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Could honour, fhewn in friendships most refin'd,
And fenfe, that shields th' attempted virtuous mind; 10
The focial temper never known to ftrife,

The heightening graces that embellish life;
Could thefe have e'er the darts of death defied,
Never, ah! never had Melinda died;

Nor can fhe die-ev'n now furvives her name,
Immortaliz'd by friendship, love, and fame.

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Occafioned by the DEPARTURE of the Prince and Princefs of ORANGE.


(Written in the Year 1734.)

ILD rofe the morn! the face of nature bright
Wore one extenfive fmile of calm and light;

Wide, o'er the land, did hovering filence reign,
Wide o'er the blue diffufion of the main ;

When lo! before me, on the fouthern fhore,


Stood forth the power, whom Albion's fons adore ;
Bleft Liberty! whose charge is Albion's isle;
Whom Reason gives to bloom, and Truth to smile;
Gives Peace to gladden, sheltering Law to spread,
Learning to lift aloft her laurel'd head,
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Rich Industry to view, with pleasing eyes,

Her fleets, her cities, and her harvests rife.
In curious emblems every art, exprest,

Glow'd from the loom, and brighten'd on his vest.
Science in various lights attention won,

Wav'd on his robe, and glitter'd in the fun.


My words, he cried, my words observance claim :
Refound, ye Mufes; and receive them, Fame!
Here was my station, when, o'er ocean wide,
The great, third William ftretch'd his naval pride: 20
I with my facred influence fwell'd his foul;
Th' enflav'd to free, th' enflaver to control.
In vain did waves difperfe, and winds detain:
He came, he fav'd; in his was seen my reign.
How juft, how great, the plan his foul defign'd,
To humble tyrants, and fecure mankind!
Next Marlborough in his fteps fuccessful trod:
This, godlike plann'd; that, finish'd like a god!
And, while Oppression fled to realms unknown,
Europe was free, and Britain glorious fhone.

Where Naffau's race extenfive growth difplay'd,
There Freedom ever found a fheltering hade.
Still heaven is kind!-See, from the princely root,
Millions to blefs, the BRANCH aufpicious shoot!
He lives, he flourishes, his honours spread;

Fair virtues blooming on his youthful head:
Nurfe him, ye heavenly dews, ye funny rays,
Into firm health, fair fame, and length of days!
He paus'd, and cafting o'er the deep his eye,
Where the last billow fwells into the sky,






Where, in gay vifion, round th' horizon's line,
The moving clouds with various beauty fhine;
As dropping from their bosom, ting'd with gold,
Shoots forth a fail, amufive to behold!


Lo! while its light the glowing wave returns, 45
Broad like a fun the bark approaching burns.
Near, and more near, great Naffau foon he spy'd,
And beauteous Anna, Britain's eldest pride!
Thus spoke the Genius, as advanc'd the fail-
Hail, blooming hero! high-born princess, hail!
Thy charms thy mother's love of truth display,
Her light of virtue, and her beauty's ray;
Her dignity; which, copying the divine,
Soften'd, through condefcenfion, learns to shine.
Greatness of thought, with prudence for its guide; 55
Knowledge, from nature and from art supply'd;
To noblest objects pointed various ways;
Pointed by judgment's clear, unerring rays.
What manly virtues in her mind excel!

Yet on her heart what tender paffions dwell!
For ah! what pangs did late her peace destroy,
To part with thee, so wont to give her joy!
How heav'd her breaft! how fadden'd was her mein!
All in the mother then was loft the queen.


The swelling tear then dimm'd her parting view, 65
The struggling figh ftopp'd short her last adieu :
Ev'n now thy fancied perils fill her mind;
The secret rock, rough wave, and rifing wind;
The fhoal, so treacherous, near the tempting land;
Th' ingulphing whirlpool, and the fwallowing fand; 70


Thefe fancied perils all, by day, by night,
In thoughts alarm her, and in dreams affright!
For thee her heart unceafing love declares,

In doubts, in hopes, in wishes, and in prayers!
Her prayers are heard!-For me, 'tis thine to brave 75
The fand, the fhoal, rock, whirlpool, wind, and wave :
Kind Safety waits, to waft thee gently o'er,
And Joy to greet thee on the Belgic shore.


May future times, when their fond praise would tell How moft their favourite characters excel; How bleft! how great!-then may their fongs declare, So great! fo bleft!-fuch Anne and Naffau were.

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APPY the man, who, in thy sparkling eyes,


His amorous wishes fees, reflecting, play;
Sees little laughing Cupids, glancing, rife,
And, in foft-fwimming languor, die away.


Still happier he! to whom thy meanings roll

In founds which love, harmonious love infpire; On his charm'd ear fits, rapt, his liftening foul, Till admiration form intenfe defire.


Half-deity is he who warm may press

Thy lip, foft-fwelling to the kindling kifs; And may that lip affentive warmth exprefs,

Till love draw willing love to ardent blifs!


Circling thy waift, and circled in thy arms,
Who, melting on thy mutual-melting breast,
Entranc'd enjoys love's whole luxrious charms,
Is all a God!-is of all heaven poffeft.




Addreffed to Mrs. BRIDGET JONES, a young Widow Lady of Llanelly, Carmarthenshire.


NCE Beauty, wishing fond desire to move,

Contriv'd to catch the heart of wandering Love. Come, pureft atoms! Beauty aid implores;

For new foft texture leave ætherial ftores.

They come, they croud, they fhining hues unfold, s Be theirs a form, which Beauty's felf fhall mould! To mould my charmer's form the all apply'dWhence Cambria boasts the birth of Nature's pride.

She calls the Graces-Such is Beauty's ftate, Prompt, at her call, th' obedient Graces wait.



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