Colección de tratados públicos, convenciones y declaraciones diplomáticas de los Estados Unidos de Colombia

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Imprenta de Echeverría Hermanos, 1866 - 378 halaman
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Halaman 161 - ... to trade with the same liberty and security from the places, ports, and havens of those who are enemies of both or either party, without any opposition or disturbance whatsoever, not only directly from the places of the enemy before mentioned to neutral places, but also from one place belonging to an enemy to another place belonging to an enemy, whether they be under the jurisdiction of one power or under several.
Halaman 155 - Europe, respectively, than such as are payable on the exportation of the like articles to any other foreign country; nor shall any prohibition be imposed on the exportation or importation of any articles the...
Halaman 173 - The government of New Granada guarantees to the government of the United States that the right of way or transit across the Isthmus of Panama, upon any modes of communication that now exist or that may be hereafter constructed, shall be open and free to the government and citizens of the United States...
Halaman 153 - ... engage mutually not to grant any particular favor to other nations, in respect of commerce and navigation, which shall not immediately become common to the other party, who shall enjoy the same freely, if the concession was freely made, or on allowing the same compensation, if the concession was conditional.
Halaman 29 - It shall likewise be lawful for the citizens aforesaid to sail with the ships and merchandize before mentioned and to trade with the same liberty and security from the places, ports and havens...
Halaman 33 - Contraband, be confiscated unless after warning of such blockade or investment from the commanding officer of the blockading forces, she shall again attempt to enter, but she shall be permitted to go to any other port or place she shall think proper.
Halaman 33 - ... the ship sailed, so that it may be known whether any forbidden or contraband goods be on board the same; which certificates shall be made out by the officers of the place whence the ship sailed in the accustomed form; without...
Halaman 27 - The Citizens of each of the contracting parties shall have power to dispose of their personal goods within the jurisdiction of the other, by sale, donation, testament or otherwise...
Halaman 55 - Consuls, for the protection of trade, to reside in the Dominions and territories of the other Party ; but before any Consul shall act as such, he shall in the usual form be approved and...
Halaman 169 - Neither the debts due from individuals of the one nation to the individuals of the other, nor shares, nor moneys which they may have in public funds nor in public or private banks, shall ever in any event of War or of National difference be sequestered or confiscated...

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