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The design of this work is to store the minds of the young with the principal texts of the Old Testament which relate to the coming and offices of our Redeemer, together with such passages of the New Testament as show their fulfilment. It was prepared for the Sunday Schools and Bible Classes connected with the parish under the author's charge. The manner of using it has been to give out as many verses as could be conveniently committed to memory at one time, and make these the subject of instruction and examination by the teachers in their respective classes. The same lesson is repeated each Sunday in the month; and on the last Sunday afternoon, when the children are catechised by the Rector, “openly in the church,” they are questioned on the lesson of the preceding Sundays, and such explanations and illustrations are given, as time will permit, or as the subject may require.

After many years trial of this mode of Biblical instruction, connected with the catechising of the


young in the

presence of the congregation, the author has found it highly beneficial in his own parish, and he doubts not that most parochial ministers would find it equally useful in theirs.

He indulges the hope, at least, that this arrangement of the Prophecies and Types, relative to the Messiah, will be a help to Teachers in their endeavours to lead the lambs of Christ's fold to those good pastures and those well-springs of salvation, where they may be so nourished up in all virtue and godliness, that “when the Chief Shepherd shall appear, they may receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.


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