Canadian Catalogue of Books, Volume 1

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Haight, 1896 - 130 halaman

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Halaman 27 - THE FORGE IN THE FOREST Being the Narrative of the Acadian Ranger, Jean de Mer, Seigneur de Briart, and how he crossed the Black Abbe\ and of his adventures in a strange fellowship. Illustrated by Henry Sandham, RCA Library 12mo, cloth, gilt top $1.50 A story of pure love and heroic adventure.
Halaman 59 - Spelling Book. The English Spelling-Book ; accompanied by a Progressive Series of easy and familiar Lessons -. intended as an Introduction to the Reading and Spelling of the English Language.
Halaman 34 - A NEW METHOD OF LEARNING TO READ, WRITE, AND SPEAK THE FRENCH LANGUAGE; or, First Lessons in French (Introductory to Ollendorff's Larger Grammar).
Halaman 68 - A narrative of occurrences in the Indian countries of North America since the connexion of the Right Hon. the Earl of Selkirk with the Hudson's Bay Company...
Halaman 59 - ... with shrewd views of human nature, so full of illustrative anecdotes, that the reader cannot fail to be amused."— Morning Post.
Halaman 17 - Missions in some of the principal fields of missionary enterprise ; together with a historical and statistical account of the rise and progress of missionary societies in the nineteenth century.
Halaman 8 - Jan Vedder's Wife." With 12 Illustrations. The Qods, some Mortals and Lord Wickenham. New Edition. By JOHN OLIVER HOBBES. The Outlaws of the Marches. By Lord ERNEST HAMILTON. Fully illustrated. The School for Saints : Part of the History of the Right Honourable Robert Orange. MP By JOHN OLIVER HOBBES, Author of "Sinner's Comedy,' "Some Emotions and a Moral," "The Herb Moon,
Halaman 37 - Statutes of Practical Utility in the civil administration of Justice, in Upper Canada, from the first act passed in Upper Canada to the common law procedure acts, 1856 ; chronologically arranged, and showing such as have been actually repealed or otherwise abrogated.
Halaman 3 - Ancient French Archives or Extracts From the Minutes of Council Relating to the Records of Canada While under the Government of France.
Halaman 43 - XVI. [The Life of St. Francis Xavier, of the Society of Jesus, Apostle of the Indies, and of Japan.

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