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ADAMS, JEROME, Laborer; State st., Marengo.
ADAMS, GEO. B., Broker; Main st., Marengo.
ADAMS, J. Q., Dentist; State and Washington sts., Marengo.
ALDERMAN, CHARLES, Laborer; Mormon st., Marengo.
ALDERMAN, F. W., Laborer ; Mormon st., Marengo.
ALLEN, MARTIN, Laborer; Main st., Marengo.
ANDERSON, WILLIAM, Proprietor Commercial Hotel; Main and State sta.

ANDREWS, R. K., Carpenter; Prairie st., Marengo.
ANDERSON, ADOLPHUS, Laborer; Marengo Township.
ANDERSON, IRA H., Carpenter; Deitz st., Marengo.
ANDERSON, OSCAR, Laborer; Marengo Township.
ANDERSON, DAVID, Retired Farmer; Washington st., Marengo.
ANDERSON, C. B., Laborer; Mormon st., Marengo.
ANDERSON, CHARLES, Laborer; Marengo Township,
ANDREWS, A. D., Laborer; Main st., Marengo.
ANDREWS, SILAS, Laborer; Mormon st., Marengo.
ANDREWS, EDWARD, Laborer; State st., Marengo.
AVERY, CHARLES E., Laborer; Marengo Township.
AVERY, G. L., Farmer, Sec. 24; Marengo P. O.
AVERY, WILLIAM, Depot Agent; Hall st., Marengo.


BAILEY, A. W., Commercial Traveler for twenty-five years, ten years from

Philadelphia and fifteen years from Chicago ; born in Georgetown, Chenango Co., N. Y., May 2, 1820 ; came to McHenry Co. in 1856 ; owns house and lot and property in Iowa. Married Glorana S. Fosket, of Utica, N. Y., 1843, who died 1853; married Mary E. Ostrander, of Dunkirk, N. Y., 1856 ; had three children, the

youngest dead. BAILEY, ORRIN, Farmer, Sec. 34; Marengo P. O. BABCOCK, J. B., Publisher of Marengo Republican; State and Prairie sts.,

BAILEY, M. B., Farmer, Sec. 34; Marengo P. O.
BAILEY, A. H., Carpenter; State st., Marengo.
BAILEY, A. W., Runner; State st., Marengo.
BARNES, ERVIN, Laborer; Main st., Marengo.
BALLARD, GEORGE, Laborer; Main st., Marengo.

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BAZIER, JOSEPH, Shoemaker; State st., Marengo.
BARTLETT, HORACE, Carpenter; Mormon st., Marengo.
BARBER, JOSEPH, Shoemaker; Washington st., Marengo.
BALLARD, EDWARD, Laborer ; Deitz st., Marengo.
BARNES, E. N., Insurance Agent; State and Main sts., Marengo.
BEAN, JOHN, Laborer; Washington st., Marengo.
BENNETT, A. J., Farmer, Sec. 30; Garden Prairie P. O.
BENNETT, MILO, Farmer, Sec. 30; Marengo P. O.
BENJAMIN, WILLIAM, Laborer; Main st., Marengo.
BELLOWS, CHARLES, Laborer; Taylor st., Marengo.
BELDIN, JOHN, Farmer, Sec. 15; Marengo P..0.
BELDIN, J. T., Jeweler; State st., Marengo.
BELDIN, GEO. D., Farmer, Sec. 15; Marengo P. O.
BISHOP, H. L., Retired Farmer; Main st., Marengo.
BOGANRIEF, GEORGE, Blacksmith; Deitz st., Marengo.
BOOMER, ALBERT, Farmer, Sec. 33; Marengo P. O.
BOOMER, ORRIS, Farmer, Sec. 32; Marengo P. O. ; born in Ellisburgh, Jef-

ferson Co., N. Y., October 10, 1822; came to McHenry Co. first in 1846 ; went to Missouri in fall of 1864, lived there eight years, when they returned to this county; owns 201 acres of land—120 acres in Missouri, value $35 per acre, and 81 acres in this county, value $50 per aore. Married Permelia Mericle, of Chautauqua

Co., N. Y., November 23, 1858; had five children, all living. BOYINGTON, DANIEL, Drayman ; Taylor st., Marengo. BOGANRIEF, DANIEL, Blacksmith ; Washington st., Marengo. BOYINGTON, A. J., Insurance Agent; State st., Marengo. BOYLE, PATRICK, Laborer ; Prairie st., Marengo. BOYLE, JOHN, Laborer ; Prairie st., Marengo. BOYCE, AMOS, Retired Farmer ; Main st., Marengo. BOYCE, H. G., Laborer ; Marengo Township. BOYCE, A. M., Laborer (Renter); Marengo Township. BLAIR, L. L., Laborer; Forest st., Marengo. BLAIR, WILLIAM, Carpenter; Forest st., Marengo. BLANCHARD, WILLIAM, Carpenter; Washington st., Marengo. BLAIR, HERBERT, Laborer; Forest st., Marengo. BLOODGOOD, WILLIARD, Boot and Shoe Dealer; State st., Marengo. BLOSSOM, O. P., Forest st., Marengo. BRICKLEY, PAT’K, Farmer, Sec. 4; Marengo P. O. BRICKLEY, WILLIAM, Farmer, Sec. 4; Marengo P. O. BRICKLEY, TIMOTHY, Laborer; Marengo Township. BRIGGS, JOHN C., Moulder; Main st., Marengo. BROUGHTON, EBEN, Laborer; Ann st., Marengo. BRONSON, A., Laborer; Jackson st., Marengo. BRIGHT, THOMAS, Manufacturer of Pumps and Wind-mills; Prairie st., Marengo. BUCK, NELSON, Manufacturer of Pumps and Wind-mills; Railroad st., Marengo.


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BUCK, G. L., Proprietor Pacific Hotel; State st., Marengo.
BULARD, J. H., Jeweler; Ann and Main sts., Marengo.
BURGIN, JAMES, Merchant; Marengo ; born in Bradford, Vt., November 13,

1818; came to Marengo April 8, 1858. Married Mary Jane Greno, of Lebanon, N. H., May 8, 1846 ; she died August 18, 1849 ; had one girl ; died December 3, 1875, at the age of 28. Married Sarah E. Lumbard, of McGalway, Maine, November 8, 1850; she had five children; one boy died August 22, 1872, at the age of 20 years and 6 months ; one girl died May 2, 1859, at the age

of 1 year and 6 months; has three girls living. BURKE, WILLIAM, Laborer ; Marengo Township, BUMPSTED, EDWARD, Proprietor of Weigh Scales; Prairie st., Marengo. BUMPSTED, JAS. E., Weigh Scales ; Prairie st., Marengo. BURT, ALBERT, Laborer; Marengo Township. BURT, JAMES, Laborer ; Main st., Marengo. BURT, WILLIAM, Farmer, Sec. 4; Marengo P. O. BURT, HENRY, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Sec. 4; Marengo P. O.; born in

Marengo Township, October 18, 1851 ; owns 100 acres of land (prairie), valued at $30 per acre.

Unmarried. CARPENTER, C. L., Farmer, Sec. 23; Marengo P. O. CADWELL, E. S., Dealer in Drive Wells, Iron Pumps of all descriptions, Wind

mills of six different patents, Wood Pumps and Gas Pipe, also Patentee of the Well Auger; Wells bored and tiled to order ; Augers for sale; all orders left at my residence, in Marengo; born in Union Grove, Racine Co., Wis., March 24, 1846 ; came to McHenry Co. in 1854; owns property at Crystal Lake Prairie, also North Prairie and Woodstock, and house and lot in Marengo. Married Mattie Smith, of

Marengo, May 8, 1873. CARMON, A. G., Machinist; Taylor st., Marengo. CARVER, L. P., Laborer; Marengo Township. CADY, E., Farmer, Sec. 34; Marengo P. O. ; born in Saratoga Co., N. Y., January

15, 1815 ; came to McHenry Co. May 9, 1863 ; owns 107 acres of land. Married Paulina Jennings, October 11, 1840 ; she was born in Salisbury, Herkimer Co., N.

Y.; had six children—three living. CARMACK, W. A., Farmer and Stock Raiser, Sec. 7; Marengo P. O.; born in

La Porte Co., Ind., February 15, 1837 ; came to McHenry Co. in September 1842 ; owns 116 acres of land, value $35 per acre; was Town Collector in 1860-'61, of Dunham Township. Married Charlotte D. Robinson, of Geneva, Wis., June 11, 1861; she was born September 7, 1840 ; has three children, all living; are members of the Universalist Church, Union, McHenry Co.; he is also a member of the Masonic order.

CHAPMAN, RALPH, Clerk; Main st., Marengo.
CHURCH, I. B., Laborer; Marengo Township.
CHAPPEL, J. A., Mason; Ann st., Marengo.

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CHATFIELD, S. P., Retired Farmer ; Main st., Marengo.
CLAREY, CORNELIUS, Farmer, Sec. 4; Marengo P. O.
CLARK, C. G., JR.; Main st., Marengo.
CLARK, JOHN; Ann st., Marengo.
CLARK, C. G., Boot and Shoe Dealer; Main st., Marengo.
COLEMAN, J. R., Farmer, Sec. 7; Marengo P. O.
COONEY, DANIEL, Railroad Employe ; Railroad st., Marengo.
COLLINS, THOMAS, Farmer, Sec. 11; Marengo P. O.
COLLINS, JAMES, Laborer; Marengo Township.
COLLINS, DANIEL, Farmer, Sec. 2; Marengo P. O.; born in Cork, Ireland,

in December, 1819; came to America in 1849 and to McHenry Co. in October,

1854 ; owns 41{ acres of land ; value of property, $1,000. Unmarried. COLWELL, LEVI, Laborer; State st., Marengo. COLEMAN, CHARLES, Laborer ; Marengo Township. COQUALETTE, C. A., Main st., Marengo. COLLOSKY, JOHN, Stonequarryman, Sec. 31 ; Garden Prairie P. O.; born in

Prussia, Germany, November 14, 1829; came to the United States in 1842, and to McHenry Co. in 1866. Married Mary Georgen, of Prussia, Germany, April 8, 1847; she was born August 24, 1823; had ten children, four living. German Catholics.

CONNVILLE, ISADORE, Laborer; Ann st., Marengo.
COON, A. B., Attorney at Law, Marengo ; born in Towanda, Bradford Co., Pa.,

February 12, 1815; came to McHenry Co. in October, 1835; has lived in the State ever since; opened a law office in Marengo in 1845; owns property in Marengo; was Master in Chancery of McHenry Co. from spring of 1846 until fall of 1862, State's Attorney, Thirteenth Circuit, in 1851-2, and 1860–64, Provost Marshal of Congressional District from May, 1863, to October, 1865, Register in Bankruptcy from June, 1867, until the present time, and has been Supervisor of the township for seven years. Married Harriet A. Daman, of Ohio, May 11, 1846 ; she was born February 14, 1829; had three children, two living. Mrs. Coon is a member of the Free Methodist Church, of Marengo. Mr. Coon is a straight Republican; during the year 1848–50, followed surveying in McHenry Co. and vicinity ; he is the youngest of twenty-one children, by one mother.

CORSON, ALFRED, Marble Dealer; State st., Marengo.
COWEEN, J. M., Laborer, Marengo Township.
CRANDALL, W. W., Insurance Agent; State st., Marengo.
CRANDALL, JULIUS, School Teacher; Forest st., Marengo.
CRANDALL, EGBERT, Mason ; Forest st., Marengo.
CRANDALL, H. A., Mason; Forest st., Marengo.
CRANDALL, S. S., Meat Market; State st., Marengo.
CREGO, CHARLES, Clerk; Main st., Marengo.
CREGO, CHARLES, Retired Farmer; Washington st., Marengo.

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