Census of the Virgin Islands of the United States, November 1, 1917

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918 - 174 halaman

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Halaman 31 - Spanish subjects, natives of the Peninsula, residing in the territory over which Spain by the present treaty relinquishes or cedes her sovereignty, may remain in such territory or may remove therefrom, retaining in either event all their rights of property, including the right to sell or dispose of such property or of its proceeds ; and they shall also have the right to carry on their industry, commerce and professions, being subject in respect thereof to such laws as are applicable to other foreigners.
Halaman 34 - Act, and all duties and taxes collected in the United States upon articles coming from the Philippine Archipelago and upon foreign vessels coming therefrom, shall not be covered into the general fund of the Treasury of the United States, but shall be held as a separate fund and paid into the Treasury of the Philippine Islands, to be used and expended for the government and benefit of said Islands.
Halaman 150 - That it shall be the duty of all persons over eighteen years of age when requested by the Director of the Census, or by any supervisor, enumerator, or special agent, or other employee of the Census Office, acting under the Instructions of the said director, to answer correctly, to the best of their knowledge, all questions on the census schedules applying to themselves and to the...
Halaman 28 - And it is hereby declared that the relinquishment or cession, as the case may be, to which the preceding paragraph refers, cannot in any respect impair the property or rights which by law belong to the peaceful possession of property of all kinds, of provinces, municipalities, public or private establishments, ecclesiastical or civic bodies or any other associations having legal capacity to acquire and possess property in the aforesaid territories renounced or ceded, or of private individuals, of...
Halaman 34 - Islands or of the United States, or of both, or which do not contain foreign materials to the value of more than 20 per centum of their total value...
Halaman 32 - Parties in regard to the interpretation or application of this convention, such differences, if they can not be regulated through diplomatic negotiations, shall be submitted for arbitration to the permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague. ARTICLE 12. The ratifications of this convention shall be exchanged at Washington as soon as possible after ratification by both of the High Contracting Parties according to their respective procedure.
Halaman 30 - States, the territory, dominion, property, dependencies, and appurtenances which are ceded as above, and for doing any other act which may be necessary in regard thereto. But the cession, with the right of immediate possession, is nevertheless to be deemed complete and absolute on the exchange of ratifications, without waiting for such formal delivery.
Halaman 29 - The Floating Dock Company of St. Thomas Ltd.," subsequently transferred to "The St. Thomas Engineering and Coaling Company Ltd." relative to a floating dock in St. Thomas harbor, in which concession the maintenance, extension, and alteration of the then existing repairing slip are reserved.
Halaman 32 - Judgments rendered either in civil suits between private individuals, or in criminal matters, before the date mentioned, and with respect to which there is no recourse or right of review under the Spanish law, shall be deemed to be final, and shall be executed in due form by competent authority in the territory within which such judgments should be carried out.
Halaman 33 - An Act to provide a temporary government for the West Indian Islands acquired by the United States from Denmark by the convention entered into between said countries on the 4th day of August, 1916, and ratified by the Senate of the United States on the 7th day of September, 1916, and for other purposes.

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