Builders of the Chinese Church: Pioneer Protestant Missionaries and Chinese Church Leaders

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G. Wright Doyle
Wipf and Stock Publishers, 29 Jan 2015 - 256 halaman
From 1807, when the first Protestant missionary arrived in China, to the 1920s, when a new phase of growth began, thousands of missionaries and Chinese Christians labored, often under very adverse conditions, to lay the groundwork for a solid, healthy, and self-sustaining Chinese church. Following an Introduction that sets the scene and surveys the entire period, Builders of the Chinese Church contains the stories of nine leading pioneers--seven missionaries and two Chinese. Here we meet Robert Morrison, the heroic translator; Liang Fa, the first Chinese evangelist; missionary-scholar James Legge; J. Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission; converted opium addict Pastor Hsi ("Overcomer of Demons"); Griffith John and Jonathan Goforth, both indefatigable preachers; and the idealistic advocates of education and reform, W. A. P. Martin and Timothy Richard. Readers will be inspired by their courage, devotion, and sheer perseverance in arduous work, and will gain an understanding of the roots of the two "branches" of today's Chinese Protestantism.

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Missionary Mediator Surprising Saint
Leader in Chinese Indigenization
Linking Chinese Evangelical Spirituality
Faithful Pioneer Missionary
Advocate for Chinas Inland Millions
Pioneer of Progress in China
Overcomer of Evil
A Missionary Who Impacted
Tireless Evangelist and Revivalist
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G. Wright Doyle is English editor of the online Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity (; coauthor of China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society; editor/cotranslator of Wise Man from the East: Lit-sen Chang (Zhang Lisheng); and editor of and, which feature articles and book reviews about Chinese culture and religion, especially Christianity. His other works include Carl Henry: Theologian for All Seasons and Christianity in America: Triumph and Tragedy.

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