Miscellaneous Bills: Hearing Before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, Eighty-ninth Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 420, to Amend Title 10, United States Code, to Authorize the Commissioning of Male Persons in the Regular Army, in the Army Nurse Corps, the Army Medical Specialist Corps, the Regular Navy in the Nurse Corps, and the Regular Air Force with a View to Designation as Air Force Nurses and Medical Specialists, and for Other Purposes, H.R. 11488, to Authorize the Grade of Brigadier General in the Medical Service Corps of the Regular Army, and for Other Purposes, H.R. 11979, to Make Permanent the Act of May 22, 1965, Authorizing the Payment of Special Allowances to Dependents of Members of the Uniformed Services to Offset Expenses Incident to Their Evacuation, and for Other Purposes, H.R. 15005, to Amend Title 10, United States Code, to Remove Inequities in the Active Duty Promotion Opportunities of Certain Officers, September 8, 1966

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1966 - 31 halaman
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