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WALTER D. COLES, St. Louis, Mo.
J. N. SWARTZ, Chicago, Ill.
EDWARD C. WRIGHT, Kansas City, Mo.
JAMES W. HYDE, Freeport, Ill.
CURTIS P. SMITH, Dallas, Tex.
S. S. MERRILL, St. Louis, Mo.
WM. M. ROCKELL, Springfield, Ohio.
W. L. STONEX, Goshen, Ind.
J. R. BERRYMAN, Madison, Wis.
D. R. N. BLACKBURN, Albany, Oregon.
M. D. EWELL, Chicago, III.
NATHAN NEWMARK, San Francisco, Cal.
HENRY Z. JOHNSON, Austin, Ill.
B. R. WEBB, Baird, Tex.
JAMES A. MITCHELL, Birmingham, Ala.
WM. H. BURNETT, Philadelphia, Pa.
SAMUEL S. SPARKS, Warrensburg, Mo.
JOHN A. FINCH, Indianapolis, Ind.
L. M, KEN, Sioux City, Iowa.
HENRY J. SWAN, Denver, Colo.
J. A. CARTWRIGHT, Nashville, Tenn.
JOSEPH A. JOYCE, San Francisco, Cal.
H. J. WHITMORE, Denver, Colo.
EDWARD H. PARK, Denver, Colo.
THOMAS DENT, Chicago, Ií.
W. E. BAINBRIDGE, Omaha, Neb.

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Hon. STEPHEN J. FIELD, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court.
Hon. John M. HARLAN, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court.
Hon. ALBERT H. HORTON, Chief Justice of Kansas.
Hon. U. M. ROSE, Little Rock, Ark.
Hon. S. D. THOMPSON, St. Louis Court of Appeals.
Hon. SAMUEL MAXWELL, Chief Justice of Nebraska.
Hon. J. G. WOERNER, Judge St. Louis Probate Court.
Hon. MATTHEW P. DEADY, United States District Judge,

Hon. ELI S. HAMMOND, United States District Judge,

JOHN D. LAWSON, Nutley, N. J.
HENRY WADE ROGERS, Northwestern University, Evan.

ston, Ui.
JAMES BARR AMES, Professor of Law in Harvard Law

W. F. ELLIOTT, Indianapolis, Ind.
SOLON D. WILSON, Chicago, Ill.
L. HOCHEIMER, Baltimore, Md.
E. L. RUSSELL, Mobile, Ala.
R. C. PENCE, Kansas City, Mo.
W. W. THORNTON, Indianapolis, Ind.
H. CAMPBELL BLACK, Williamsport, Pa.
D. H. PINGREY, Bloomington, Ill.
RUSSELL H. CURTIS, Chicago, Ill.
BRADLEY D. SCHLEY, Milwaukee, Wis.





Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1891, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY. In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.

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This list includes only those cases noticed editorially or commented upon in our Notes of Recent
Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation C. E. indicates noticed editorially; R. D., com-
mented upon in Notes of Recent Decisions; and ann. case-annotated case.

Burlington, Cedar Rapids & N. Ry. Co. v. Iowa Board of

R. Ř. Commr's. Injunction-Establishing Maximum

Joint Railroad Rates, C. E. 178.
Byram v. Stout (Ind.) Lien of Chattel Mortgage-

Waiver by Attachment, R. D. 385.

Canajoharie National Bank v. Diefendorf (N. Y.) Ne-

gotiable Instrument- Fraud - Burden of Proof-

Innocent Purchaser, R. D. 22.

Carden v. Carden (N. C.) Attachment-Grounds--Non-

Residence-Meibodist Preacher, R. D. 72.

Casey v. Cincinnati Typographical Union (U.S. C. C.

Ohio.) Injunction-- Boycotting Newspaper, R. D.


Cent. Trans. Co. v. Pullman's Palace Car Co. (U. S. S.

C.) Corporations-Ultra Vires Contracts, Lease of

Property-Estoppel, R. D. 422
Chambers v. Baldwin (Ky.) Malicious Interference

Adams v. Bicknell (Ind.) Malicious Prosecution-Prob-

able Cause, R. D. 118.

American Salt Co. v. Heidenheimer (Tex.) Corpora.

tions-De Facto-Liability of Stockholders as Part.

ners, R. D. 484.
Argus Printing Co., In re (North Dak.) Corporation-

Stock - Pledge – Rights of Pledgee – Election of

Directors, R. D. 465.

Ballentine v. Webb (Mich.) Nuisance-Noxious Odors-

Factories and Slaughter Houses-Damages, R. D.


Bancroft v. Otis (Ala.) Wills-Undue Influence-Con:

fidential Relations, R. D. 138.

Barden v. Montana Club (Mont.). Intoxicating Liquors

-License-Sale to Members' by Social Clubs, R. D.


Barney v. Oelrichs (U. S. S. C.) Limitation of Actions-

Running of the Statute-Absence, R D. 334.

Bass v. Patterson (Miss.) Usury-What Constitutes-

Sale of Goods, R. D. 464.

Bedford Bank v. Acoam (Ind.) Banks and Banking-

Negotiable Instrument-Set Off against Deposit,

ann. case, 21, 33.

Bidsworth v. Bowman (Mo.) Husband and Wife-

Wife's Separate Estate-Liability for Necessaries,

R. D. 502.

Belknap v. Ball (Mich.) Libel-Privileged Publication-

Candidate for Office, R. D. 220.

Bennett v. State (Ga.) Criminal Law- Trial-Character

- Arguments of Counsel, R. D. 336.

Blytbe v. Denver & R. G. R. Co. (Colo.) Carriers of

Goods-Negligence, Proximate Cause-Act of God,

R. D. 266.

Bolgiano v. Gilbert Lock Co. (Md.) Witness- Privilege

- Service of Writ--Non-resident, R. D. 73.

Bone v. State (Ga.) Trial-Criminal Practice- Remarks

of Counsel, R. D. 98.

Booth y. Wilkinson (Wis.) Guardian and Ward-De-

posit of Ward's Money in Guardian's Name, R. D.


Brewer v. N. Y. L. E. & W. R. Co. (N. Y.) Carriers of

Passengers-Limited Liability-Express Messengers

Negligence, R. D. 239.
Brown v. Lett (111.) Appeal-Filing Transcript-Time-

Sunday, R. D. 386.
Brown v. Warner (Tex.) Receivers-Liabilities–Dam-

ages-Breach of Contract, R. D. 200.
Brush Electric Lighting Co. v. Kelley (Ind.) Negli.

gence-Electric Light Wire- Contributory Negli.

gence, R. D. 99.
Bunnell v. Stern (N. Y.) Ballment-Negligence-Loss

of Wraps at Store, R. D. 119.

with Performance of Contract-Right of Action-

Damages, ann. case, 265, 273.

Chartrand v. Brace (Colo.) Mutual Benefit Society-

Life Insurance-Beneficiary--Certificates, ann. case,


Chase v. Western Union Tel, Co. (U. S. C. C. Ga.) Tele-

graph Companies-Delay in Delivering Message-

Damages-Mental Suffering, R. D. 286,

Chellis v. Chapman (N. Y.) Breach of Marriage Prom.

ise-Damages-Evidence of Wealth of Defendant,

R. D. 290.
Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. v. Artery (U. S. S. C.) Master

and Seivant - Negligence of Co-employees-Em.

ployer's Liability Act, R. D. 158.
Chinn v. State (Ohio.) Adultery- Affinity-Blood Re.

lation, R. D. 442.
City of St. Louis v. Laclede Gas Light Co. (Mo.) Legis.

lative Charter-Inviolability-Municipal Ordinance

fixing Charges, C. E. 21.
City of Wabash v. Carver (Ind.) Municipal Corpora-

tions-Defective Highways-Bridges, R. D. 238.
Cleveland C. C. & I. R. Co. v. Clogser (Ind.) Carriers of

Goods-Illegal Freight Contracts-Rebates-Pooling

Combinations, R. D. 289.
Cocbrane v. Moore (Eng. Ct. App.) Gift-Parol-De-

livery, ann. case, 621.

Columbus & Hocking Coal, etc. Co. v. Tucker (Ohio.)

Waters and Water Courses-Riparian Rights-Pol.

lution of Water-Depositing Mining Derbis, R. D.


Commercial National Bank v. Colton (R. I.) Assign-

ment for Benefit of Creditors-Preference-Fraudu-
lent Conveyance-Proof of Clalm, R. D. 403.

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Commercial National Bank v. Hamilton National Bank

(U.S.C.C. Ind.) Banks and Banking-Collection of

Draft-Correspondents, O. E. 49.

Commonwealth v. Baker (Mass.). Intoxicating Liquors

-Sale to Members by Social Clubs, R. D.08.

Commonwealth v. Jacobs (Mass.) Intoxicating Liquors

-Sale to Members by Social Clubs, R. D. 98.

Commonwealth v. Ryan (Mass.) Intoxicating Liquors

-Sale to Members by Social Clubs, R. D. 98.

Commonwealth v. Steveng (Mass.) Intoxicating Liquors

-Sale by Servant to Minor-Liability of Master, ann.

case, 470.

Cook v. Chicago, R. I. & P. Ry. Co. (Iowa.) Carriers of

Goods-Rebate--Discrimination, R. D. 3.
Counselman, In re (U. S. D. C. 111.) Inter State Com.

merce Law-Prosecution-Refusal to Answer Crim-

inating Questions, C. E. 1.
Covert v. Rhodes (Ohio.) Assignment-Equitable As.

signment of Fund, R. D. 505.
Cowman v. Rogers (Md.) Descent and Distribution-

Death in Common Disaster - Survivorship-Pre-

sumption, R. D. 266.

Crow v. Brown (Iowa.) Pension Money-Execution-

Exemption, R. D. 23, C. E. 177.

Curtain y. Somerset (Penn.) Negligence-Contractor

-Liability to Third Persons, R. D. 355.

Dartmouth Sav. Bank v. Bates (U. S. C.C. Kan.) Federal

Courts--Lien of Judgment-Recording-Act of 1888,

R. D. 334.

Delz v. Winfree (Tex.) Conspiracy-Combination in

Trade-Interference with Business-Damages, R.

D, 501, 504.
Dent v. Plekens (W. Va.) Breach of Marriage Promise

-Damages - Evidence of Wealth of Defendant, R.

D, 290.
Dugan v. Lewis (Tex.) Usury-Conflict of Laws-Con-

struction of contract, R. D. 218.
Durant v. Pierson (N. Y.) Assignment for Benefit of

Creditors--Preference, R. D. 183.
East Tenn. V. & G. Ry, Co. v. Telford's Executors

(Teun.) Railroad Company-Right of Way-Extent

of Interest, ann, case, 78.

Empire Mills v. Alston Grocery Co. (Tex.) Foreign

Corporations-Validity of Franchise-Comity-Es-

toppel, R. D. 404.

Fahnenberg Will Case (Ky.) Will-Construction-Con.

flict of Laws-Charitable Use-Validity, R. D. 287.

Fonner v. Smith (Neb.) Banks and Banking-Payment

of Check-Assignment of Fund-Right of Action, R.

D. 199.

Fresh v. Cutter (Md.) Slander-Privilege 1 Communi.

cations-Master and Servant, R. D. 180.

Goff v. Anderson (Ky.) Curtesy-Child Born Allve, R.

D. 444.

Gordon v. Silber (Eng.) Innkeeper'a Lien on Baggage

of Wife for Husband's Bill, 0. E. 137.

Halsey v. Rapid Transit Railway Co. (N. J.) Municipal

Corporation--Streets-Poles and Wires-Street Rail.

way-Injunction, R. D. 179.

Hamilton v. Coffia (Kan.) Limitations of Actions-

Payments on Accounts-Entry in Book, R. D. 443.

Hamilton v. Home Ing. Co. (U. S. S. C.). Insurance-

Action on Policy-Proof of Logg--Arbitration and

Award, R. D. 178.

Hamer v. Sidway (N. Y.) Contract-Consideration-

Refraining from Use of Liquor, R. D. 523.

Hanch v. Ripley (Ind.) Livery Stable Keeper-Lien for

Keeping Animal-Priority-Mortgage, R. D. 267.

Hayes v. Westcott (Ala.) Frauduient Conveyance-

Chattel Mortgage-Void in Part, R. D. 159.

Hazleton v. Reed (Kan.) Wills-Revocation, ann, case,


Hershiser v. Higman (Neb.) Assignment for Benefit of

Creditors-Preference-Chattel Mortgage- Validity

R. D. 483.

Hewitt v. Cox (Ark.) Dower-Assignment of, in Mort.

gaged Property-Redemption by Administrator, R.

D. 185.

HIolloway v Holloway (Ga.) Homestead-Rights of

Step mother, R. D. 425.

Hoose v. Prescott Ios. Co. (Mich.) Insurance-Policy-

Oral Application-Knowledge of Agent-Warranties

-Waiver, ann. case, 226.
Hughes v. Wilson (Ind.) Attorney and Client-Enforce.

ment of Parol Trust, R. D. 198.
Hundley v. Farris (Mo.), Partnership-Administration

-Firm and Private Creditors, R. D. 334.
Huse v. Ames (Mo.) Assignment for Benefit of Cred.

itorg--Set Off-Surety, R. D. 463.
Jackson, Ex Parte (Eng, Ct. App.) Power of Husband

to Restrain Liberty of Wife, C. E. 401.

Johnson v. Risk (U.S. S. C.) Federal Courts-Jurisdic-

tion of U. S. Supreme Court-Appeal from State

Courts, R. D. 50.
Johnson v. Waterhouse (Magg.) Action Against Infant

- Judgment-Defense by Parents- Guardian, R. D.


Kalamazoo Hack & Bus Co. v. Sootswa (Mich.) Carri.

ers of Passengerg--Discrimination-Exclusive Priv.

ileges, R. D. 201.

Keller v. Eureka Brick Machine Co. (Mo.) Equity-

Lost Certificate of Stock-Duplicate, ann. case, 49,

Kingman v. City of Brockton (Mass.) Municipal Cor.

porationg-Appropriation - Public Money– Build

ings for Private Purposes, ann, case, 389.

Kingman v. Denison (Mich.) Stoppage in Transitu-

Delivery, Actual or Constructive, ann. case, 353, 362.

Knoop v. Nelson Distilling Co. (Mo.) Fraudulent Con.

veyance-Change of Possession-Creditors, Prior

and Subsequent, R. D. 139.

Lamm y. Chicago, St. P. M. & 0. R. Co. (Minn.) Rall-

road Company-Use of Streets-Damages to Abut.

ting Owners, R. D. 179.
La Montague v. Harvey Lumber Co. (U.S. C. C. Wis.)

Removal of Causes – Non-resident Defendants-

Counter claim-Jurisdictional Amount, R. D. 403.
Lee v. First National Bank (Kan.) Partnership-Power

of Partner to Bind Firm, R. D. 139.

Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. v. Sam Reid Tobacco Co.

(Mo.) Trade-mark-Infringement-Injunction, ann.

case, 450.

Lockhart v. Craig St. R. Co. (Penn) Eminent Domain-

Streets-Electric Railway-Poles and Wires, R. D.

Logasso, In re (Colo.) Criminal Law-Homicide--Right

to Bail after Indictment, R. D. 25.
Louisville & N. R. R. Co. v. Webb (Ala.) Railroad Com.

pany--Accidents at Crossings-Contributory Negli.

gence, R. D. 382.
Lowenstein v. Bew (Miss.) Attachment- Grounds--

Removal of Property from State, R. D, 384.
Maine Trust and Banking Co. v. Butler (Minn.). Nego.

tlable Instrument - Note-Indorsement--Liability,

ann, case, 430.
Mann v. State (Ohio.) Criminal Law-Black-malling-

Indictment-Intent, R. D. 242.

Marshall v. Harney Peak Tin Mining Co. (S. Dak.) Mines

and Abandonment, R. D.


Max Morris v. Curry (U. 8. S. C.) Admiralty-Marine

Tort-Contributory Negligence-Divided Damsges,

R. D. 138.

Maynard v. Board of Dist. Canyassers (Mich.) Elections

-Constitutional Law-Cumulative Voting-Minority

Representation, R. D. 239.
Mentz v. Newwitter (N. Y.) Statute of Frands-Memo.

randum-Auctioneer's Book, R. D. 158.
Merrill v. Town of Monticello (U. S. S. O.) Municipal

Bonds-Power to Issue, R. D. 481, 482.
Meyer, In re (Wis.) Assignment for Benefit of Credit

ors--Preference-Fraudulent Uonveyance-Proof of

Claim, R. D. 403.
Miller v. Highland Ditch Co. (Cal.) Joint Tort-feasors

--Joint Liability-Damages-- Irrigation Ditches, R.

D. 220.
Miller v. Horton (Mass.) Officers-Health Board-Stat.

ute-Killing Infectious Animals-Action for Dam.

ages, ann. case, 237, 246.
Miller v. South. Pac. Ry. Co. (Oreg.) Master and Serv.

ant-Care Required of Railroad Companies--Neg.
ligence of Fellow-servant-Assumption of Risk, R.

D. 443.
Montgomery v. Crossthwait (Ala.) Negotiable Instru-

ment-Promissory Note-Negotiability-Stipulation

to Pay Cost of Collections, R. D. 288.
Myers v. Murray, Nelson & Co. (U. S. C. C. Iowa.) Re-

moval of Causes-Corporation-Residence, R. D. 22.
National Ben. Co: v. Union IIospital Co. (Minn.) Con-

tracts-Restraint of Trade-Validity, R. D. 241.
National Typographic Co. V. New York Typographic

Co. (U. $. 0. C. N. Y.) Federal Courts--Jurisdiction

Citizenship-Residence, R. D. 354.
Nelms v. State (Ala.) Handwriting-Competency of

Witness, ann. case, 530.
Nelson v. Galveston H. & B. A. R. Co. (Tex.) Death by

Wrongful Act-Posthumous Child-Damages-Lim.

itations, R. D. 268.
North v. Peters (v. S. s. C.) Injunction-Wrongful At-

tachment-Stock of Merchandise-Damages, R. D.


Oakes v. Northern Pac. R. Co. (Oreg.) Carriers-Loss

of Baggage-Liabilities, R. D. 462.

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