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As the same are now perform'd in his MA

JESTY's Chapels Royal. &c.


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Composed by K. HENRY VIII.

LORD the Maker of all things,

thee now in this e-
To defend us thro' thy mercy,

From all deceit of our enemies:
Let us neither deluded be,
Good LORD, with dream or fantasy.


Our hearts waking in thee thou keep,
That we in sin fall not on sleep.
O Father, thro' thy blessed Son,
Grant us this our petition,
To whom with the Holy Ghost always
In heav'n and earth be laud and praise.

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By Mr. THOMAS TALLIS, Organist to K.

Henry VIII. : K. Edward VI. Q. Mary and Q. Elizabeth.

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Call and cry to thee, O LORD,

Give ear unto my plaint:

Bow down thine eyes, and

mark my heavy plight,

And how my soul doth faint: For I have many ways offended thee. Forget my wickedness, O Lord, I beseech " thee.

ter (II. ::. Lusitif LORD give thy Holy Spirit into our

hearts, and lighten our understanding that wệ mảý dwell in the fear of thị Name all the days of our life, and may know thee the only true God, and JE'sus CHRIST whom thou hast fent. 1511

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By Dr. CHRISTOPHER Tye, Organift to

King Edward VI.

PSAL. XXX. Will exalt thee, O Lord, for thou hast defended me, and not suffered mine enemies to

have their pleasure upon me. 2. Ö LORD my God, I have cried unto

thee, and thou hast healed me. 3. LORD, thou hast brought my soul out of

hell; thou hast preserved me from them that descend into the pit.


ING unto the LORD, ye that be his

faints, and give thanks with a remembrance of his holiness. The Lord hath heard me, and hath taken mercy upon me; the Lord is made

my helper. Thou hast turned

my sorrow into joy; thou haft put

off my fackcloth, and hast compassed me with gladness; that

my glory may sing to thee without grief. O LORD my God, I shall evermore give thanks to thee,


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By Mr. RICHARD FARRANT, one of the

Gentlemen of the Chapel to Q. Elizabetb.


ALL to remembrance, O LORD, thy tender mercies, and thy loving kindnesses,

which have been ever of old. 6. O remember not the fins and offences of

my youth: but according to thy mercy think thou upon me, O LORD, for thy goodness.

Altered by Dr: ALDRICH.
IDE not thou thy face from us; O

LORD, and cast not off thy servants in thy displeasure: for we confess our fins unto thee, and hide not our unrighteoul

ness. For thy mercy's fake, deliver us from all

our sins.


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