The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Volume 45

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H. Hughs, 1779
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Halaman 99 - Thus fliall your poet his low genius raife, And charm the world with truths too vaft for praife. Nor need I dwell on glories all your own, Since furer means to tempt your fmiles are known ; Your poet fhall allot your Lord his part, And paint him in his nobleft throne — your heart. Is there a greatnefs that adorns Him beft, A...
Halaman 84 - ... of homeshed blood from all On whom, unsought, embroiling dangers fall ! Still the pale dead revives, and lives to me, To me! through Pity's eye condemned to see. Remembrance veils his rage, but swells his fate ; Grieved I forgive, and am grown cool too late. Young, and unthoughtful then; who knows, one day, What ripening virtues might have made their way?
Halaman 134 - Contending faftions croud to hear its roar ! 95 But when once heard, it dies to noife no more. From thefe no anfwer, no applaufe from thofe, O'er half they fimper, and o'er half they doze. So when in fenate, with egregious pate, Perks up Sir in fome deep debate ; 100 U 4 He * THE MINUTES OF MONS.
Halaman 104 - twixt pendent worlds, it wondering strays, Worlds which, unnumber'd as thy virtues, roll Hound suns — fix'd, radiant emblems of thy soul ! Hence lights refracted run through distant skies, Changeful on azure plains in quivering dyes ! So thy mind darted through its earthy frame, A wide, a various, and a glittering flame.
Halaman 60 - The leaf the silk.emitting reptile feeds. As swans their down, as flocks their fleeces leave, Here worms for man their glossy entrails weave. Hence to adorn the fair, in texture gay, Sprigs, fruits and flowers on figur'd vestments plaj.
Halaman 36 - Till now, the tranfient glow, remote and loft, Decays, and darkens 'mid involving froft ! Or when it, funward, drinks rich beams again, And burns imperious on th...
Halaman 88 - Still ftream your colours rich with Clio's rays ! Sure at each kindling touch your canvafs glows ! Sure the full form, inftinct with fpirit, grows ! Let the dull artift puzzling rules explore, Dwell on the face, and gaze the features o'er ; You eye the foul — there genuine nature find, You, thro' the meaning mufcles, ftrike the mind.
Halaman 106 - To social manners, and the heart humane, A nature ever great, and never vain ; . A wit, that no licentious pertness knows...
Halaman 151 - Horfes and thy human Hogs ; Upftarts and Mufhrooms, proud, relentlefs Hearts ; Thou Blank of Sciences ! Thou Dearth of Arts ! Such Foes as Learning once was doom'd to fee ; Huns, Goths, and Vcmdah were but Types of Thee.
Halaman 57 - Here, friend ! — this little copper alms receive, Instance of will, without the power to give. Hermit, if here with pity we reflect, How must we grieve, when learning meets neglect...

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