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N. B. The following page numbers of each issue of the Stone &
Webster Journal in this volume are given for convenience in referring to

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(Ed.) = editorial; (r) = review; * = illustrated. The page scope is given
for articles extending over more than two pages. Names of authors are
enclosed in parentheses.

ACCESSIONS to the library of Stone & Webster, 78, 164, 239, 317, 399,

Accounting for Public Utility Replacements (L. R. Nash), 415-421
Adams, E. C., transferred to El Paso, 388, 391

Adams, E. R., resignation, 388

American Institute of Electrical Engineers, meeting of Seattle section,


American Ordnance Base Depot in France, Shop and Warehouse
Construction (W. E. Belcher), *125-132

Anderson, Hilda, resignation, 475

Andrews, Guy C., resignation, 74

Armstrong, D. W., resignation, 388

Arnold, G. L., resignation, 230

Automatic substation, installed by the Seattle-Everett Interurban, 313
Awakened Interest in Water Power Development, 46-49

Ayola, Louise, resignation, 397

BANNER, R. K., accepted a position in the El Paso Company, 307

Banner, W. L., transferred to El Paso, Texas, 307, 308

Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Ed.), 407-414

Barter, H. H., assigned to Industrial and Gas Division, 61

Baton Rouge, La.: business conditions, 50, 133, 216, 296, 377, 455;
company news, 63, 144, 226, 305, 389

Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas: business conditions, 50, 133, 216,
296, 377, 455; company news, 63, 144, 226, 305, 389, 464
Bellingham, Wash.: business conditions, 50, 133, 216, 297, 377; com-
pany news, 64, 145, 306, 390, 465

Berryman, A. L., transferred from the Keokuk Electric Company to
the treasurer's office, 143

Birney Cars, see Safety Cars

Bissell, J. Hugh: assumed charge of auditing department, 61; trans-
ferred to Boston office, 69

Boardman, W. E., transferred to the Industrial and Gas Division, 143
Bodwell, William S., resignation, 471

Books, see Accessions, Library Notes Index

Boston, Mass.: company news, 60, 143, 225, 304, 388, 463

Bostwick, C. E., Jr., promoted to be superintendent of transportation,
Jacksonville, Fla., 68

Boyajohn, H. M., resignation, 388

Brockton, Mass.: business conditions, 51, 217, 378

Brockton, The Street Lighting System of the City of (W. A. Forbush),

Brooks, A. P., transferred to the Savannah Electric Company, 151
Brooks, R. C., transferred as manager to the Savannah Electric Com-
pany, 396, 464

Brown, W. E., made chief clerk to the manager of the Fort Worth
Company, 147

Browne, Osborne A., joined the statistics department, 226

Brownell, F. W., transferred to the Puget Sound District, 152

Bulbs, experiment in growing Dutch bulbs in the Puget Sound district,

Burke, Arthur, death notice, 389

CAIN, H. O., resignation, 226

Campbell, A. D., resignation, 304

Cape Breton, see Sydney

Caribou Development Great Western Power Company (W. L.

Locke), *29-31

Carpenter, Henry H., transferred to Ponce, 153

Carroll, Raymond G., transferred to the local management of the
Galveston Electric Company, 464

Chabot, Albert J., entered the Woonsocket Company, 74

Chapman, H. R., entered the Station Betterment Division, 225

Cheney, William L., appointed superintendent of distribution, Woon-
socket, R. I., 74

China (K. P. Hu), 374

Choosing a Profession


Clubs, see Entertainments

The Day's Work (Ira N. Hollis, Sc.D.),

Columbus, Ga.: business conditions, 134, 217, 297, 378; company news,

145, 227, 306, 390, 465

Commerce: Foreign Exchange and American Commerce (Eliot Wads-
worth), 110

Companies, News from the, 60, 143, 225, 304, 388, 463

Connecticut, see New London, Middletown

Conservation: The Form or the Substance: Which? (Wilson Compton),


Converse, W. S., assigned to Industrial and Gas Division, 61
Co-operation in Transportation (Luke C. Bradley), 366-373
Coupons and Dividends Due, 82, 168, 242, 321, 402, 481

Cowles, L. S., temporarily located in Richmond, Va., 143
Craving for Primitive Barbarism, The (Ed.), 89–96

Cyclone, in Georgia, 306

DALLAS CITY, ILL.: business conditions, 218, 297, 379, 455; company
news, 228

Daton, Harold P., transferred to Haverhill, 226

Davis, A. S., entered the engineering department, 143

Davis, E. J., resignation, 147

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Choosing a Profession, The (Ira N. Hollis, Sc.D.),

Dayton, H. P., made assistant treasurer of the Haverhill Company, 308
De Bouy, J. M., transferred to Beaumont, 227, 231

Delaware Station of the Philadelphia Electric Company, The (F. S.
Clark), *364

Dennis, B. W., joined the engineering department, 388

Deter, Charles F., resignation, 470

Dexter, Forrest P., transferred from the Puget Sound Companies to

the Boston office, 72, 152, 472

Dickason, C. A., resignation, 231
Dividends, see Coupons

Dodge, G. F., assigned to Industrial and Gas Division, 61

Drummond, C. C., transferred from Savannah to Jacksonville, Fla., 394

ECONOMIC Chaos Among States of Mid-Eastern Europe (Eliot Wads-
worth), 346-359

Edlund, C. H., transferred to Pawtucket, R. I., 396

Education: Y. M. C. A. plan in Seattle, Wash., 70; Education for
"Safety First," 394

Einstein and Relativity (Ed.), 247

Einstein, By the Man in the Street (L. B. Buchanan), 252-271
Electrically Driven Flour Mills of Tacoma (Rome C. Saunders), 188
Electrification of Railroads: 233; Electrifying the Milwaukee (E. A.
Batwell), *283-288; Electrification of the Milwaukee, 313
Electrifying the Milwaukee (E. A. Batwell), *283-288

El Paso, Texas: business conditions, 51, 134, 298, 379, 456; company
news, 65, 146, 228, 307, 391, 466

Emery, L. W., appointed assistant treasurer of the Paducah Company,


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