
o James O'Conner, do Bedford

1,026 00 Matthias S. Richards

19,640.00 Dividends on bridge and turnpike stock

do Berks

3,217 50 Collateral inheritances,

10,742 19
Arthur Andrews do Chester

158 50 Escheats

29 99

Robert Beatty do Allegheny 1,359 50
Henry Davis
do Beaver

16 00 168,787 18

Samuel L. Carpenter do Westmoreland 2,299 50
Freeman Lewis do Fayette

201 00






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John Bennet
do Luzerne

69 00 for the purpose, of 300,400 dollars. To this sum the lc-
William Wilson do J.ycoming

42 00 gislature has added, since that period, by annual appro-
Caleb Foulke
do Bucks

96 00 | priations, 6,000,000, making the whole sum appropri-
Daniel A. Bertolet do Montgomery 618 00 ated for canal and rail road purposes, 6,300,000." 'In ad-
Elipbalet Mason do Bradford

47 50 dition, there has been placed to the credit of the treasu.
Alex'r Brackenridge, collecting public money, 79 88 rer of the board, the loans negotiated by the Governor
Daniel Stanard

8 51 since the first of October last, to meet the pressing de.
Thomas M. Pettit,

2 66 mands upon some of the divisions, amounting to 106,000
William F. Boone,

17 04 dollars.
Benjamin M'Intire,

20 00 The whole distance of the Pennsylvania canal, au-
Archibald I. Findlay, do


10 00 thorised to be constructed by the several acts of assem-
Samuel Douglass,

143 00 bly, and placed under contract prior to the first of June,
Alexander Mahon,


86 53

1829, is 419) miles. Nine miles have been placed un-
Charles S. Coxe, professional services in

der contract since that period, making the whole dis-
Commonwealth vs. Jacob G. Tryon

100 00 tance now under contract, 4283 miles, viz. Miles.
Archibald I. Findlay, deputy escheator of

Prom Pittsburg to Johnstown,

Franklin county, costs in Oldham's case, 29 26 From the mouth of the Juniata to Smith's mills,
Obed Fahnestock, cests in Commonwealth - 1 above Huntingdon,
vs. Gabriel Hiester,

17 86 From Middletown to Muncy hills, upon the west
Thomas Wood, costs in Commonwealth vs.

branch of the Susquehanna, and including ten
Thomas Reyerson,

50 miles placed under contract between Middle-
Matthias Morris, costs in Commonwealth vs.

town and Columbia,
Isaac Griffith,

22 40 | From Northumberland up the North branch of
Martin Weaver, costs in Commonwealth vs.

the Susquehanna to Nanticoke falls,
Harrisburg canal, &c.

89 75 From Bristol to Easton,
Christian Gleim, witness fees in de

8 74 From Bemus' mill, on French creek, to Muddy
Gabriel Hiester, do


07 run,
Welsh & Miller, publishing circuit courts , 16 001 of this distance 195 miles are navigable, viz:
John M'Cord, do


8 00 From Pittsburg to the head of the dam at Blairsville, 75
Matthew Dawson, transportation of baggage

From the mouth of the Juniata to Lewistown,
during the late war

26 88 From Middletown to Clark's ferry,
James Gault


15 00 From the mouth of the Juniata to Northumberland, 41
Thomas M’Millan do


19 20 On the French creek feedler,
George Schnell,furnishing rations during the

A great portion of the remaining 2334 miles is nearly
late war, per act of of twenty-third Jan., 1829 300 00 finished, and the whole is in a state of rapid progress to
Walter Clark, treasurer of Huntingdon

county, tax on Peter Baynton's lands

68 The sum required to pay the debts due upon
John G. Lowry, treasurer of Centre county,

the respective divisions of the canal, accor.
tax on Peter Baynton's lands

66 64 ding to the reports of the acting commis.
John Irwin, tax on Nicholson's lands in Ven.

sioners and superintendents, is $1,398,790 67
ango county

27 31 | And the whole amount of work of every
Isaiah Lukens, repairing state telescope, 251 75 description, yet to be done upon the
Frederick Heisely,

10 00 several divisions, as estimated by the
Adam H. Orth, compiling a digest of road

principal engineers, is

2,060,742 39
and election laws,

500 00 | The amount already expended, is 6,406,000 00
Henry Daub, treasurer of Montgomery co.
over-payment on his account of tavern licenses 17 25

$9,865,533 06
Jolin Myers, late treasurer of Luzerne co.

Of which sum, there has been paid 47,132 734 dolls.
over-payment on his acc't of retailer's licenses 500 for damages, and 95,000 dollars upon the Pennsylvania
Ilomer Eachus, treasurer of Delaware coun-

rail-way; leaving 9,723,400 33 dollars expended and to
ty, per centage allowed collectors of tax

be expended, in the construction and completion of
on collateral inheritances

3 94 428 miles of the Pennsylvania canal, including the ex-
John S. Wiestling, printing & binding 5 cer-

penses of the board of canal commissioners, and the dai-
tificate books for the Auditor General's office 67 50 ly pay and salaries of the acting commissioners, super-
Solomon Sprigman, stock books for Auditor

intendents, engineers, and other agents.
General's office

67 00 The cost of this immense public work, will be found,
James Loudon, stock books for state treasury 57 00 upon comparison, not to exceed in any material respect,
M'Carty & Davis, 34 copies of Purdon's Digest 170 00 the cost of similar works in this country, and although
John M. Barclay,commissioner of loans, expenses 269 16 it presents a formidable sum, when viewed separately
Joseph Kingsberry and others, surveying,

from the beneficial effects it is calculated to have upon
&c. lands in Bradford county, per act of

the value of land, the trade, the industry, and the en-
eighth April, 1829,

515 75 terprize of the citizens of the commonwealth; yet, when
Bostwick Noble and Samuel L. Woods, ap.

viewell in connexion with those great and enduring ben-
prehending Thomas Dunn, jr. who was

efits, policy & the best interests of the state, pronounce
charged with the murder of Joseph Fry,

it a necessary and judicious expenditure. Regarded on-
reward offered by the governor

200 00 ly as an investment of funds, it présents satisfactory in-

ducements to the most eager lover of gain.
17,550 16 When the connexion between the eastern and west-

ern waters shall have been completed, Pennsylvania

will present to the trade of the western country, an ay.

enue to the Atlantic coast, equal, if not superior, to any
The C'anal Commissioners of Pennsylvania, respectfully which has been, or can be constructed; besides, her
submit the following Report:

own manufactures and agricultural products, which
The act to provide for the commencement of a canal, will seek a market through the canal, are equal in a-
to be constructed at the expense of the state, and to be mount to those of any other state, independently of her
styled the Pennsylvania canal, was passed on the 25th of coal, iron, salt and lumber, which in tonnage must er.
February, 1826. This act contained an appropriation I ceed all other articles transported to market.

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The Erie canal, extending from Albany to Buffaloe, ! Muddy run, 19 miles, including 3,800 363 miles, yielded toll in the year 1828, to an amount 62 paid for damages,

209,603 72 upwards of 2,000 dollars per mile. Now, if the New Pennsylvania rail way, the road formation York canal, before its advantages can be said to be fully of forty miles having been placed undeveloped, yielded in one season upwards of 2,000 dol. der contract, including $69 29 paid for lars per mile, what will be the amount of toll upon the damages,

50,000 00 Pennsylvania canal, where, in addition to all the tonThe late board paid under the act of 24th nage which can seek a market in the state of New York, March,1828,for surveys and explorations, 19,757 23 we bave iron to an immense amount, and coal, which the present board received on account, 2,000 00 alone, surpasses all calculation

The commissioners of the internal imBut the advantages of this great public work, are not provement fund have paid engineering to be measured by the interest it will yield upon the expenses, &c. to the amount of 5,990 money expended; it adds an intrinsic and permanent dollars, which sum was refunded out of value to the commonwealth, independently of the pro- !" the canal fund,

5,990 00 fits arising from tolls. Facts existing in our own state, abundantly prove, that the additional value of the terri

$6,300,000 00 tory bordering upon canals, more than equals the whole To which sum must be added, the late loans made amount expended in their construction. It is believed, by the Governor, expended as follows: and the belief rests upon practical results, that the own! Upon the Pennsylvania rail road,

45,000 ers of the soil in Schuylkill county, before the canal to

Juniata division,

25,000 Philadelphia was made, would have advanced their pri.

North Branch division,

10,000 yate interest by making the improvement at their own

Susquehanna division,

20,000 expense; the additional value to their lands arising from

French creek feeder,

6,000 the canal, would have exceeded in amount the whole cost. If we apply such facts to the Pennsylvania canal

$106,000 when extended through the inexhaustible anthracite the amount due for work done upon the several dicoal fields of the North Branch; the iron and bituminous visions under contract, and the estimated cost of work coal region of the Juniata and West Branch, to the yet to be done, are according to the reports of the actPennsylvania salt works, and affording facilities for the ing commissoners and engineers, as follow: transportation to Philadelphia, of the immense coal ton- Western Division: nage of the Lehigh and other branches of the Delaware, Debts due,

114,737 26 and opening avenues for the commerce of the rich val. | Amount of certificates issued,

140,340 99 lies of the Ohio, the Mississippi, and the extensive re Estimated cost of work to be done, 351,280 91 gions bordering upon the lakes of the north and north west, independently of the manufactures and agricultu- Juniata Dirision: ral products which every where surround this improve Debts due

148,664 66 ment, the certain result, while it must flatter the pride, Amount of certificates issued. 241,36861 will multiply the wealth, strengthen the physical force Estimated cost of work to be done 693,582 55 and increase the moral influence of the state.

With these views in relation to the subject, the board Eastern, Susquehanna and West Branch Divisions: can have no hesitation in recommending the vigorous Del

144,122 51 prosecution of the great system of improvement, as Amount of certificates issued

150,363 88 heretofore marked out by the Legislature; a system Estimated cost of work to be done 296,301 13 perhaps as perfect as could be projected, to develope and bring into activity the resources of the state, and to Delaware Division: unite every section of this great commonwealth in one Debts due

40,676 93 common bond of interest and of feeling.

Amount of certificates issued

141,353 11 The sums appropriated for canal & rail road purposes, Estimated cost of work to be done 335,576 25 have been expended upon the several divisions, as fol. lows:

North Branch Division: From Pittsburg to Johnstown, 104 miles,

Debts due

62,450 29 including 5,242 dollars 39 cents paid

Amount of certificates issued

167,000 00 for damages,

$2,036,264 61 Estimated cost of work to be done, 225,855 00 From the mouth of the Juniata to Smith's mills above Huntingdon, 90 miles, inclu

French Creek Feeder: ding 6,729 dolls. 25 cts. paid for dama

Debts due

26,260 00 ges, 1,130,477 81 Estimated cost of work to be done

45,000 00 From Middletown to Muncy bills, upon the West Branch of the Susquehanna

Pennsylvania Rail-way: river, and including ten miles placed

Debts due

16,468 38 under contract, between Middletown &

Amount of certificates issued

4,964 05 Columbia, 100 miles, including 22,500

Estimated cost of work to be done upon dolls. 25 cts. paid for damages, 1,944,302 18 the forty miles road formation under This includes that portion of the Pennsyl


113,146 551 yania canal which is now comprised in the eastern division, and the Susque

From this review and estimate, it appears that there hanna and west branch division; Mr.

is now due upon the several divisions of the PennsylvaMowry having had under his care at

nia canal under contract, the sum of $1,399,790 67, for one period, the eastern & Susquehanna

$845,410 64 of which certificates have been issued. That divisions, the expendit'rs were blended.

the amount of work to be done upon the several divisFrom Bristol to Easton, 60 miles, includ

ions of the canal and rail road, now under contract and 6,526 82 dolls. paid for damages, 476,338 92 in progress of completion, as estimated by the principal From Northumberld up the north branch

engineers, is $2,060,742 391. The nature of these de. of the river Susquehanna, to Nanticoke

mands upon the commonwealth,requires that they should falls, 55 miles, including 2,464 07 dolls.

be promptly liquidated. A moments reflection will show paid for damages,

425,265 53 ) that unrewarded labour, to so large an amount as is now From Bemus' mill on French creek, to

I due, brings upon the enterprizing contractor inevitable ruin, and deprives, particularly at this season of the year, there is at various points, and particularly at and near a valuable portion of the community of their only means the feeder dams, a very large amount of surplus water, of subsistence.

which might be advantageously applied to hydraulic Owing to the delays and interruptions incident to a purposes: as no adequate provision bas been made for work of this magnitude, the finished portions of the ca. the sale of such surplus water, and as it is believed that nal were not prepared for navigation until late in the sea- a very considerable revenue may be annually derived son; by letting in the water the work was tested, and the from this source, the expediency and propriety of makweak points were ascertained; the work generally has ing provision for the sale of hydraulic privileges, is most fully answered the expectations of the board. Repairs respectfully suggested. in many instances have been made, and every precaution The present canal commissioners met, in pursuance has been taken by the respective acting commissioners of the act by which they were appointed, on the first and superintendents, to guard against accidents, and se. day of June, 1829. David Scott was appointed presicure the permanency and usefulness of the canal. Small dent, and Francis R. Shunk, secretary. sums have been received as toll upon the western and For the measures adopted by the board upon its or eastern divisions. The navigation has hitherto been ganization, in the appointment of acting commissioners more a matter of experiment than a regular business,but and superintendents, upon the several divisions of the it has confirmed the opinion entertained of the ultimate canal and rail-road, the appointment of principal engivalue and utility of this great public work. It is believ. neers, and the arrangement of their different corps, and ed the amount of tolls which will be received within the the fixing the compensation of the various officers, aensuing year, on the divisions of the canal now naviga-gents and persons employed in the service of the state, ble, may be fairly estimated as follows:

reference is made to the journal of the board which ac

companies this report, as required by law. On the Western division,


u The balance of appropriation for canal and rail-road Juniata division,


purposes, made by the legislature, at the last session, Eastern division,


and not expended by the late board, was found to be Susquehanna division, including the bridge at Duncan's Island,


$1,407,704 30, which sum was received by the present

board and its agents, during the past season, in the fol$65,000

lowing proportions.

James S. Stevenson, upon the Western It is obvious, that an immense increase must ensue division

$214,505 99 from the completion of other lines connecting the imnşthe im. James Clarke, Juniata division,

305,336 40 provements, and from new channels of trade being es- | John Forrey, Jr. Eastern division,

163,282 32 tablished.

Jobn Ryon, Jr. Susquehanna and West The powers which the canal commissioners now poss. Branch division

232,175 14 ess, are limited to a general superintendency, manage. Thomas G. Kennedy, Delaware division, 206,338 92 ment and direction, in the location and construction of John Mitchell, North Branch division, 189,265 53 canals and rail roads; the appointment of officers and william Dickson. French Creek feeder. 45,000 00 agents for that purpose, and the adjustment of claims

of claims John Barber, Pennsylvania rail way, 50,000 00 for damages, &c. and when any part of the Pennsylva-Thema

2,000 00 nia canal shall be finished and in a state of navigation, they may appoint collectors of tolls and fix their loca

1,407,704 30 tion, and order and direct the rates of toll. It will be apparent, that with such limited powers, it is impossible As a material portion of this sum was applied to the for the board to adopt any code of rules and regulations, payment of debts then due, the balance was found to be applicable to the complicated and various transactions entirely insufficient to enable the board to meet the esconnected with the navigation of the canal and the pectations of the legislature, in prosecuting the public collection of tolls. A rule or regulation which cannot works during the season, as required by the provisions be enforced is worse than useless. The board bave of the act of the 22d of April last. no power to enforce any regulation by penal sanctions. On the fifth of July, the president of the board re

Near 290 miles of the canal will be navigable at the ceived a communication from Messrs. Blythe and Macommencement of the next season, and the greatest hon, members of the board of internal improvement, inpart of that contracted for, will be navigable during forming him that the beard had no funds at their dispothe next summer, if means are provided to carry on the sal, for canal and rail road purposes, and that demands work. Hence the legislature will perceive the necessity to a considerable amount had been presented by the of adop:ing a system of regulations and penalties, con acting canal commissioners and superintendents, which cerning the navigation of the canal and the collection had not been met, for want of funds. In pursuance of of toll; the views of the board upon this subject are this information, the president convened the board of expressed in a system of rules accompanying this re- canal commissioners on the 23d of July. As ternporary port.

loans had been obtained to meet the demands upon the The provisions in relation to damages, require legis- treasury, prior to the meeting, and as the board then lative revision. As the law now stands, the feelings had reason to believe that no material embarrassment in and prejudices of the country through which the im- the prosecution of the public works would be experiprovements pass, too often constitute the only standardenced, whilst any portion of the sum appropriated for by which damages are measured, a standard uncertain that purpose remained unexpended, they urged the ser. and unequal, as it relates to individuals concerned, and eral acting commissioners & superintendents to employ frequently unjust as it regards the commonwealth. It such funds as 'vould secure the most exposed portions of is respectfully recommended to the legislature, to pro- the public works,and bring early into operation the divisvide for the appointment of appraisers by the executive, lions of canal which were nearly completed. who shall receive and decide upon all applications for At a meeting in October, it was found that the funds damages done to real property, in consequenee of the appropriated for canal and rail road purposes, hadfor construction of the Pennsylvania canal or rail-road, and some time, been insufficient to meet the sums due monthwho shall in their estimate, take into consideration the ly by the commonwealth, to contractors, and that the acadvantages and disadvantages of such improvements to ting commissioners and superintendents were under the the whole real estate of the individual claiming dama necessity of granting certificates to such contractars, as ges, wherever situated, with the right of appealing to evidence of the amount due to them respectively. At either party to the supreme or circuit court.

this trying period, the board anxiously solicitous to preUpon nearly all the divisions of canal, it is believed serve the public works, to save the meritorious contrac

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tors from inevitable ruin, & to promote the best interests ern side of the river Schuylkill, to a point near Fairmount
of the commonwealth, recommended to the respective thence across the said river and down its eastern side to
acting commissioners and superintendents, to prosecute sloop navigation, betweeen Market and Chesnut streets,
the works upon their respective lines, without remission, the road to be continued on the line and levels survey.
and to continue until the meeting of the legislature, on ed by Major Douglas, and projected in his report.
the first Tuesday in December, to make the usual month- The canal commissioners were authorized, if they
ly estimates, and to give to each contractor, or person should deem it expedient, by a resolution of the legisla-
entitled to receive payment, a certificate of the amount ture, adopted on the 23d of April last, to construct a
due such person. The certificates, a form of which was road adjoining the 88th and 89th sections of the Penn-'
prescribed, to be signed by the acting commissioners sylvania canal, in Hemlock township, Columbia county;
and superintendents, and countersigned by the clerks provided the cost should not exceed five hundred dol-
upon the respective divisions. These measures had a lars, and provided that no part of said sum should be ex-
tendency to lessen the evil consequent upon a deficien- pended until the citizens of the said county should give
cy of funds, and have enabled the board to continue the satisfactory security for the completion of the said road,
prosecution of the public works, up to the present peri through 87 and part of section 86.
od, without any material remission. For the redemption In pursuance of this resolution, the board directed the
of these certificates, at the earliest possible moment, the engineer upon the North Branch division, to make an
most confident reliance is placed upon the justice of the estimate of the cost of the road adjoining the 88th and
legislature,in providing the requisite means; and as no ac- 89th sections. The estimate was made, and amounted
ting commissioner or superintendent, can, under the ex- to $5,526 ; a proposition bowever was received by the
isting laws,draw from the treasury more than 50,000 dol- acting commissioners from a contractor, for making the
lars at any one time, it is respectfully submitted, whether road for the sum of $4,850. As neither came within
the interests of all concerned, will not require additional the limits prescribed in the resolution, the board took no
facilities for the prompt redemption of such certificates, further orders on the subject.
upon the different divisions, whenever the necessary By the 2d section of the act of the 16th of April, 1829,
funds shall be provided.

relative to the appointment of canal commissioners, the As some of the divisions of the canal are so situated as board is required to appoint an engineer-in-chief of the to require immediate funds for the preservation of the commonwealth and superintendent of the surveys. works, and for guarding against the disastrous conse. This important duty engaged the early attention ofthe quences of the frost and floods of the approaching seas. | board, at their first ineeting. The difficulty of making on, and as there was reason to believe that sums ade- a judicious selection at this period of the progress of the quate to the emergency, might be obtained from monied public works, and the dangerous consequences of making institutions or individuals friendly to the internal im- an injudicious one, are obvious. In addition to the great provement of the state, on condition that the same should experience and professional skill for which this officer be expended upon divisions designated, the constituted should be distinguished, he must have the faculty of authorities were requested by the board to negotiate drawing to himself powers which have been hitherto exsuch loans, to a limited amount. The Governor accord. ercised by the principal engineers upon their respective ingly obtained the sum of 106,000 dollars, which was dis. divisions, without disturbing the harmony of the system; tributed as bas been stated in another part of this report. of making an innovation upon settled rules, without pro

The portage rail road across the Allegheny mountain, ducing confusion. was included by the board, in the superintendency of the For the purpose of obtaining the necessary information western division, and Moncure Robison, who had been in order to proceed to a choice, the board directed the appointed the engineer in December last, was continued president to communicate upon the subject, with such by the present board, for the purpose of completing his persons as he might deem proper, and report the result examinations and estimates upon this important public of his correspondence. Two reports have been made by work. His report is herewith submitted. It will be the president, in pursuance of this direction, but the inseen that Mr. Robison proposes passing the summit by formation received has not yet enabled the board to make a tunnel of one mile in length, and overcoming the ele- a selection. vation by five lifts, and five levels on each side. The By the second section of the act of the 22d April, 1829, portage, according to this location, is 38 miles and 51 it is made the duty, of the canal commissioners to locate poles in length, and its complete execution upon his plan the route of a suitable navigation, either by canal, or by is estimated at $936,004 87.

canal and slack water, between the city of Pittsburg, or The best means of effecting this connexion between the mouth of the Kiskeminetas,and the borough of Erie, the eastern and western waters, is a subject of great mag within the present year. With a view to this location, nitude ; for, independently of other considerations, upon the board, at their meeting in June, directed James Ferit depends the successful competition of the Pennsylva. guson and Moncure Robison, two of the principal engi: nia canal with other avenues, for the trade of the western neers in the employment of the board, to explore and states to the Atlantic. The board in employing Mr. Rob select the best summit, for a connexion of the waters of ison upon this work, secured the services of an engineer the Conneaut lake and those of lake Erie. Owing to the of the first order. They required from him every kind engagements of Mr. Robinson, upon the rail-road across of information necessary to a judicious selection of the the Allegheny mountain, he was afterwards excused from best means of effecting this connexion. His report jus-/ the performance of this duty; and the explorations were tifies the high opinion which was entertained of his tal made by Mr. Ferguson, who made report to the board

professional skill, and gives clear and compre- in October. At the same time, petitions were presented hensive views of the subject.

from a very respectable number of citizens, residing in At the meeting of the board in July, Maj. D. B. Dou the counties bordering on the waters of the Allegheny glas, who is known in this commonwealth as a highly re. river and French creek, stating that the questions arising spectable engineer, was appointed to make the surveys out of the conflicting claims of the Allegheny & French and estimates of the eastern termination of the Pennsyl-creek, and Beaver and Shenango routes, involved imporvania rail-road, required by a resolution of the legislature tant interests, as well as the constitutional rights of the of the 20th April last. His report and estimates upon petitioners, should a location be made by which the wathe various routes, accompany this report. From all the ters of French creek would be diverted from their natu. facts laid before the board, they are of the opinion, that ral course. They prayed for the postponement of the it is not the interest of the state now to construct more location until after the next meeting of the legislature, than one line of rail road from the inclined plane, near for the purpose of having an opportunity to ascertain imthe farin of the late Judge Peters, and they recommend portant facts, necessary to insure a decision in favour of the extension of the line from that point down the west the Allegheny and French creek route. The board, up.




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