A Practical English Grammar, Volume 1;Volume 4;Volume 14

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Oxford University Press, 1986 - 383 halaman
Thomson and Martinet's classic intermediate grammar for foreign learners is the most widely used book of its kind. It is popular because its explanations are clear and because it deals thoroughly with the topics which students find most difficult.

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Review: A Practical English Grammar

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A brief summary on grammar rules of English. Arranged in systematic and categorized indexes make it simpler for learners to search for particular grammar features. Baca ulasan lengkap

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A. J. Thomson was born in Ireland and educated in Trinity College at Dublin University. She has taught English in a Polish school, in Spain and in an ILEA College for adults in London. Agnes V. Martinet was born and educated in Edinburgh and gained an MA in Languages from EdinburghUniversity. She has taught English to adults from various nationalities in the UK, and taught English in Spain for two years.

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