God's Covenant with the Creation

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 220 halaman
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God's Covenant With the Creation has many new insights into Biblical covenant. A creation covenant based on Genesis 1 is supported by many Scriptures. For Pastor Claerbaut the Scriptures are totally authoritative but their exegesis is not always traditional. Here learn a new perspective on covenant. Dale Claerbaut is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) who is a real conservative at heart. He has served four congregations all in Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife, Lois. They have had six children and have 12 grandchildren so far. Dale graduated from Calvin College, Westminster Seminary, and Princeton Seminary. Despite his end stage renal failure, Dale seeks to faithfully serve the Lord in all of life.

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Genesis One and the Ascending Order
Covenantal Form the Creation Covenant
Sin Curse and the Creations Death in Christ
Mans Covenantal Obedience through Faithful
Mans Covenantal Obedience through Humble
Redemption and the Creation Covenants
Other Concepts on Genesis One
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